How Calories Sneak Into Your Diet

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You think you’re being good, adhering to a seemingly healthy diet plan. You’ve exercised, stuck with what you consider healthy food—but the scale’s not budging.  What’s going wrong? Calories could be sneaking into your diet without you even paying attention.

Even a simple sandwich with chips and a soda can turn frighteningly dangerous to your diet if you;re not careful about exact measurements.  Most people think just because they’re eating whole wheat bread, sliced turkey and putting some vegetables on it that they’re sticking to their diet.

But exactly how are you making that sandwich? Did you measure the mayonnaise? How many slices of turkey on the sandwich? What kind of cheese did you use? If you tally it up and add in a single can of soda and a handful of chips, you could be facing over 1,000 calories—for one meal! To help you whittle down your waist, you need to be vigilant about exact what goes into your mouth. Don’t just look for wheat bread – get a low calorie version. Use fat free or low calorie cheese and mayonnaise and measure out how much lean meat you’re using. Make the switch to a diet cola and get baked chips instead of fried (or ditch the chips altogether!) and you can have a yummy lunch without packing on the pounds.

Even if you pack your lunch like this and take it to work, don’t let co-workers sabotage your healthy eating plan. You may have rushed out the door without eating and now you’re famished – but steer clear of the pastries or bagels they brought in. 

Workplace breakfast spreads for meetings or just for fun can wreak havoc on your diet plans. Instead of indulging, eat breakfast at home (or bring it yourself). If those rich morning coffees are your downfall, switch to a light version and skip the whipped cream on top.  Switch from coffee cream to low fat milk.  Cut down on the sugar, too!

Some people prefer to use the drive through lanes instead of packing their lunch each day. If this describes you, then make sure you choose wisely. Almost every fast food chain now has diet friendly choices on their menus.

Don’t go with your usual Big Mac or Whopper meal. You’re looking at over 1,000 calories when you get a meal with a soda and fries tagging along. Choose grilled sandwiches with mustard instead of mayonnaise, a diet soda, and fruit instead of a dessert. Fast food places now have apple dippers or mandarin oranges as a healthier option.

Dieting can be hard enough without having to micromanage all of your choices, but track the calories of your current meals and you may be shocked at just how much you’re consuming.

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