7 Tips To Follow When Exercising Outdoors

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Tired of slogging it out on a treadmill? If you aren’t having fun in your gym or just want to cut costs, you can take your fitness routine into the great outdoors. There are numerous ways to stay fit while having fun such as going for a jog, a run or hiking, skating etc. It’s not only relieves your boredom but is also a great stress-buster. The sunshine and fresh air will improve your mood and you’ll just have more fun overall when you become an outdoor fitness buff.

There are some precautionary steps that you need to take when exercising outdoors. Keep the following tips in mind while you are heading out.

1) Warm up properly. It’s important to warm up for around five to ten minutes before beginning your exercise. If you are going to be exercising in cold weather, warm up for at least 20 minutes beforehand.

2) Men should keep their shirts on while running. Too much exposure to UV radiation puts one at a risk of developing skin cancer. Get a good sports oriented, sweat-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher and apply it liberally every two hours when exercising outdoors. Wear a hat at all times.

3) Wear the right clothes. You need to wear clothes made of fabric that allows moisture to dry easily. Use sunglasses if it’s too sunny outside. You’ll also need sunglasses in winter too to protect yourself from glare when there’s snow.

4) Keep yourself well hydrated. Carry a bottle of water with you and make sure you drink often.

5) Always do stretches at the end. Makes sure that you hold each stretch for at least half a minute. While it’s great to stretch before you begin exercising it’s important to never stretch cold muscles. During winter make sure you stretch after you’ve engaged in your 20-minute warm up.

6) Avoid running on or near roads frequented by heavy trucks of a lot of bus traffic.

7) Try to work out early in morning or later in the evening.

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