What Kind of Junk Food Are You?

Are you a deep and delicious pizza? Are you a chocolate kiss? Or maybe you're just plain, old vanilla ice cream? Take FitWatch's own "What Kind of Junk Food Are You?" test!

Ready! Set! Go!

1. When you arrive at a party, you make your entrance by:
  • Just walking in -- um, how else would you enter a room?
    Waltzing in wearing your slinkiest/sexiest outfit!
    Greeting everyone you see.
    Shaking hands with everyone and passing out business cards.
    Hiding behind your spouse, hoping no one will notice you.
2. You picture yourself as someone who:
  • Sees things in black and white.
    Is creative and unpredictable.
    Is kind, caring and compassionate.
    Is a "Show me the money!" kind of person.
    "I'm just little ol' me."
3. When a good friend compliments you, you:
  • Say thank you.
    Ask them what they meant by that...
    Give 'em a thank you hug/kiss and compliment them right back!
    Wonder what they want from you.
    Blush madly and stammer out, "Oh, no. I don't think so."
4. You wake up on a Monday morning:
  • With your day already planned out.
    "Morning? Who wakes up in the morning???"
    By hitting the snooze button a couple of times.
    With the alarm clock and the smell of coffee wafting in.
    Before everyone else and get breakfast started.
5.  You've got an hour to spend online. You:
  •   Look up some online sales and do some research on products you want to buy.
      Update your blog and look for some innovative sites!
      Chat, chat chat!
      Check the latest news and go to your favorite business sites.
      Visit the sites you always go to, lurk at some forums.
6.  It's 6:00 A.M. and your kid lets you know that she has to bring in something for the bake sale this morning. You:
  •   Freak out/get angry for a couple of minutes, but then run out to the store and buy something.
      Mumble, "That's nice, dear, " because you're not even awake yet!
      Explain that more notice would have good, but then run out to the store and buy something.
      After a brief lecture on organizational skills, you pull out a frozen cake, calculate the cost per square and cut the cake into the exact number of squares needed to generate a profit.
      Just smile and pull out all the ingredients to make double chocolate fudge brownies (who needs a recipe?).
7. We just have to know: Do you kiss on a first date?
  •   Maybe just a quick peck on the cheek!
      Depends on how many drinks I've had!
      If I really, really like the person!
      Of course, because the person I'm with is with the hottest person in the room!
8.  Which of the following best describes you:
  •   "I couldn't care less what people think of me."
      "You love me! You really, really love me!"
      "I love you, you love me... Why can't we all just get along?"
      "Everybody loves me!"
      "I try to please all the people all the time."