3 Small Dietary Changes With Powerful Weight Loss Potential

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You don’t always have to follow an official diet plan to lose weight - there are plenty of small yet powerful changes you can make to your eating habits that will help you lose weight.

Below are three easy ones to get you started: #1 - Ditch the Sugar

Refined white sugar creates such a negative chain reaction of events in your body that eliminating it from your diet is one of the most powerful steps you can take to start losing weight.  Replace soda with water, and don’t add sugar to coffee and tea.  If you want to use a sweetener in place of sugar, opt for a natural one like agave nectar or stevia (still limit those, too).  Also, consider eliminating other detrimental white products like white flour, white bread, white rice, white pasta - and replace them with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread.

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#2 - Keep Your Cupboards Clean

Throw away or give away all of the junk food, candy, and sweets that are in your cupboards, and then simply refuse to buy more of them.  This may be challenging if you don’t live alone, especially if your kids and spouse eat junk food.  If clearing out all of the junk food would cause a riot in your home, instead you can clean out ONE cabinet and designate it for your healthier foods.  Fill this cupboard with whole grain crackers and bread, nuts and seeds, natural sweeteners, and other weight loss friendly foods.  Then be sure to avoid opening the other cupboards unless you have to.

#3 - Chew Your Food Better

If you tend to barely chew your food before swallowing, taking time to chew your food properly can go a long way in aiding digestion, helping you eat less, and ultimately helping you lose more weight.  When you take your time and chew your food completely, it is almost in liquid form by the time it reaches your stomach, which means it will be digested more easily and cause less stomach upset, cramps, bloating and gas.  Most importantly, since you will be eating much more slowly, you will easily recognize when you are starting to feel full and stop eating before you pass that point.

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These small changes alone can trigger quite a bit of weight loss, even if you aren’t following an official diet plan.

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