Motivational Quotes - Eat Better. Move More. Believe in Yourself

by Suzanne Hiscock

FitWatch helps you lose weight and get fit by encouraging you to:

  • Eat Better — by showing you different ways to eat a healthy and balanced diet to suit your lifestyle;
  • Move More — through a combination of cardio, strength training and stretching to help you burn excess fat, build muscle and increase your flexibility;
  • Believe in Yourself — by helping you understand your relationship with food and exercise, and through support and motivation.

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About the Author

Suzanne is the owner of FitWatch. She's had strong interest in nutrition and exercise for over 20 years, and is an ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. Back in 2002, she started because she wanted to help people lose weight by creating helpful tools and calculators. A huge fan of calorie counting, Suzanne created the FitWatch Fitness Tracker to make it easy for people to count their calories.