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NutriSystem, Inc.If you just don’t have the time — or patience! — to count calories, hunt down healthy recipes or cook tasty meals, then having all of your meals and snacks delivered to you makes perfect sense when it comes to weight loss.

With Nutrisystem’s diet plan, you get all your meals delivered right to your door — in the right portion for you. All you need to do is add in some fresh fruit, veggies and dairy products. It can’t get simpler than that…

You won’t need to spend time wondering whether your next meal has too many calories… or fat… or carbs. You won’t need to spend time remembering a long list of rules of foods you can or can’t eat. You won’t even need to cook! It’s like having your very own weight loss chef!

I’ll let you in on a little secret about Nutrisystem: even though it saves you from the cooking, the cleaning, the counting, the thinking, it also teaches you about portion control. You’ll see right away how much you should be eating to lose weight. It can be an eye-opening experience! Most people tend to waaaaay overestimate a “serving” of food.

You’ll eat several times a day, eat plenty of protein and eat low-glycemic foods — a killer combination to curb any cravings.

And I’ll let you in on a second secret: a lot of the foods you eat now, especially the comfort foods, are just plain, old H-A-B-I-T-S. You’ll see how easy it is to break those bad eating habits when you know EXACTLY what you’re going to eat each day. Don’t believe the lies you tell yourself about how you can’t “live without a big bowl of pasta” — or whatever your particular food crutch is. Nutrisystem offers tons of tasty meals you can choose from — or if you’re not sure, you can order the “favorites” package, containing their most popular meals.

Nutrisystem has 7 different diet plans: Women’s, Men’s, Women’s Diabetic, Men’s Diabetic, Vegetarian — and, for seniors: Women’s Silver and Men’s Silver.

Nutrisystem is currently offering 2 free weeks of food when you sign up for their auto-delivery program — auto-delivery is the best option to use if you have more than 10lbs to lose. (You won’t have to think about ordering more food; it’ll be automatically delivered to you.)

You can visit the official site here: As easy as 1, 2, 3! NutriSystem® Taking the work out of weight loss!

Shelia lost 72lbs NutriSystem womens weight loss free week of food NutriSystem, Inc.

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