10 Ways to Stop Overeating While Watching TV

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Snacking in front of the television is one of the more challenging habits to overcome for people who are dieting.  Sometimes such a habit has been in place for years so it has become very strong - compelling, even - and changing it seems incredibly difficult.

However, like anything else, it’s just matter of changing your daily routine and forming better habits.

Below are 10 ways to start moving away from the rut of mindless night time eating:

1 - Re-position

Do you always sit in the same spot while watching TV?  Move to another spot!  Grab a pillow and lie on the floor, or move from the recliner to one side of the sofa.  This will move you out of your customary routine so you don’t feel as tempted to munch mindlessly.

2 - Quiet cravings beforehand

Before you even sit down to watch television, sit in a quiet place for 10 minutes, breathing deeply and letting go of any tension and anxiety.  This helps center you and make you less likely to eat for emotional reasons.

3 - Breathe deeply

Speaking of breathing deeply, you can continue doing so as you watch television.  Do it especially if you start feeling tempted to eat and you aren’t hungry.  Imagine breathing in peace and well-being, and expelling cravings with each exhale.

4 - Keep your hands busy

Take up an activity that you can perform while watching television like knitting, needlework, or even shuffling a deck of cards. 

5 - Work out while you watch

Do sit ups, push ups, and march in place while you watch TV, and you won’t have time to feel restless and start craving food.

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6 - Chew gum

Snacking and chewing gum are never done at the same time, so keep your jaws busy and a fresh minty flavor (or any flavor you choose) tickling your taste buds.  (You can also brush your teeth before you begin watching TV if you don’t like gum.)

7 - Drink water

Sip on ice cold water while you watch TV - add a splash of lemon juice for a bit of flavor.

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8 - Munch healthy

You can also make a small platter of crunchy, healthy vegetables to munch on while watching.  Good choices are low-calorie options like celery and cucumbers.  If you’d like to break the habit of eating in front of the TV altogether, eat a low-calorie snack right before you tune in to watch.

9 - Doodle

Grab a notepad and start doodling during commercial breaks.  Draw funny little pictures of the scenes you are watching on TV, or draw caricatures of your favorite actors.

10 - Fidget

Fidgeting can also be helpful - just start shaking your foot or tapping your fingers and keep it going.  Do this especially if you start feeling tempted to visit the kitchen - shake and tap to get rid of nervous tension.

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