Is Your Exercise Equipment Gathering Dust While Your Hips Gather Fat?

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It’s such a common occurrence, it’s become a cliche: you spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on a treadmill, exercise bike or an elliptical machine, only to see it gather enough dust to make your mother weep when she visits—or worse yet, you can’t even see the darn thing because it’s a rather expensive clothes hanger.  Out of sight, out of mind seems to be your motto.

When I bought my elliptical machine, I was determined to get my money’s worth.  Who wants to spend that much money on an overgrown door stopper?  So, if you can’t even remember what your exercise equipment looks like, I’ve got 4 tips to help you dust it off and start using it again.

  • Get to Know Your Exercise Equipment.  Let’s face it, some exercise equipment can be intimidating.  Flashing lights, beeps, and endless numbers being thrown at you is enough to make you think you’re in the cockpit of a 747!  Set aside some time to get to know your machine.  Dig out the manual, if you saved it—- if not, do a quick Google search of the manufacturer’s name or a model number, plus the word “manual.”
  • Set a Goal.  Believe it or not, sometimes just setting a goal—giving yourself a clear direction—can you make you hop right back on your exercise equipment.  If you don’t know how to set a weight loss goal, check out my aptly named “How to Set A Weight Loss Goal” article.
  • Use a Heart Rate Monitor. If you stopped using your exercise equipment because you weren’t seeing results, it could be that you weren’t working out hard enough (at a high enough intensity).  With a heart-rate monitor, you can get instant feedback on how hard you’re working.  Click here to check out heart rate monitors on

The great thing about having exercise equipment is you don’t have to run out to the gym.  You can exercise anytime you want!  So, now’s the time to climb back onto your exercise equipment, fling off the clothes, wipe away the dust… and use it for what it was made for.  You’ll be looking—and feeling—great in no time.

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