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Soup, Salad and Smoothie Program

The Simple Way to Lose Weight and Eat Healthier Meals

5 Easy Steps to Swap Out Your Unhealthy Meals for Healthy, Low Calorie Meals

INCLUDES 20 Smoothie Recipes + 20 Soup Recipes + 20 Salad Recipes

Sample 6 Day Menu Plan With Over 15 Recipes, Shopping List & Prep Guide!

​The Soup, Salad and Smoothie Program keeps it simple by focusing on swapping out unhealthy meals with either a soup, salad or smoothie. 

No magical food combinations.  No crazy rules to remember.  Just choosing a delicious recipe to replace an unhealthy one.

By eating healthier foods and not feeling overstuffed, you’re going to feel amazing with this plan!

And, when you swap out a heavy, high-calorie meal with a light but satisfying soup, salad or smoothie,  you’ll eat fewer calories.  Fewer calories means your body will dig into your fat stores when it needs more energy.

As a Nutrition Coach, I want to show you how SIMPLE is it do this! 

With the Soup, Salad & Smoothie Program, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to :

  • My 12 page 5 Step Program Guide + Worksheet to help you swap out unhealthy meals with healthy, satisifying, low calorie meals.
  • Soup Guide to show you what to look for in a soup + the Soup Recipe Ebook with 20 delicious soup recipes to get you started.
  • Salad Guide to show you what to look for in a salad + the Salad Recipe Ebook with 20 delicious salad recipes to get you started.
  • Smoothie Guide to show you what to look for in a smoothie + the Smoothie Recipe Ebook with 20 delicious smoothie recipes to get you started.
  • You'll also get my blank menu planner and blank shopping list so you can meal prep like a boss!

Plus You'll Get These Bonuses

  • Bonus #1:  Quick & Easy Soup, Salad & Smoothie Menu Plan & Shopping List -- 6 days of healthy, delicious recipes in sample menu plan to show you exactly how to use this strategy.  
  • Bonus #2:  Prep Guide for the Quick & Easy Soup, Salad & Smoothie Menu Plan showing you exactly how to plan out and cook the recipes throughout the week.  What makes this bonus especially awesome is that the prep guide is editable.  You can swap in and out any recipes you like, week after week after week.  No thinking about what to make during the week!  
  • Bonus #3:  Access to my private Facebook Group so you can get help and motivation to lose the weight and feel great!

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Soup, Salad & Smoothie Program

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  I'm interested! What happens next?
First of all... Yay!  Go you!  Just fill out your first and last name, and click the Buy Now button to safely and securely fill out your email and credit card information.  You'll then get INSTANT ACCESS to the program (you'll first be asked to either login to your FitWatch account or create a new one -- don't worry, it's quick and easy!).  You'll be able to start the program right away!  You can read the guides online or download them to your computer.

You'll also get instant access to the awesome 6 Day Quick & Easy Menu Plan.  (Seriously, this is an awesome bonus.  Even though it's a "sample" plan, you can use it as is if you decide to. That's totally up to you!  You can use it as a base menu plan and add in your own favorite recipes, too.)

  Well, couldn't I just swap out meals on my own and find recipes online for free?
Sure, you could! But let me ask you this: have you done that? And if so, how did it work out for you? With my 5 Step Program, I help you pinpoint exactly where to make this change. As a Nutrition Coach, that's what I bring to the table: a way to help you take action!

Also... have you ever sat down in front of your computer and tried to find a recipe. You're scrolling through tons and tons of information -- not to mention those blogs that tell a super long story before actually getting to the recipe.

My program makes it EASY for you to take action. Plus, I'll give you access to my private Facebook Group where you can ask me questions and get motivated!

 And just who are you?
I'm Coach Suzanne! :-)   I'm the owner of FitWatch and I've been helping people lose weight since 2002.  I'm also a certified nutrition coach, health coach and fitness nutrition specialist.  My mission is to help people eat better, move more and believe in themselves!