Why You Go For That Piece of Chocolate Cake

by Suzanne Hiscock

While diet and exercise are key to losing weight, there’s one element I think is just as important—yet people never seem to want to hear about it.  Call it mind, call it motivation, call it self-awareness or mindfulness—no matter what you call it, thinking isn’t sexy in the weight loss world.

Taking control of your life by becoming aware of how your brain/mind works—and aware of why you do the things you do — can make losing weight and getting fit much less of a struggle.

The reason why people don’t want to hear about this is because it’s easier—and safer—to believe they’re not losing weight for some other reason, like too many carbs or not knowing THE secret to weight loss. 

But when you come right down it, the most likely reason why you go for that piece of chocolate cake is because you’re being “mindless” and letting your baser instincts take control.  The reason is all in your head, so to speak. I can hear you now:  “But I have no willpower!”  What a nice little story we tell ourselves, eh?

You have a choice.  Youcan step back and choose to do something or to not do something.  You can choose how you feel about it, too.

It really is “all in the attitude.”

Easier said than done?  Maybe.  But the brain can learn how to do it—and get better at it as you practice it.  All you need to do is take the first step.

If you want to learn more about how your brain works and why you make the choices you do,  watch the video down below.  It’s a fascinating talk by David Rock, author of “Your Brain at Work”, where he explains it all.  He’s a performance coach, not a scientist—so it’s easy to understand—and he’s got a great sense of humor!

What did you learn about yourself after watching that video?  Tell me in the comments down below or head on over to Facebook!

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About the Author

Suzanne Hiscock is a PN1 Nutrition Coach, ACE-certified Health Coach, as well as an ACE-certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. For over 16 years, she has been helping people lose weight and get fit through her website, FitWatch.com. Whether it's with one-on-one nutrition coaching, nutrition programs or courses, and tools or calculators, she can help you to eat better, move more and believe in yourself.