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  1. Kettle Popcorn (User Entry)
  2. Kettle Popcorn (unpopped) (User Entry)
  3. Kfc Popcorn Chicken (User Entry)
  4. Kfc Popcorn Chicken (indiv) (User Entry)
  5. Kfc Popcorn Chicken (lg Size) (User Entry)
  6. Kfc Popcorn Chicken, Kid's Size (User Entry)

  7. Kirkland Signature Microwave Popcorn 36g Bag (User Entry)
  8. Kirkwood Popcorn Chicken (User Entry)
  9. Kroger Natural Microwave Popcorn (User Entry)
  10. Kroger Popcorn (User Entry)
  11. Large Bag Popcorn (User Entry)
  12. Large Movie Popcorn (User Entry)
  13. Lg. Popcorn - Sm. Bag (User Entry)
  14. Light Butter Popcorn (User Entry)
  15. Light Popcorn (User Entry)
  16. Light Popcorn, Market Pantry (User Entry)
  17. Lime And Salt Popcorn (User Entry)
  18. Lite Butter Microwave Popcorn (User Entry)
  19. Lite Caramel Popcorn (User Entry)
  20. Lite Popcorn (User Entry)
  21. Low Fat Popcorn (User Entry)
  22. Macro, Gluten Free, Popcorn (User Entry)
  23. Medium Popcorn - Amc Movie Theater (User Entry)
  24. Micriwave Popcorn- Light (User Entry)
  25. Micro Popcorn (User Entry)
  26. Microwavable Popcorn (organic) (User Entry)
  27. Microwave 94% Fat-free Popcorn (User Entry)
  28. Microwave Popcorn (User Entry)
  29. Microwave Popcorn (1 Bag) (User Entry)
  30. Microwave Popcorn (1 Bag-lite) (User Entry)
  31. Microwave Popcorn (estimate; Popped) (User Entry)
  32. Microwave Popcorn (mini-bag) Low Fat (User Entry)
  33. Microwave Popcorn (popped) (User Entry)
  34. Microwave Popcorn - Kettle Corn 100 Calorie Mini Bag (User Entry)
  35. Microwave Popcorn - Orville Redenbacher's Buttery (User Entry)
  36. Microwave Popcorn 1-bag Orville Movie Butter (User Entry)
  37. Microwave Popcorn 1/3 Bad (User Entry)
  38. Microwave Popcorn Buttered (User Entry)
  39. Microwave Popcorn Light (User Entry)
  40. Microwave Popcorn Or (User Entry)
  41. Microwave Popcorn, Light (User Entry)
  42. Microwave Popcorn- Movie Theater Extra Butter (User Entry)
  43. Micrwave Popcorn (User Entry)
  44. Mini Bag Butter Popcorn (User Entry)
  45. Mini Bag Fat Free Popcorn (User Entry)
  46. Mini Bag Popcorn (User Entry)
  47. Mini Bag Popcorn (6 Cups Popped) (User Entry)
  48. Mini Butter Popcorn Bag (User Entry)
  49. Mini Popcorn Bag (User Entry)
  50. Movie Popcorn (User Entry)