7 Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder to Burn the Fat

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There are many people who love to exercise. They jump up at the crack of dawn, dress in cute, perfectly coordinated exercise gear and are full of bright smiles and happy thoughts before they take off to the gym. You may not be one of those people. You may not ever really learn to love exercise even if Brad Pitt magically showed up at your door as your workout buddy.

You don’t have to smile about it or even like it, but you need to exercise, so maybe you made yourself head to the gym five days a week. You discovered that as you learned a few tips to help you burn the fat and shed the weight you’d packed on over the years, exercising wasn’t that bad after all. You don’t have to be at the greatest fitness level to achieve success with this mindset. You start out as a couch potato and work your way up.

Here are 7 ways for you to work smarter—not harder—to burn fat:

Stop Making Excuses

Don’t make excuses that you can’t find the time needed to devote to exercise and burning the fat. Find the time to exercise or you’ll spend that same time in the doctor’s office down the road. Can’t do a complete cardio session? Then just do a portion of it.

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Get Rid of Your Anchor

Get rid of your anchor. An anchor is anything that keeps you rooted in place and prevents you from being able to exercise and burn the fat. Are you a –holic? A workaholic, a TV-holic, a computer-holic? In a recent survey, it was discovered that the average person spends anywhere from 8-10 hours a day on the computer.

Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends

Line up a no-welch partner. A no welch partner is someone who can help you exercise when you don’t feel like it. They won’t accept your excuses or let you welch on your commitment to yourself or them.

No Money? No Excuses

Don’t let a lack of funds stand in your way. Can’t afford to join a gym? You can still walk or jog around your neighborhood. Many people use cardio exercise DVDs and work out right at home.

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Beat the Plateau -- Don't Let IT Beat You

When it comes to burning fat, your body will reach a point where it’ll stop losing because it’s adjusted to your new routine. Fight back by changing your calorie intake for a few days. Don’t lower it too much because you need calories. Dropping calories can significantly lower your metabolism.  Shake up your exercise. Do something different for a week or two to end your body’s checkmate against losing.

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Realize Nobody's Perfect

Understand failure. Failure happens in life, especially in the area of trying to lose weight and exercise. But if you can figure out why your particular failure occurred, you can stop it.

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Be A Realist

Keep a realistic mindset. Don’t expect success will embrace you with open arms and everything is going to be perfect. The week you first decided to get back in shape and return to the gym, something unexpected might happen like an injury. When a setback occurs (and it will), it doesn’t have to be the end. Call it a momentary interruption and keep trying.

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