Your Excuse: "I Don't Feel Attractive at this Weight!"

The Excuse Buster: You may be thinking that losing weight will finally make you feel attractive, but you don't have to wait until you are thin to feel attractive. Below are two easy ways to give yourself an inner radiance that will translate out to an outer glow and instantly boost your attraction level.

Are you waiting until you've lost weight to allow yourself to feel happy? Be happy now! That may sound like a hard thing to do; how can you be happy when you're miserable about the way you look and feel? Easy - by choosing it! Believe it or not, happiness is a choice that you make moment to moment every day of your life, and it is not based on outer qualities. You may think that you can't be happy until this or that happens, but the truth is you can still be happy while also striving to improve yourself and your life. Choose it, and be it.

True self-love (not vanity) is another sure way to make yourself glow from the inside out. You say you don't know how to love yourself? Here's a good way to start: Every day, write down three things that you love about yourself, and try to choose different things each day. For example, on Day One you might write, "I truly love my sense of humor, my eyes and my creativity." Be sure to really FEEL love and appreciaton for yourself, rather than just thinking the thoughts. On Day Two you would choose three completely different things that you love or appreciate about yourself, and so on. It may be uncomfortable to think this way at first, but eventually you will get better at thinking and saying nice things about yourself.

As you make these two exercises a daily habit, you will begin to fill yourself up from within - and transform yourself into a happy, lovable, attractive person that will take your breath away.