How to Organize Your Diet and Boost Weight Loss

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Weight loss is challenging enough, but sometimes our scattered, disorganized approach can make it even harder.  The more disorganized you are, the more likely you are to slip back into old habits - just because it requires less effort.

If this is often a struggle for you, take a look at the tips below for ideas on how to get and stay organized and increase your chances for weight loss success.  Have a Plan

The first step in being organized is being prepared.  Decide ahead of time what you are going to eat for the next week; create meal plans, menus and snack ideas, gather recipes, and buy all of the ingredients you need to make them.  If you don’t prepare ahead of time you may have a harder time resisting the siren call of vending machines and drive-thru windows.

Make Time to Shop

If you can easily buy everything you need once a week, great.  But if you need to buy foods that may spoil before you use them later in the week, you may want to set aside time for two or three shopping trips each week.  However, avoid temptation by having a clear list of the things you need and sticking to it like glue.

Make Time to Prepare Foods

A few times per week you can set aside an hour or so to chop and peel vegetables, marinate meat, and wash fruit so it’s ready to cook and eat.  You can even cook many foods ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator for several days.

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Organize Your Kitchen

Do a bit of reorganizing in your kitchen and keep all of the utensils and tools you need in preparing healthy meals close at hand.  You can even designate a special cupboard to store spices you commonly use, measuring cups and spoons, a food scale, menu ideas, and anything else you need to stay on track.  When it’s time to start preparing your healthy meals, you simply open that cupboard and have virtually everything you need to get started right at your fingertips.

Approach a weight loss plan like any other goal in life - know your strategy, plan and prepare, and take daily action toward the outcome you want.  It’s the best way to succeed at anything and everything you endeavor to do.

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