What Kind of Coach Am I?

Hey there! It's Coach Suzanne.

Maybe you have an idea of what kind of coach you're looking for? Or maybe you're not sure?

Do you mind if I tell you about my coaching style? That way, you can decide if it's something that will work for you.

I know, I know.  "They” always say you shouldn’t talk about yourself.  But hey, how can you know anything about me if I don’t talk about….me?

So. What kind kind of coach am I?

Am I this kind of coach?


Ugh, no!  I am NOT that kind of coach.

That kind of coach yells at you and discourages you.

That kind of coach says THEY are in charge.

That kind of coach says THEY know what’s best for YOU.

That kind of coach is just like our inner critic.  That little voice in our head telling us what we’re doing wrong and we’re not good enough.

That coach’s philsophy is: it’s my way or the highway!

Pffffft!  Please!

Who needs that?  Certainly not you!

I’m the opposite of THAT guy.

I'm a Precision Nutrition (PN) certified Nutrition Coach.

I follow the PN methodology of coaching. That means I am all about helping people change -- and helping them take meaningful action in their lives.

That methodology also shaped the kind of coach that I am.
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I’m a...curious coach.

I’ll ask you questions like, “How’s that working for you?”  But not in a snarky way.  I'll ask it in a sincere, I-really-want-to-know kind of way.

I’ll lob questions back at you like, “How can you make that meal just a tiny bit better?”

Or "Can you show me what you mean when you say...?"

I’m a… problem-solving coach.

My approach is to help you figure out ways to make your lifestyle work for you.

If you’re stuck, we’ll brainstorm different things to try out.  But YOU get the final say.

I’m an...understanding coach.

If you hate broccoli, I’m not going to make you eat broccoli.

If you love chocolate, I’m not going to make you give it up.

I’ll do my best to understand where you’re coming from -- and what you’re going through.

I’ll push you when you need it.  But I’ll also ease up a bit if you need that, too.

That doesn’t mean I’ll let you get away with stuff though. :-)

One thing for sure:  I’ll be your cheerleader, all the way!

Together, we’ll find ways for you to eat better, move more and believe in yourself.

So, bottom-line...

I am… a client-centered coach.  I'm on the right side of this chart.

I hope that matches up with what you're looking for in a coach!
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Eat better, move more and believe in yourself,

Coach Suzanne
PN1 Nutrition Coach, ACE-certified Health Coach & Fitness Nutrition Specialist