Weight Loss Target Date Calculator

by Suzanne Hiscock

Do you have 20lbs to lose? 30lbs? More? I just whipped up a new calculator for you. The

Weight Loss Target Date calculator gives you an idea of how long it will take to lose that weight. After you enter your info, the calculator estimates how many calories you need to stay at the same weight (total daily calorie needs). It then calculates 5 different calorie deficits and how long it will take you to lose those pounds.

Check it out!  Weight Loss Target Date Calculator

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About the Author

Suzanne is the owner of FitWatch. She's had strong interest in nutrition and exercise for over 20 years, and is an ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. Back in 2002, she started FitWatch.com because she wanted to help people lose weight by creating helpful tools and calculators. A huge fan of calorie counting, Suzanne created the FitWatch Fitness Tracker to make it easy for people to count their calories.