Plays a role in the production and transport of energy and is important for the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Overconsumption Syptoms
Toxic symptoms from increased magnesium intake are not common because the body eliminates excess amounts.

Magnesium deficiency, although rare, can occur in alcoholics or people whose magnesium absorption is decreased due to surgery, burns, or problems with malabsorption. Certain medications or low blood levels of calcium may be associated with magnesium deficiency.

Dark-green leafy vegetables, soy products, legumes and seeds, nuts, whole grains, bananas, dried apricots, avocados.

Unit of Measure

This brief and partial description is provided for information purposes only. Vitamin and mineral descriptions may not list all symptoms of overconsumption or deficiency. Please consult your doctor for more information. Source: MedlinePlus, Mayo Clinic