30 Day Challenge - May 13th 2013

by Suzanne Hiscock
I thought I'd put together a 30 day challenge based on my Challenge Yourself: 5 Steps to a 30 Day Lifestyle Makeover post.

Are you in?

Start Date: May 13th, 2013
Location: Right here (we'll use the comments section down below)

If you haven't done so yet, read Challenge Yourself: 5 Steps to a 30 Day Lifestyle Makeover.

What change will you be making? Do you need help figuring out what to change? Do you need ideas on how to overcome any obstacles that are in your way?

Don't forget to invite friends to the challenge! The more people, the better.

We can work together as a team to make positive changes in our lives!

I'll add tips here, as we go along.

  • Leave what's called "environmental cues" to remind you of what you want to do today. I'm doing my knee rehab exercises, so I left my resistance bands in a very obvious place. I see it and it reminds me I need to do those knee exercises. So, let's say your goal is to work out after work, bring your gym bag and put it on your desk as reminder that you'll be hitting the gym after work. If you're hitting the gym before work, leave the bag at your front door. Working out at home? Take out your workout clothes the night before.
  • Don't forget to entertain yourself if you're doing something where a bit of distraction will help out. I listen to an audiobook while doing my knee exercises. You can listen to music (or an audiobook) while out walking. Sometimes music (or reading) can distract you too much away from a proper workout -- but if it's a matter of encouraging you to do something, then no harm in being a bit distracted.
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