Do You Really Want to Lose Weight?

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Practically every one of us is an expert when it comes to losing weight.  We know how to cut calories.  We know how to reduce carbohydrate, fat and sugar intake.  We know that we need to increase physical activity and reduce our total caloric count to create a calorie deficit.

When you consider the amount of people who know this stuff, and the number of those same people who are still overweight, it makes you wonder why more of us aren’t lean, doesn’t it? Part of the reason is that it’s easy to “know” this stuff - and much harder to put it into action.  Much more common but also less acknowledged is the fact that many people who say they want to lose weight really don’t on some level.  Even though the thought of being thin thrills them, it also terrifies them so they continuously sabotage their efforts to lose weight.  They gather mountains of tips, techniques and strategies to lose weight, they try diet after diet, but they still won’t allow themselves to succeed. Is this a pattern in your own life too?

If so, you may be interested to know that getting clear about your fear and hesitation and releasing it can make your weight loss journey much easier!

If I Was Lean . . .

One of the best exercises to figure out if you are sabotaging your weight loss efforts is to take a sheet of paper and write at the top, “If I was lean. . .” - and list every negative or difficult aspect that you can think of.


I would be uncomfortable with men ogling me. I would have to buy a new wardrobe and I can’t afford it. I wouldn’t have an excuse to hide from life anymore. People might reject me for other reasons besides my weight. I would feel too exposed and vulnerable.

Take a close look at the statements that flow from your pen, and you will have a list of valid fears that could be making you sabotage your desire to lose weight.  The good news is that 99% of the items you write on your list won’t really be an issue after you lose weight - you just fear that they will.  However, just to set your mind at ease, come up with some effective ways to deal with the situations even if they do arise.  Once you’ve done that you will feel prepared and confident enough to face the challenges and move forward on your weight loss journey.

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