Top 7 Home Exercise Equipment Wish List

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Personally, I love working out at home.  No need to run out to the gym in bad weather, no strangers coughing and sweating all over the equipment—and I don’t have to give anybody the evil eye when they go over their time on the elliptical trainer!

Here’s a list of the top 7 home exercise equipment I own (or wish I owned!), what to look for and where to buy it online.  How many of these are on your wish list? 1) Heart Rate Monitor

Burn fat faster by monitoring your heart rate in real time with a heart rate monitor.  Heart rate monitors usually have two components:  a) chest strap and b) a wristwatch-type display for instant feedback of your heart rate. No more guessing if you’re working hard enough while doing cardio.

What to Look For

Easy-to-program, ventilated straps, transmitting distance, backlight (if you run at night).  Low end will do for beginners; advanced runners may want high end to record multiple workouts.

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Top Heart Rate Monitors from Amazon (with reviews)

Reebok Strapless Heart Rate Monitor, 1-Monitor

Omron Heart Rate Monitor HR100, 1 Heart Rate Monitor HR100

iPod icon

2) Resistance Bands

A great alternative to hand weights for resistance and strength training, especially if you travel. Resistance bands look like large rubber bands and usually come packaged with a variety resistance.

What to Look For

Quality rubber latex tubes; sturdy cuffs and handles; resistance that’s right for you; a training video to show you how to use it; traveling case (if you travel a lot).

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Top Resistance Bands from (with reviews)

Gaiam Pilates BodyBand Workout Kit with DVD

Cathe Friedrich’s Hardcore Series: Muscle Max DVD & FREE Resistance Band

3) Dumbbells

Cardio is great, but it’s only one part of a weight loss program.  Ramp up your fat loss by adding weights and dumbbells for resistance and strength training.  You can buy dumbbells in a variety of weights—or save yourself time and space with adjustable dumbbells.  With adjustable dumbbells, you simply dial up a weight and pick up your dumbbells; makes switching exercises extremely easy.

What to Look For

Regular weights: comfort grip.  Adjustable weights: depending on your strength, consider how high the weights go and what increment you want (2.5lbs or 5lbs).

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Shop for Bowflex® SelectTech® dumbbells.

Top Hand Weights from (with reviews)

Top Adjustable Weights from (with reviews)

Accessories Dumbbell Training Poster Pack, Weight Training Gloves,

Weight Training Bench

4)  Stability/Balance/Exercise/Fitness/Physio Ball

No matter what you call it, the bottom line is it’s a large poly-vinyl ball (typically between 18 and 28 inches in diameter).  You can use it for just about anything: as a bench for weight training, for ab exercises, stretching.

What to Look For

Burst resistant; right size for your height (charts are usually available when buying); air pump (if you don’t have one).

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Top Exercise Balls at (with reviews)

Gaiam Balance Ball Set (with pump & DVD) icon A Lifestyle Destination

Accessories Top Fitness Ball Workout DVDs,

Pumps and Bases

5) Step Bench

A step bench is a FUN piece of equipment.  It looks like a long step stool and is used for step aerobics.  You’ll really get your heart pumping with one of these.

What to Look For

Sturdy; slip-proof; adjustable heights; wide step surface.  (My recommendation is to go with The Step brand made by Original Health Club.)

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Highly Recommended:  “The Step” Step Benches (with reviews)


Top Instructor Cathe Friedrich - DVDs

Top Step Aerobics DVDs (with reviews)

6) Home Gym Systems

Bowflex Motivator 2 Home Gym

All-in-one home gym systems, like Bowflex, have everything you need to get in shape and build muscle.  They’re great space savers if want to get serious about weight training, but don’t have the room.

What to Look For

You get what you pay for, so don’t necessarily go with the cheapest model; check minimum and maximum weight; check dimensions and measure it out in your room before buying; check number of exercise you can do with the gym.  Read reviews.

Shop Online

Shop for Bowflex Revolution™ home gym.

Buy online. Low monthly payments. Learn more.

Accessories Weight Training Gloves,

Equipment Mats

7) Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical

Elliptical trainers give you a big bang for your cardio buck by combining your lower AND upper body into your workout. With no-impact, they’re easier on your knees than treadmills

What to Look For

Natural feeling stride mechanism, stride length, low noise level, a variety of programs—and an integrated water bottle holder helps!

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Top Elliptical Trainers from Amazon (with reviews)

Elliptical training machines for your home.

Schwinn® Brand Elliptical Home Exercise Machines.  Learn More.


Equipment Mats

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