How to Create a Weight Loss Goal Chart

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A weight loss goal chart can be a great way to keep yourself firmly on track with your weight loss goals. Even better, it serves as a handy snapshot of your progress as you go along.

There are several ways to create a weight loss goal chart, but here is one simple way:

Start by coming up with a list of simple action steps that you want to incorporate into your new healthy lifestyle each day.

Here are a few examples:

- Include a minimum of one serving of vegetables with every meal.
- Eat 3 to 4 servings of fruit with breakfast and for snacks.
- Replace fried food with grilled foods.
- Switch to whole grain bread, rice, cereal, pasta, and crackers.
- Use olive oil instead of butter when cooking.
- Replace sugar with stevia or agave syrup in tea.
- Drink 8 glasses of water each day.
- Reduce alcohol consumption to one 4-ounce glass of red wine a day.
- Drink unsweetened iced tea or water instead of soda.
- Add a wedge of lemon or lime to water to add flavor.
- Take a 15-minute walk before work each morning.
- March in place during commercials while watching TV.
- Use a set of dumbbells to tone upper body at the same time.
- Eat meals at the dining room table or kitchen table only.
- Clean out your kitchen cupboards and get rid of fattening snacks.
- Get 8 hours of sleep each night.
- Practice deep breathing when you experience cravings.

Now create a simple weight loss goal chart on a sheet of paper with these things listed along the left side of the page. Make 7 vertical lines across the rest of the paper to create a column for each day of the week. Write the days of the week across the top of the page above each column. For each day that you complete one of the items above, make a check mark in that row under the proper column for the current day of the week. At the end of the week, you’ll be able to see clearly how many check marks are on the paper – which highlights how well you stuck to your goals by following through with the action steps.

You’ll have to create a new weight loss goal chart each week, unless you create a template on the computer that you can print out, or an interactive form that you can fill out and keep on your computer.

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