5 Simple Signs of a Healthy Weight Loss Program

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To be effective and achieve permanent results, a healthy weight loss program should go well beyond helping you shed pounds. It should also help you improve your overall health and fitness level; otherwise you aren’t really addressing the causes of your weight gain, and you may even create more problems by taking unnecessary risks with your health.

Components of a healthy weight loss program are:

1) Focus on Nutrition

The weight loss plan you follow should have a strong focus on nutrition, not just calorie restriction.  You should be encouraged to eat from all of the main food groups with a strong focus on the most nutrient-packed selections from each group, while also reducing your intake of fat, simple carbohydrates, and overall calories.

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2) Foods You Enjoy

Healthy weight loss programs can certainly be boring and lacking in flavor, but they don’t have to be!  Choose a healthy weight loss program that includes plenty of delicious foods you enjoy preparing and eating.  They don’t have to be complicated dishes requiring a lot of prep time (unless you enjoy that) - they can also be very simple but taste great and provide a lot of enjoyment.

3) Lifestyle Balance

The more balanced a weight loss program is, the healthier it is.  Losing weight the smart and healthy way goes beyond eating less and watching the numbers on the scale go down; it’s more about learning how to balance your lifestyle habits and take better care of yourself.  That will include activities beyond dieting, like drinking plenty of water, getting adequate rest and relaxation, exercising daily, and even using good stress management techniques to stay centered and balanced within.

4) Mind/Body Connection

A healthy weight loss program will also acknowledge that being overweight is rarely a physical problem alone, and will encourage you to bring your mind and body into alignment.  In addition to eating healthier, that may include activities like engaging in positive self-talk, breaking down limiting beliefs,  and creating empowering and self-loving beliefs.

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5) Motivation/Reward

Finally, it’s important to choose a weight loss program that keeps you feeling motivated and rewards you for your achievements.  This might include ribbons or buttons for reaching a weight milestone (like 10 pounds lost, 20 pounds, and so on) or you might have an automatic membership upgrade (for online programs) once you’ve lost a certain amount of weight.  If you really want to try a certain weight loss program and they don’t have rewards like this, create your own!  Create exciting rewards like buying gifts for yourself when you reach a weight milestone, or treat yourself to a manicure for every 10 pounds you lose.  It’s important to keep boosting your motivation and encouraging yourself to keep going.

If you can’t find a weight loss program that addresses all of these components, you might consider coming up with your own plan by taking bits and pieces from plans that appeal to you.

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