Your Excuse: "I Find It So Hard to Be Motivated in The Beginning!"

The Excuse Buster: When your body is out of balance you often feel sluggish and heavy. This happens on a physical level foremost because your body is not operating at its peak potential. You may have been ingesting large quantities of sugar and fat-laden foods and not drinking enough water to keep your body adequately hydrated. Maybe you also had other unhealthy habits like relying too much on large quantities of caffeine to keep you going, or being a "couch potato" and living a largely sedentary existence.

As you begin improving the quality of your diet and exercise habits, you may first experience a dip in energy and vitality because your body has adapted to your unhealthy lifestyle. You may feel a bit lost without the foods and beverages that you have come to rely on, and experience mild physical discomfort as your body gets used to your new routine. Gradually you'll begin to feel lighter and more energetic, but it can take time to see noticeable results.

Before the tangible results begin showing, however, there is a simple exercise you can do to help energize your mind and body each day. This exercise will help you feel stronger and more balanced, and provide the motivation to stick to your new plan until you begin to see the results you desire.

Do this exercise first thing in the morning or any time during the day when you begin to feel lethargic. Simply close your eyes and imagine yourself running, walking briskly, dancing or doing any form of rigorous exercise. Imagine that you are already fit and strong, and feel the sensation of your muscles flexing, your heart and lungs working at peak performance - and your entire body humming with well-being. Allow this feeling of well-being to fill your body now, and know that it will soon be your default state of being. Stay with this vision for as long as you like, and then continue with your normal routine. Just doing this for a few minutes each day can go a long way in helping you to feel stronger and better able to handle any momentary discomfort you may experience.