3 Effective Weight Loss Exercise Tips

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When you’re trying to lose weight, everything you can do to make exercise easier and more efficient helps. If you’ve been struggling to make exercise a permanent part of your life, or if you are just starting a workout routine, take a look at these weight loss exercise tips to improve your results:

1) Make your workouts as efficient as possible.

Remember that when you’re doing cardio exercise, you want to burn as many calories as you can for the entire length of time you are working out. This is usually accomplished by working at your maximum level of intensity for as long as you can, not counting the warm up and cool down periods. However, if you are just beginning or resuming your workout routine, you’ll need to take it easier than someone who is already in decent shape and can withstand higher intensity workouts. As you get stronger and build stamina, you should be able to gradually boost the level of intensity that you can withstand comfortably and safely.

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2) Take it beyond the workout.

Another important weight loss exercise tip involves staying active even beyond your daily workouts. A daily workout will undoubtedly provide some great health benefits and make weight loss easier – but if that’s all the physical activity you get each day, you are limiting your progress. Instead, do what you can to be more active all day long. Take walks with your children, pets, spouse, friends, or co-workers. Keep a set of light dumbbells in your office and do a few short reps during breaks. Clean and organize your garage and basement on the weekends. Every bit of physical activity adds up and improves your fitness level.

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3) Exercise is just one part of the formula.

The final weight loss exercise tip to keep in mind is that weight loss is not JUST about exercise! Yes, exercise is very important, but you can’t use exercise to compensate for poor eating habits. Remember, calories in, calories out. You need to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight, and that will be a lot easier to accomplish if you are reducing your caloric intake in addition to exercising each day.

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