Your Excuse: "I Have Such A Negative Attitude About My Weight Loss Plan"

The Excuse Buster: One negative aspect of many weight loss programs is that they focus heavily on the "negatives". Don't eat this, you can't have that, you must do this even if you don't want to, and so on. While the actions themselves may be necessary, it is not always necessary to approach everything with such a serious and foreboding attitude. Doing so virtually guarantees that you won't enjoy the journey to your goal weight - you'll simply grit your teeth and bear it, knowing that there is a payoff somewhere down the road.

But it doesn't have to be so dreary! Instead, you can make your weight loss journey much more pleasant - even uplifting - if you make a commitment to doing one thing each day: soaring your heart. What does that mean? It means doing things that make you feel wonderful. Don't dismiss the idea too quickly - it has been proven time and again that your state of mind in anything you do usually determines the quality of results you get. Go into something with a negative mind-set, get lackluster results. Go into it with a positive and optimistic attitude, get great results.

How can this process be applied to your weight loss program? There are a couple of different ways. First, it's important to spend time each day making yourself feel good. You can read inspiring books and magazines, watch uplifting films or television shows, or even join a local support group of likeminded people. Make it your main objective each day to do something that lifts your heart and makes you feel great.

Beyond that, you will also want to apply this same attitude to everything related to your weight loss program. Rather than complaining about the food plan or groaning about your exercise program, enjoy them! Find ways to make everything you do fun and inspiring. Write positive notes to yourself and stick them on your refrigerator and water bottle. Sing while you're working out. Do whatever you can to make the whole process pleasant in some way, and you will find yourself actually enjoying every step on your journey to a better, healthier you.