When Losing Weight Makes You Miserable

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Dieting and losing weight can sometimes make you miserable, and not just because you are trying to change your eating habits. Many people fail to realize that there are often hidden purposes that their weight serves, and when they start losing weight, they suddenly realize that they feel very uncomfortable.

This discomfort is often enough to make them start sabotaging their weight loss so they can go back to their former state of feeling comfortable, even if they truly believe that they want to lose weight.

What kind of hidden purposes can your weight serve?

You may be hiding behind your weight, using it as an excuse to avoid achieving other goals or performing other activities. For example, you may feel stuck in an unhappy relationship, but it is comfortable and familiar so you stay. You may be thinking that after you lose weight you’ll end the relationship and seek a more compatible partner – but at the same time, that thought scares you so you keep sabotaging your weight loss so you won’t have to make those uncomfortable decisions.

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This same concept can apply in many different scenarios, from changing careers to writing a best-selling novel. Even though you may want to do these things, you feel nervous and unsure about them, and your weight provides a convenient excuse to avoid pursuing them.

Another common hidden purpose is using food as a coping tool for painful emotions. Even if you manage to overcome that habit enough to start losing weight, your weight loss itself might trigger you into feeling vulnerable and anxious, and you’ll then turn right back to comfort foods to make yourself feel better.

Uncover Your Hidden Reasons
The best way to uncover hidden purposes is to ask yourself these questions:

- What are the negative consequences of losing weight?
- Who in my life might not like me being thin and confident?
- Even though I would love to be thin, I would also feel _________ (fill in the blank with a fear).

Once you’ve uncovered your biggest hidden purposes, take time each day to work through them and clear them. If necessary, consult a qualified therapist or hypnotist that can help you release the fear and align your conscious and subconscious minds so they work together to achieve your weight loss goals.

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