Your Holiday Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

The holiday season is stressful enough without having to worry about gaining weight. I've put together this Holiday Weight Loss Cheat Sheet, so you've got everything you need in one place. You'll find great tips, calculators and tools, and more!

Best Strategy to Keep the Pounds Off During the Holiday Season

The best strategy to keep in mind is: watch your serving sizes/portions, burn off extra calories through exercise and keep liquid calories down to a minimum. Oh, and have fun! Don't be down on yourself if you overindulge.

Another strategy you can try is not worrying about it too much! Crazy, right? I have some tips here: Why You Shouldn't Worry Too Much About Gaining Weight During the Holidays

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Staying Calm & On Track

Staying Calm and on Track

Attack Fat During the Holidays

This simple three-part plan of attack will keep those extra holiday pounds away.

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Top 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

This simple three-part plan of attack will keep those extra holiday pounds away.

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Calorie Count of Your Favorite Holiday Foods

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Burn Those Calories Off!

If you're going to indulge, the best thing you can do is exercise to burn off those extra calories. Ate a slice of pie at 300 caloires per serving? Use the Time to Burn Calculator down below to see how long it will take you to burn off that slice. Or use FitWatch's Calories Burned calculator to see how many calories you burn doing a particular activity.

Time To Burn Calculator


Recipe Analyzer

The holidays usually means home-made meals. The problem is not knowing how many calories are in a recipe. We've got you covered with the FitWatch Recipe Analyzer!

Enter the ingredients, quantities and the number of servings -- and voila! Out pops a nutrition label for your favorite recipe.

Recipe Analyzer

Scale Won't Budge??

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Holiday Drinking Diet Tips

Alcholic drinks can add killer calories during the holidays. Choose your poison carefully and follow these tips:

  • Alternate one alcoholic drink with one glass of water.
  • Add 2 oz sparkling water or club soda to 4oz wine to make a spritzer.
  • Keep mixed drinks to a minimum. Or use lower calorie versions of these drinks.
  • Choose fruit based drinks over cream based drinks.
  • Don't drink on consecutive evenings.
  • Remember that alcohol interferes with fat loss.
  • Set time limits. Start drinking later and finish earlier.

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Which Alcoholic Drink is Best When Dieting?

Why Alcohol Can Prevent You From Losing Weight

Alcohol Cheat Sheet


While wine doesn't have tons of calories, you can cut them even further by making a wine spritzer -- 2oz club soda + 4 oz wine. You'll also trick your mind into drinking less. That's a win-win situation.

Wine, white (5 oz) 120 calories
Wine, red (5 oz) 123 calories
Light beer (12 oz) 103 calories
Michelob, Ultra Light 95 calories
Regular beer 155 calories
Mixed Drinks

For mixed drinks, it really depends on the ingredients. So, drinker beware!

Daquiri (3.5 oz) 197 calories
Pina Colada (3.5 oz) 245 calories
Hard liquor (gin, rum, vodka) (1.5 oz) 97 calories


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