How to React to Rude Comments About Your Weight

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Most of us have gotten them at one time or another; those “not so nice” comments from well-meaning friends and family. “Have you put on a little bit of weight?” “That dress used to be looser on you, didn’t it?” “[sing-song voice] ... Someone is growing a set of love handles…” They don’t mean to be cruel, but sometimes people don’t realize how hurtful their comments can be.

Then there are the comments and snickers from strangers, which can be even more hurtful because they are coming from people who don’t know you at all; they are simply judging you by your appearance. It’s not fun to receive reactions like these, and it’s all too easy to take them personally.

It’s hard to know how to handle things like this. Do you fling back an insult or two of your own? Say nothing and suffer in silence? Vow to “show them” when you’ve lost all the weight and look great?

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Here are six ways to deal with the rude comments.

1) Consider the Intention Behind the Words

If your mother keeps hinting that you should lose weight, she may not have an intention to hurt your feelings; she just may be expressing a concern about your health.  If your very fit friend keeps asking you to join her on long walks or gym workouts, she may just want to spend more time with you and enjoy being fit together.

Before reacting to comments like these, remind yourself that these people care about you.  They may not know the best way to express it, but they are trying to help you take better care of yourself. 

Once you see this, it will be easier to avoid feeling hurt and respond calmly that you are already in the process of improving your eating habits and exercising more.

2) Keep Truly Negative People at Arm's Length

Sometimes a cruel comment is simply intended to be a cruel comment.  When your co-worker with the superiority complex makes condescending remarks about your weight, or the teenage kids at the bus stop snicker and whisper behind your back, the best way to handle it is to simply ignore it.

Most of the time they are doing it to try to get a reaction from you.  If you refuse to give it, they lose interest pretty quickly.  Chalk up their infantile behavior as plain ignorance and go on your merry way.

Keep negative people out of your life is something I'm glad I learned early on in life.  Do it.  It works wonders.

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3) Learn to Not to Give a %#$@ What Other People Say

At a certain point, you have to tell yourself, "Enough is enough."  You can't let other people have so much power over you that their words can continue to cut deep.  Mentally roll your eyes when they comment -- or, if you're feeling really bold, roll away in front of them.  Or laugh.

And then don't give them another thought. They're not worth your time.  You have better things to think about.

4) Don't Stoop Down to Their Level

If you feel a need to comment back to someone, do it in a logical and calm way, without returning the insult.  While you might think it'll make you feel better to verbally attack them, you won't. They won't care about the insult, anyway.  

In the infamous words of Michelle Obama, "When they go low, we go high." Be that.

5)  Learn to Love Your Body

Most important is loving yourself enough so that what other people think about you doesn’t really matter.  You know you’re learning how to take better care of yourself.  You know that your efforts are paying off.  Anyone who doesn’t like it can ... (fill in your choice suggestions here).  You know what I mean.

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Even better, start tossing plenty of compliments and loving comments toward yourself each and every day.  Build yourself up so big and so empowered that other people’s pathetic attempts to bring you down actually make you laugh.  The joke is on them.

6)  Build up a Support System of Positive and Like-Minded People

Whether it's within your family, your friends or people you find online, seek out the people who are positive and uplifting.  Positive people are energized.  Positive people look forward in life.  Positive people see the good things in life.

Let all that good energy rub off on you.  Keep these people close within your inner circle and seek out their company when others are pulling you down.

Life is too short to let rude comments affect your day, your thoughts -- your life!  Rise above the nastiness.

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