Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

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When you decide to lose weight, you probably want it gone sooner rather than later. However, there are some serious dangers of rapid weight loss that should be considered before you jump on the latest fad diet bandwagon.

Far too often people are turning to the newest fad diet or the newest diet pill on the market. Both of these actions can lead to not only a dangerous loss of weight, but also the onset of very dangerous, possibly life-threatening side effects. From using laxatives to diets that mirror near-starvation, people are willing to do nearly anything to look good and lose weight.

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Niche diets are the hottest thing nowadays. Supporters of these diets insist that as long as you follow their strict dieting plan, you’ll reach any weight goal you may have. This is sometimes true and the diet will help you lose weight. However, this kind of diet plan cannot be adhered to permanently, and once you begin eating normally again the weight quickly comes back – and maybe a few extra pounds too.

These dieting programs often suggest eating next to nothing. This can result in very unhealthy weight loss. This near-starvation results in not only the loss of fat, but also the loss of muscle mass. When people begin these diets, they often don’t understand just how dangerous that can be – they’re looking only at the numbers on the scale. A loss of muscle mass should never be sought as malnourishment can quickly result.

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When you starve yourself, your body puts itself into “starvation mode”, resulting in the rapid burning of muscle mass. When taking up a very low calorie diet, people see this weight loss as an indication of their reaching their weight loss goals. This facade can lead to serious health concerns and even death.

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Quick fixes to almost everything are available in today’s fast-paced world. People often turn to normal, every-day medicine to help them drop pounds. The general mindset is that it is safe to take an excess of something that is considered a medicine.

For example, laxatives are a waste removal drug and are often used by people desperate to lose weight. Abusing laxatives can lead to not only a dangerous loss of weight, but also intestinal paralysis and an inability to expel waste without the drug. The weight loss associated with laxative abuse is never a good thing.

Much like laxatives, diuretics help the body in the removal of waste. Diuretics force the body to produce more urine, thus removing the excess water weight. While this might seem like a good idea, the shock to your body and the potential health risks outweigh the minimal weight loss. Diuretic abuse can lead to a range of problems from simple fatigue to possible coma.

The idea of rapid weight loss is attractive at first glance; people want to lose weight with minimal effort, regardless of whether or not their choices are necessarily healthy. The problem is that rapid weight loss is often achieved through unhealthy, dangerous actions that have serious consequences.

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You can easily avoid the dangers of rapid weight loss by employing a bit of common sense and patience. It’s better to lose weight a little bit slower and safeguard your health. An added bonus is that moderately paced weight loss is usually permanent weight loss.

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