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Ever wonder how many calories are in pasta? Or how many calories in sugar? Or how many calories or fat grams in a cupcake? Use FitWatch's free online calorie counter to count how many calories are in the foods you eat! Search the calorie counter for your favorite foods to know how many calories are in each one. The number of calories for each food, plus the nutrition facts, is taken from the USDA's food database with over 6000 entries.

Calorie counting can be a great way to help you with your weight loss! For many people, it's an eye-opening experience. If you're interested in tracking the number of calories you eat to help with your weight loss, why not try the FitWatch Fitness Tracker? The FitWatch Fitness Tracker will help you keep track of your daily calories and goals, plus a whole lot more!

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I'm Suzanne, the owner of I'm also an ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. I created the FitWatch website back in 2002 to help you reach your weight loss goals - and keep the weight off - by giving you the know-how, tools and motivation to create healthy food and exercise habits you can live with for the rest of your life.

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