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Establishing yoga goals is the first step towards reaching them. And since successful people in major niches across the board remind us regularly in inspirational articles, videos and other information products, ‘If you fail to plan, plan to fail.’ So let’s dig in with yoga goals by learning more about goal setting with yoga in mind so that you can establish – and successfully reach - your yoga goals.

Goal Setting Benefits

Think of all the incentives you have for goal setting. You get all the healthy benefits of yoga, to begin with: improved mental focus, relaxation, unity of body and mind, strengthening, and calmness. And once you complete your yoga goals, you will have another success notch on your belt. You will raise your self-confidence level because you strived to do something, persevered and accomplished it. Yes! That translates into pride and self satisfaction in a task well accomplished. Plus you improve your life and have a new achievement to chalk up.

And let the facts speak here, too:  effective goal setters have more self-confidence, concentration and focus, and less stress and anxiety. In addition, they lead more productive lives and are much happier.

Goal Setting Steps

Listing goals that represent unplanned steps is not in your best interest. It’s sort of like baking a cake from scratch with no recipe and no idea what you’re doing. It’s a recipe for failure.

Instead, seek knowledge first, as effective goals begin with education. Learn more about yoga, the different types out there, which types might work best for you, how to take lessons, who teaches courses, what equipment you may need, etc. Then afterwards, you can establish steps to get you where you want to go, measurable steps to make keep you on track to completion. 


Jump-start your yoga education by looking for books, DVDs, downloadable mp3s and other resources about yoga. You can look for information in popular print magazines, too, like Yoga Journal, and Shape and Fitness. During this preliminary stage, also check in you’re your doctor for advice and approval before committing to anything, to make sure it fits in with your personal health plan.

Also check out yoga instructors and their classes in your area. Look for convenience of location from your home or office, type of exercises involved and equipment, price and other important factors. Then when you’re finished with all your research, begin writing down positive yoga goals as well as steps to reach them, based upon your research. For example, if you seek improved breathing for asthma with yoga sessions, goals might be first to check with your doctor, then learn yoga and monitor your progress and growth, checking to see if yoga helps when you have your next wheezing attacks.

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