How To Keep Your Body Hydrated The Right Way & The Truth About Fitness Drinks

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Most people who work out have no idea about how much they need to drink to keep their body hydrated. You might perspire more than you realize and it’s important to drink lots of liquids to avoid fatigue. It’s important to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your exercise routine. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind to help keep your body properly hydrated along with tips on exactly what you need to be drinking.

  • Drink around two cups of fluids around two hours before you begin any type of work out program.
  • To keep your body properly hydrated, drink every 15-20 minutes while you are exercising. Drink about 4-6 ounces each time. If you are going hiking or walking for more than an hour, take a water bottle with you.
  • Take a drink after finishing your exercise. Drink around two cups of water for every pound of water weight you’ve lost after exercising.

You can keep your body well hydrated by following these simple suggestions. Have you given any thought to what you should be drinking though? There are many sports drinks out there like Powerade, All Sport etc that have been specially formulated to quickly replace lost fluids and give you small doses of essential minerals. Sports drinks have carbohydrates too and most of them come from glucose or sucrose, which your body can easily absorb. If you are worried about gaining calories this way you can dilute your drink with a little water or ice. A good sports drink should give you 14 grams of carbohydrates, 100 mg of sodium and 28mg of potassium for every 8 ounces that you drink. Avoid carbonated sports drinks as this can give you an upset stomach.

There’s been a lot of hype around vitamin-loaded ‘fitness waters’ and ‘super-water’s’ that contain fat-burning minerals designed to help you lose weight. There’s no real proof that they can do what they claim though. Most of these drinks fall between water and sports drinks since they have more taste than water but fewer calories than sports drinks. You can drink fitness waters but their main purpose is to supplement a good diet — they don’t really replace the minerals and carbohydrates you’ve lost from exercising.

Water is a low-cost excellent drink for the most part. If you really need an energy boost after exercising go in for a sports drink or some diluted fruit juice.

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