Self-Love Empowers You

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When you think of personal empowerment, you probably think of qualities like strength, confidence, courage and tenacity – but did you know that self-love is also an important aspect of empowerment?

When you truly love yourself . . .

  • You treat yourself with respect and kindness.  You set firm boundaries in your life, you devote time and attention to proper self-care, and you consider your personal time to be a high priority.  Feeling loved and cared for automatically makes you feel more balanced and strengthened from within. 
  • You expect fair treatment from others too.  No longer do you find yourself settling for less than you deserve or allowing others to take advantage of you.  Instead, a strong level of self-love gives you the courage to stand up for yourself.
  • You have a greater sense of self-awareness and self-knowledge.  Loving and accepting yourself helps you to feel more connected to your authentic self, which inspires confidence and assurance in who you are.

There are many more ways that self-love can help you feel more empowered, but more important is knowing how to begin loving yourself.  If you’ve spent the majority of your life feeling negatively about yourself it might seem like an impossible task to suddenly bring forth feelings of genuine self-love, but it’s probably easier than you think!

First and foremost, it’s important to spend quality time alone on a regular basis so you can get to know yourself.  You can explore and discover your interests and passions, indulge in some favorite hobbies, write your thoughts and feelings in a journal, or simply dream and plan for your future.

Make time to relax and do the things you love.  Listen to uplifting music, read great books, stimulate your creativity by exploring your artistic talents, or take classes on topics that interest you. 

Nurture yourself as often as possible.  Go easy on yourself when you’re not feeling well, and pamper yourself when you feel the need for a little comforting.

Buy nice things for yourself.  Speak kindly to yourself.  Romance yourself!  Take long walks on the beach and gaze up at the stars at night.  Buy a beautiful greeting card, write an encouraging note inside and mail it to yourself.

Most importantly, be sure to look at yourself in the mirror every day and say, “I love you.  You’re a great person and you deserve the best that life has to offer.”

All of these activities are simply suggestions, of course.  Follow your heart and do what feels right to you.  As long as you’re doing things that make you feel loved and cared for, you can’t help but feel happy, fulfilled and empowered!

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