3 Weight Loss Goal Setting Tips

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Goal setting for weight loss is an important activity if you want to reach your goal weight quickly and easily. But setting a general goal to “lose 25 pounds” is too vague to be effective. Below are three important tips that you should incorporate into your weight loss goal setting plans:

Weight Loss Goal Setting Tip #1 – Clarify Your Goal

You want to lose weight, and you may even know how much weight you want to lose – but why do you want to lose it? What will it do for you if you lose those extra pounds?

Do you want to have more energy? Look better? Feel slender? Wear a specific size clothing? Get clear on what you REALLY want, and write it down.

Then, spend a few minutes further clarifying even those goals. Why is it important to you to have more energy? What will looking better do for you?

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The clearer you can get on your true desires, the more motivated you are going to be to take action.

Weight Loss Goal Setting Tip #2 – Identify Habits You Want to Break

Next, make a list of habits that you want to break. These will be habits that are preventing you from reaching your goal weight, like eating too much fried food, drinking too much soda, not exercising, etc. Be as clear as you can, and expand on any items if necessary.

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Weight Loss Goal Setting Tip #3 – Identify Habits You Want to Form

Then, make a list of habits you want to form to replace the habits you want to break. Do you want to drink more water each day? Exercise for 30 minutes a day? Reduce your portion sizes?

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When you break down your goals like this, you end up having such a clear, powerful picture of what you wish to accomplish that you’ll have a much easier time staying focused and motivated. Then you only need to create a daily action plan and start taking the steps that you know will help you reach your goals.

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