How to See 'Dieting' in a New Light

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Have you ever felt like following a diet was the same thing as being punished? It’s easy to feel that way, especially if you are following a very strict diet that forbids you to eat the foods you used to enjoy so much.

The problem with this “punishment” mind-set is that eventually you are going to give up the diet because it makes you feel so depressed and frustrated, or you’ll find little ways to strike back and rebel (mostly by cheating repeatedly on your diet). Is there a better way to handle this situation? Yes!

Simply start changing the way you view dieting and healthy lifestyles.

Rather than seeing dieting as a punishment that you “must endure” to reach your weight loss goal, start planting a new idea in your mind that your old unhealthy lifestyle was the true punishment.

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Think about how bad your former unhealthy lifestyle used to make you feel.

Did you often feel tired, irritable, heavy, ashamed and embarrassed? Did you often wish more than anything that you could lose the weight and get healthy once and for all? And do you now feel much better as you follow a healthier way of eating? Have your moods improved? Do you feel better physically?

If so, you can easily start changing your perspective about dieting and learn to see dieting as a gift, an opportunity, and a joy.

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You won’t make the switch in perspectives overnight, of course.

But keep working on it day by day, and eventually you’ll reach a point where you truly do believe that eating right and taking good care of your body is a great thing, and going back to your old healthy lifestyle is NOT a great thing.

Needless to say, this mind-set switch will do wonders in helping you stay committed to your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

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