6 Ways to Nurture Yourself While Dieting

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Self-nurturing is a very important activity while you are trying to lose weight, simply because many of us gravitate toward food as a way to nurture ourselves - even though excessive eating really does more harm than good in the long run.

When you stop eating all those “comfort foods” you may find yourself feeling adrift and unsure of what to do to make yourself feel better. The ideas below can help you feel more calm and balanced and reduce any stray cravings for unhealthy foods that may tempt you to ditch your diet:

1) Take a nap

When you first start a diet you may find that you feel more tired than usual.  This could be because you have reduced your sugar or caffeine intake, or it may be emotional strain from trying to change long-standing habits.  Either way, make time to get more rest when you can, by taking short cat naps during the say, or retiring earlier in the evening so you can get more sleep at night.

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2) Enjoy some soothing tunes

Listen to soothing music as often as you can, and especially when you feel stressed.  Allow yourself some “downtime” while you listen - doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying the sounds.

3) Get creative

Spending time on creative activities you enjoy is one of the best ways to feel great.  At least a few times a week, make time to paint, draw, sculpt, write, or any other creative pursuit that calls you.  You’ll find that regular creative inspiration soothes you in a way that nothing else can - not even food.

4) Tickle your funny bone

Find things to laugh about every day, and if you can’t find anything in your immediate surroundings, seek the laughs deliberately.  Watch funny sitcoms or old comedy films on television, or pop in a video or DVD if you have some favorites on hand.  Recall funny experiences from your past, and spend time laughing with friends as often as you can.  Laughter helps you release fear, anxiety, and tension so that you find it much easier to take better care of yourself.

5) Cleanse thyself

Take relaxing showers or baths and pretend that you are washing away all stress, tension and anxiety.  It’s a simple and easy way to refresh your mind and body and feel uplifted again.

6) Make yourself comfortable

Say and do things to make yourself feel very comforted and nurtured every day.  Your diet is not a punishment, although it may feel that way at times - instead, see it as a great gift you are giving yourself and be sure to follow up with other kind treatment of yourself.

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