Your Excuse: "I'm Tired of "Diet" Food!"

The Excuse Buster: Have you ever attempted to lose weight by ingesting products that don't even resemble real food any more? You can probably remember a few awful diets that forced you to eat or drink strange concoctions that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy - everything from chalky shakes to pre-packaged "fake" food and pills that promise a magic cure. Quick fixes and shortcuts aren't necessarily all bad, but more often we find that they don't deliver what they promise and we waste a lot of time by desperately seeking the next "miracle" product that will make all of our skinny dreams come true.

Have you noticed that the best results often come through simplicity? To make your weight loss permanent and as healthy as can be, you may want to gravitate toward lifestyle changes that you can really live with for the rest of your life, rather than trying to find the next quick fix.

One of the most powerful ways to do this is to adopt a natural approach to nourishment. Eating foods that are naturally created by Mother Earth (not man), that are loaded with nutrients and minerals that your body craves will seldom steer you wrong. Likewise, drinking plenty of clean, filtered water (not beverages filled with artificial sweeteners and chemicals) will help keep your body hydrated and operating efficiently. It does take more time and effort than popping a pill or gulping down a shake, but aren't you worth it?

Granted, it's still possible to overindulge on natural foods, so a keen awareness of your body's wisdom is also necessary. Taking a more natural approach to eating doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy a few of your favorite foods here and there - your goal is simply to balance those indulgences with a more conscious way of nourishing your body. Doing this ensures not just a quick fix, but long-term health and success.