8 Little Things That Burn More Calories

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It’s not only your diet and exercise routine that helps you to lose weight. While your cardio program does burn a lot of calories, making other small changes to your lifestyle adds up to a big difference.

Check out these little things that burn more calories:

1. Avoiding little conveniences.
From escalators to driving around to find the best parking spot, we go about our day missing several chances to squeeze in a bit of exercise. Stop looking for the easiest way to do things. The “hard way” isn’t really that hard and doesn’t take a lot of extra time.

2. Pacing when you’re on the phone. If you usually spend your phone time just lying or sitting around, it’s time to make some changes. Get up and moving or, if you still want to lie around, do a few pilates exercises while you talk on the phone.

3. Not emailing at work. Assuming your company’s culture allows it, you’ll burn a few more calories if you walk over to a co-workers desk instead of emailing them a question. Done several times a day, the calories will start to add up.

4. Fidget. Don’t just sit still. Keep moving at all times. Shake your foot if you keep your legs crossed, do knitting while you watch TV. Anything that gets your body moving.

5. Do strength building exercises throughout the day. Squeeze your butt muscles while you check your email. To calf raises while you wash the dishes. Extra muscles burn extra calories.

6. Turn the thermostat down. When your body is cold, it must expend more energy to get warm.

7. Dress casually. If you’re dressed in professional clothes, you may be less likely to try exercises for fear of getting sweaty. Wearing your sneakers and something comfortable means you’ll get out and get moving.

8. Take the longest route. Whenever you have to go somewhere, go out of your way. Those few extra steps will help you burn more calories.

While none of these things alone will cause you to lose more weight, they all contribute to a healthy lifestyle and burn a few calories, which may even add up to a few pounds a year.

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