3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Workout DVD

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If you want to workout at home rather than in a gym, there are hundreds of different workout routines you can buy on DVD or video, which may be easier than working out on your own.  With the DVDs, you get the feeling of working out with a group of people, but the freedom to work out in your own home on your own schedule.

Before you buy workouts on DVD or video, consider these three things: #1 - Type of exercise

What type of exercise do you want to do?  Cardio, muscle building/toning, dance, high-impact aerobics, low-impact aerobics, weight training, walking, running - there are endless options to choose from and you may even want to choose a few different types of exercises so you can switch between them each day.

#2 - Intensity level

Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser?  If you haven’t worked out for a long time (or ever, since childhood) you are definitely a beginner and should choose a workout DVD that will be somewhat challenging but not too hard.  Intermediate workouts are good for people who are in relatively good shape and are already exercising regularly.  Advanced routines are for people who are fit and able to withstand a higher intensity.

Look at the small print on the back of DVDs and videos; they should indicate the level of intensity and/or skill required to follow along.  Some workout routines are multi-level, because some of the instructors do a higher-intensity workout, while other instructors or students demonstrate a modified lower-intensity workout at the same time.

#3 - Difficulty level

Beyond intensity, you also need to consider how easily a particular workout can be performed in your home.  This may depend on how much space you have, how much noise you will need to make (like jumping around if you have downstairs neighbors that wouldn’t appreciate it), and any other equipment you might need, like chin-up bars, weights, or medicine balls.

Each workout DVD should clearly note if you need special equipment, and you should be able to tell roughly how much space will be needed for the workout.  For example, a walking DVD usually has you marching in place for most of the workout, so little space would be needed, compared to a full dance aerobic workout that would probably require a clear room to allow adequate movement.

An additional consideration would be cost; some DVDs are more expensive than others.  Usually older workout routines are lower in price than new, popular ones.  There are also sets of DVDs that include several workouts, and those would likely cost more than a single DVD.

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