Empowerment and Fear

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Do you ever allow fearful thoughts to erode your confidence and diminish your sense of empowerment?  It’s a common trend for many people, and when you’re stuck in the midst of fear and uncertainty it can seem like an impossible task to pull yourself out of it.

However, fear and empowerment are actually like two opposite sides of the same coin.  On one side is the belief that you are not strong or capable enough to handle challenges or life in general; while on the other side is the certainty that you are fully in control of your own life and have the power to triumph over adversity.

Transforming fear to empowerment is as simple as flipping the coin so it lands on the other side!  The “coin” in this example is a little thing called “perspective.”

In order to release fearful thoughts and become empowered, you need to be willing to see yourself and your life circumstances in a different light.  Here are three easy ways to start:

1) Start small!

Many people believe that in order to empower themselves they need to have massive amounts of courage and inner strength, but that usually comes later.  Instead, be willing to start small and empower yourself more gradually.  Start with one small action that makes you feel nervous and nudge yourself to move forward and do it.  As you face your fear and master one small challenge, you’ll begin to feel stronger and be willing to take on more, which will continue to build your strength and empower you.

2) Affirm your strength.

Fearful thoughts often cause you to doubt yourself, which creates more fearful thoughts!  To reverse this, begin affirming that you’re strong and capable as often as possible – and most especially when you begin to feel disempowered.  Affirm not only your strength and capability, but your flexibility, resiliency and resourcefulness to handle anything that comes your way.  The more you affirm it, the more you’ll begin to believe it.

3) See the unknown as a good thing.

Fear of the unknown is one major factor in feeling disempowered.  You’ve likely gotten used to seeing the “unknown” (anything you haven’t encountered before) as a bad thing, with dangers and pitfalls lurking around every corner.  Most often you don’t even know why you feel fearful, you just believe there is reason to feel that way!  However, if you instead shift that perception to one of optimism and enthusiasm for the unknown, you’ll feel less threatened and develop the willingness to do and dare more.

When it comes right down to it, empowerment is usually nothing more than a choice; being willing to believe that you are stronger than any challenge or difficulty that arises.  The more you focus on releasing fearful thoughts and strengthening your belief in yourself, the less intimidated you’ll feel by outer influences.

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