Is it Possible to Eat All You Want and Lose Weight?

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Many people want to know, “Is there a way to eat all you want and lose weight?” The answer is yes—but it depends heavily on exactly WHAT you are eating.

Can you eat all the potato chips you want and lose weight? Can you eat all of the pastries you want and lose weight? Not surprisingly, the answer to those questions would be no.

To eat all you want and lose weight, you need to look at two things:

 1. What you are eating.

If you eat a lot of fried foods, sugary foods, or restaurant meals, you are probably far exceeding the amount of calories your body really needs each day - especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.  Little exercise plus a high-calorie diet equals weight gain.

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To eat all you want and lose weight, you would have to adjust your diet so you are eating fewer calories even if the volume of food eaten remains the same.  Lots of fresh vegetables , fruit, lean protein, and the fiber found in whole grains are all good foods that allow you to eat more while taking in fewer calories. 

Another option is to increase your level of physical activity so you burn more calories.  The more calories you burn each day, the more calories you will be able to eat and still lose weight.

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2. How much you want to eat.

Also important is the overall volume of food you are eating.  How much do you really want to eat?  The term “eat all you want” is pretty vague.  Do you want to eat three satisfying meals a day?  Or perhaps five smaller meals?  Do you want to munch all day long without stopping?

The concept of “eating all you want” most often stems from fear.  In other words, you want to avoid following a diet that leaves you feeling hungry and deprived.  You don’t necessarily need to consume truckloads of food to do that.  It’s easy to eat plenty of food and still lose weight, but you have to be smart about it and eat the right foods and exercise so your body burns more calories.

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So yes, technically it’s possible to eat all you want and lose weight.  Just maybe not in the exact way you were thinking about it.  There are no magic pills that allow you to pig out and still lose weight; until one is invented we all have to do it the good old-fashioned way, by eating sensibly and working out.

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