Challenge Yourself: 5 Steps to a 30 Day Lifestyle Makeover

When it comes to weight loss and getting fit, making several changes at once can be not only intimidating but confusing too. Add in wacky, fad diet rules -- it's Tuesday, can I eat fruit and yogurt together? -- and it's no wonder people give up and revert back to bad habits.

When you make small changes that feel right for you, these changes become sustainable. They become changes that you can live with for the rest of your life. They become a habit.

A while ago, I came across a TED Talks video by Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team over at Google. He proposes trying something new for 30 days. 30 days is enough for you to create a habit -- and enough time for you to discover that a particular habit isn't right for you. It's also enough time to help you break a habit.

Watch the video and then read on as I show you how to create your own 30 day lifestyle makeover to either make or break your weight loss and fitness habits.
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What's Your Excuse for Not Dropping the Pounds?

There are countless excuses that can stop you from losing weight and getting fit. We rationalize our excuses so that they seem to make sense. But you need to take them apart to realize how flimsy they really are.

Here's a look at the five most common excuses. How many do you use?
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