One of the most important minerals for the growth, maintenance, and reproduction of the human body, including healthy teeth and bones.

Overconsumption Syptoms
Increased calcium intake for limited periods does not normally cause toxic effects. However, an increased risk of kidney stones in persons susceptible to them has been associated with chronically high calcium intake.

​Low intakes of calcium for prolonged periods of time can lead to calcium deficiency. This condition leads to osteoporosis, loss of the jaw bone, hypertension, and other disorders.

Dairy products (and foods made with dairy products), spinach, sardines, kale, okra, soybeans

Unit of Measure

This brief and partial description is provided for information purposes only. Vitamin and mineral descriptions may not list all symptoms of overconsumption or deficiency. Please consult your doctor for more information. Source: MedlinePlus, Mayo Clinic