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Many Hollywood celebrities have a personal trainer who helps motivate them to stay in shape. The drawbacks of hiring a personal trainer? Having one doesn’t come cheap and you have to work your schedule around their schedule. There’s a way for you to get your own personal trainer when you want one – and unlike the big bucks shelled out by wealthy Hollywood stars, it won’t cost you even one cent!

You can lose weight, get into great shape and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to do it. Instead of running off to a gym to keep an appointment with a personal trainer, you can have one come to you via your own computer screen or delivered right to your iPod/iPad.

Where can you find such a treasure trove to help you on your weight loss journey? Right in your iTunes store! Don’t let the word store confuse you – these are free ones featuring personal trainers.

When you get into the iTunes store, look for ‘podcasts.’ A few will be listed on the main page such as Fit Life and Pilates, but you can also click on the sidebar links. You can click on the ‘Health’ link and the exercise podcasts will pop up. Not only can you hear these podcasts as an audio, but the site does offer video podcasts featuring trainers as well.

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The video podcasts that are released are sort of like watching a television show. You can get these in more than one episode covering more than one aspect of fitness. When you locate the podcast that you’d like to use, you can then subscribe to the episodes so that you won’t miss the tips and training.

Head Out of House
Instead of staying in and working out, if getting outside the house is more your cup of tea, then you can take the stairs. Some doctor’s offices are located within tall buildings and have several flights of stairs. You can grab a workout in by going up the stairs. If you can’t find stairs inside an office building or apartment complex to use, look around the area where you live. Many courthouse buildings have a nice set of outdoor stairs.

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Be a Kid Again
Remember when you were a kid how much fun jumping rope was? Did you know that jumping rope is an excellent form of exercise? In some movies, you see amateur and professional boxers jumping rope. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, can go where you go and the best part of all? It burns calories like you were jogging.

Get Creative and Think Outside the Box
Don’t have any handheld barbells? You can make do with what you have in your own kitchen by using canned goods or bottled water or individual sodas. Due to the carbonation, just make sure the lids are on securely so you don’t get a soda bath.

Dance like no one’s watching. Just put on your favorite music and dance until you work up a sweat. Who knows? You can lose weight at the same time you improve your dance moves!

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