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Search Results

  1. Chicken Boneless Skinless (User Entry)
  2. Fresh Quisine Chicken Enchilada Bake (User Entry)
  3. Hc Sweet&sour Chicken (User Entry)
  4. Janes Chicken Strips 3 Strips (User Entry)

  5. Panera Chicken Noodle ((pick Two)) (User Entry)
  6. Rotisserie Chicken (User Entry)
  7. #37 Chicken Cordon Bleu Roly Poly (User Entry)
  8. #66 Hawaiian Chicken Roly Poly (User Entry)
  9. (sam's) Old World Kitchen Carmelized Onion And Swiss Chicken Burgers (User Entry)
  10. 1 6 " Crepe Chicken Florentine (User Entry)
  11. 1 Chicken Leg (no Skin) (User Entry)
  12. 1 Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  13. 1 Cup Of Liptons Chicken Noodle Light (User Entry)
  14. 1 Lean Cuisine Chicken Parmigiana (User Entry)
  15. 1 Medium Chicken Drumstick (User Entry)
  16. 1 Ounce Chicken Breast Meat (User Entry)
  17. 1 Oz Baked Boneless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  18. 1 Oz Chicken Boiled (User Entry)
  19. 1 Packet Of Chicken Noodle Soup Mix Not Cooked (User Entry)
  20. 1 Step Chicken Seasonsoning (User Entry)
  21. 1/2 Can Of Chicken (User Entry)
  22. 1/2 Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  23. 1/2 Chicken Picata (User Entry)
  24. 1/2 Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  25. 1/2 Cup Chicken Dark Meat (User Entry)
  26. 1/2 Wendy's Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  27. 1/3 Garlic Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  28. 1/4 Chicken Dinner W/ Fries (User Entry)
  29. 1/4 Cup Dark Cooked Chicken (User Entry)
  30. 1/4 Dark Chicken With Skin (User Entry)
  31. 12" Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Sub (User Entry)
  32. 2 -chicken Tacos (User Entry)
  33. 2 Chicken Fajitas, Oriental Salad (User Entry)
  34. 2 Chicken Selects (User Entry)
  35. 2 Eggs, Toast, Cheese, Olives, Coffee, Shake, Chicken (User Entry)
  36. 2 Oz Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken From Whole Foods (User Entry)
  37. 2 Oz Hormel Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  38. 2 Taco Bell Chicken Soft Tacos (User Entry)
  39. 2.5 Oz Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  40. 20/20 Southwest Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  41. 3 Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  42. 3 Cheese Chicken - Voila - 1 2/3 Cups (User Entry)
  43. 3 Oz Cooked Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  44. 3 Oz. Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  45. 3 Slices Lunch Meat Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  46. 3.5 Oz Grilled Chicken W/olive Oil (User Entry)
  47. 30-minute Chicken (User Entry)
  48. 4 Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  49. 4 Janes Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  50. 4 Janes Chicken Ronds (User Entry)
  51. 4 Oz Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  52. 4 Oz Raw Chicken Breast, 99% Ff (User Entry)
  53. 4.9 Oz Grilled Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  54. 4oz Chicken (User Entry)
  55. 4oz Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  56. 5 Oz Boneless Skinless Chicken (User Entry)
  57. 500kcal Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  58. 6 Inch Chicken Subway (no Cheese) (User Entry)
  59. 6 Inch Chicken Teriyaki Sub (User Entry)
  60. 6 Oz Chicken Pot Pie (USDA)
  61. 6 Pc Naken Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  62. 6 Piece Chicken Mcnugget (User Entry)
  63. 6 Piece Chicken Nugget (User Entry)
  64. 6" Chicken Bacon Ranch (User Entry)
  65. 6" Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  66. 6" Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  67. 6" Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  68. 6" Roasted Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  69. 6" Sub-roasted Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  70. 6" Subway Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  71. 6" Subway Chicken Teryaki (User Entry)
  72. 6" Subway Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  73. 6" Subway Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  74. 6" Subway Sw Onion Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  75. 6" Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  76. 6inch Chicken Breast Flatbread (User Entry)
  77. 6piece Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  78. 7 Eleven Chicken Kebob (User Entry)
  79. 98% Fat Free Cream Of Chicken (User Entry)
  80. 98% Fat Free Cream Of Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  81. 99 Chicken Caesar Salad (User Entry)
  82. 99 Grilled Chicken Club No Aoili (User Entry)
  83. 99 Southwest Chicken Soiup Crock (User Entry)
  84. A & W Classic Grill Chicken (User Entry)
  85. A - Lunch - John West Chicken French Style (User Entry)
  86. A - Lunch - John West Chicken Italian Style (User Entry)
  87. A&w Chicken Grill Deluxe With Side Salad (User Entry)
  88. A&w Chicken Strip (1) (User Entry)
  89. A&w Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  90. A.j.'s 2 Cheese Chicken/pasta (User Entry)
  91. Abc Chicken (User Entry)
  92. Abc Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  93. Abners Chicken (User Entry)
  94. Abp Chicken Stew (User Entry)
  95. Abp Thai Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  96. Afghan Chicken (User Entry)
  97. Ah Chicken Pesto Tagliettelli (User Entry)
  98. Aidell Chicken/apple Sausage (User Entry)
  99. Aidell's Chicken And Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  100. Aidells Chicken & Apple Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  101. Aidells Chicken & Apple Smoked Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  102. Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  103. Aidells Chicken Meatballs Pine & Ter (User Entry)
  104. Aidells Mango/chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  105. Aidells Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  106. Aisia Bowl Chicken & Veg W/ Rice (User Entry)
  107. Aj's Fried Rice With Chicken (User Entry)
  108. Al Fresco Buffalo Style Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  109. Al Fresco Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  110. Al Fresco, Chicken Meatballs-teriyaki Ginger (4 Meatballs) (User Entry)
  111. Al Safa Chicken Nuggets - 4 (User Entry)
  112. Albertson's Chicken (User Entry)
  113. Albertson's Roasted Chicken Sandwich On Wheat (User Entry)
  114. Albertsons Sliced Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  115. Aldi Asparagus & Cheddar Stuffed Chicken (User Entry)
  116. Aldi Chicken Pieces (User Entry)
  117. Aldi's Breaded Chicken (User Entry)
  118. Aldi's Fettuccine Pasta Chicken Flavored (User Entry)
  119. Aldi: Chicken Breast In Water 4/can (User Entry)
  120. Aldi: Chicken Nuggests 5ngts (User Entry)
  121. Alfredo Pasta W/chicken&brocoli- Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  122. Alfresco Apple Maple Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  123. Almond Chicken, Steamed Rice And Veggies (User Entry)
  124. Almond Crusted Chicken Myfit Ct (User Entry)
  125. Almond-crusted Chicken Fingers (User Entry)
  126. Amazing Chicken Stew On Rice (User Entry)
  127. Amber Ale Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  128. Americana Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  129. Amricana Chicken (User Entry)
  130. Amy's No-chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  131. Amylu Andouille Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  132. Amylu Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  133. Amylu Chicken Sausage Apple & Cheese (User Entry)
  134. An-joy Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  135. An-joy General Chicken (User Entry)
  136. Andouille Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  137. Andouille Chicken Sausage-trader Joe's (User Entry)
  138. Antioch Farms Boneless Buffalo Chickenwiingz 3 Pcs (User Entry)
  139. Aplebees Oriental Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  140. Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  141. Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (steak N Shake) (User Entry)
  142. Applebee's 3 Cheese Chicken Penne (User Entry)
  143. Applebee's Chicken (User Entry)
  144. Applebee's Chicken Dijon And Portabellas (User Entry)
  145. Applebee's Chicken Fajita Rollup (User Entry)
  146. Applebee's Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  147. Applebee's Chicken Wonton Tacos (User Entry)
  148. Applebee's Chicken Wonton Tacos(3 Pieces) (User Entry)
  149. Applebee's Confetti Chicken (User Entry)
  150. Applebee's Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad (User Entry)
  151. Applebee's Grilled Chili-lime Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  152. Applebee's Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobellos (User Entry)
  153. Applebee's Italian Chicken & Portobello Sandwich (User Entry)
  154. Applebee's Itallian Chicken Portabella Sandwich (User Entry)
  155. Applebee's Napa Chicken & Portobellos (User Entry)
  156. Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  157. Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad (half W/grilled Chicken) (User Entry)
  158. Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad - Crispy (User Entry)
  159. Applebee's Tango Chicken Patty (User Entry)
  160. Applebee's Three Cheese Chicken Penne Pasta (User Entry)
  161. Applebee's Tortilla Chicken Melt (User Entry)
  162. Applebee's Tortilla Melt Chicken (User Entry)
  163. Applebee's Weight Watchers Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  164. Applebee's, Ww, Grilled Chili-lime Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  165. Applebee's-tango Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  166. Applebees Chicken 550 Calorie Salad (User Entry)
  167. Applebees Chicken Pasta (User Entry)
  168. Applebees Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  169. Applebees Chicken Salad(weight Watchers) (User Entry)
  170. Applebees Chicken Wonton Tacos (User Entry)
  171. Applebees Citrus Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  172. Applebees Confetti Chicken (User Entry)
  173. Applebees Creamy Parmesan Chicken (User Entry)
  174. Applebees Fiesta Lime Chicken (User Entry)
  175. Applebees Italian Chicken & Portabello Sandwich (User Entry)
  176. Applebees Sizzling Chicken (User Entry)
  177. Applebees Sizzling Chicken Skillet (User Entry)
  178. Applebees Tango Chicken (User Entry)
  179. Applebees Teriyaki Chicken Pasta (User Entry)
  180. Applebees Tortilla Chicken Melt (User Entry)
  181. Appleby's Sliced Cooked Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  182. Applegate Chicken Hotdogs (User Entry)
  183. Applegate Chicken Nuggets (1 Serv = 7 Nuggets) (User Entry)
  184. Applegate Farms Chicken Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  185. Applegate Farms Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  186. Applegate Organics Andouille Chicken & Turkey (User Entry)
  187. Applewood Chicken (User Entry)
  188. Appplebees Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  189. Apricot-glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  190. Arby Chicken Salad Sand (User Entry)
  191. Arby's - Chicken Sandwich (lettuce,tom,chicken) (User Entry)
  192. Arby's Bbq Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  193. Arby's Chicken & Swiss Sandwich (User Entry)
  194. Arby's Chicken 2-pc (User Entry)
  195. Arby's Chicken Bacon & Swiss (User Entry)
  196. Arby's Chicken Bacon N Swiss (User Entry)
  197. Arby's Chicken Club Salad (User Entry)
  198. Arby's Chicken Club Wrap (User Entry)
  199. Arby's Chicken Cordon Bleu (User Entry)
  200. Arby's Chicken Cordon Bleu - Crispy (User Entry)
  201. Arby's Chicken Fingers (User Entry)
  202. Arby's Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  203. Arby's Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  204. Arby's Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  205. Arby's Chicken. Bacon & Swiss Sandwich (User Entry)
  206. Arby's Chicken/bacon Wrap (User Entry)
  207. Arby's Grilled Chicken Pecan Sand (User Entry)
  208. Arby's Market Fresh Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  209. Arby's Popcorn Chicken (User Entry)
  210. Arby's Popcorn Chicken Combo (User Entry)
  211. Arby's Roast Chicken Club (User Entry)
  212. Arby's Roast Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  213. Arby's S'west Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  214. Arby's Southwest Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  215. Arbys Chicken Bacon Toasted Sub (User Entry)
  216. Arbys Chicken Club Salad (User Entry)
  217. Arbys Chicken Tenders Prime Cut (User Entry)
  218. Arbys Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  219. Arbys Chopped Farmhouse Chicken Salad, Grilled, No (User Entry)
  220. Arbys Chopped Salad - Roast Chicken (User Entry)
  221. Arbys Chopped Salad-crispy Chicken (User Entry)
  222. Arbys Roast Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  223. Arbys Santa Fe Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  224. Arbys Southwest Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  225. Archer Farms Pizza Chicken Caesar - Third Pizza (User Entry)
  226. Aroastica Chicken (User Entry)
  227. Asda Chicken And Bacon Salad (User Entry)
  228. Asda Chicken Hot Pot (User Entry)
  229. Asda Chinese Chicken Chow Mein (User Entry)
  230. Asda Marinated Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  231. Ashanti Chicken Wing Sauce (User Entry)
  232. Asiago Chicken Portobello (User Entry)
  233. Asiago Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  234. Asian Almond Chicken (User Entry)
  235. Asian Chicken Helper Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  236. Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps (x3) (User Entry)
  237. Asian Chicken Noodle Salad (User Entry)
  238. Asian Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  239. Asian Chicken Salad - Applebees (User Entry)
  240. Asian Chicken Salad - Costco (User Entry)
  241. Asian Chicken Salad - Half (User Entry)
  242. Asian Chicken Salad - Panera (User Entry)
  243. Asian Chicken Salad Costco (User Entry)
  244. Asian Chicken Salad Crispy (User Entry)
  245. Asian Chicken Salad Panera (User Entry)
  246. Asian Chicken Salad, Panera (User Entry)
  247. Asian Chinese Chicken And Corn Soup (User Entry)
  248. Asian Coconut Chicken Soup At Hewitt (User Entry)
  249. Asian Style Chicken Stir Fry - Trader Joes (User Entry)
  250. Atkins Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (User Entry)
  251. Atkins Mexican Chicken (User Entry)
  252. Atkins Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  253. Atkins Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  254. Atlanta Bread Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  255. Au Bon Pain - Chicken Ceasar Wrap (User Entry)
  256. Au Bon Pain Chicken Cobb Salad (User Entry)
  257. Au Bon Pain Chicken Gumbo (User Entry)
  258. Au Bon Pain Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  259. Au Bon Pain Cream Of Chicken And Wild Rice, 12 Oz (User Entry)
  260. Austin Grill Chalupa Taco Salad W/chicken (User Entry)
  261. B;ack Bean And Chicken Chilli (User Entry)
  262. Baby Green Salad With Chicken (User Entry)
  263. Babyfood, Dinner, Apples And Chicken, Strained (USDA)
  264. Babyfood, Dinner, Broccoli And Chicken, Strained (USDA)
  265. Babyfood, Dinner, Chicken And Noodle With Vegetables, Toddler (USDA)
  266. Babyfood, Dinner, Chicken And Rice (USDA)
  267. Babyfood, Dinner, Chicken Noodle, Junior (USDA)
  268. Babyfood, Dinner, Chicken Noodle, Strained (USDA)
  269. Babyfood, Dinner, Chicken Soup, Strained (USDA)
  270. Babyfood, Dinner, Chicken Stew, Toddler (USDA)
  271. Babyfood, Dinner, Sweet Potatoes And Chicken, Strained (USDA)
  272. Babyfood, Dinner, Vegetables And Chicken, Junior (USDA)
  273. Babyfood, Dinner, Vegetables Chicken, Strained (USDA)
  274. Babyfood, Dinner, Vegetables, Noodles And Chicken, Junior (USDA)
  275. Babyfood, Dinner, Vegetables, Noodles And Chicken, Strained (USDA)
  276. Babyfood, Meat, Chicken Sticks, Junior (USDA)
  277. Babyfood, Meat, Chicken, Junior (USDA)
  278. Babyfood, Meat, Chicken, Strained (USDA)
  279. Bacon Cheese Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  280. Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  281. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  282. Bag Of Chicken (User Entry)
  283. Baha Fresh Bare W Double Chicken (User Entry)
  284. Baja Bare Burrito Chicken (User Entry)
  285. Baja Chicken Ensalada (User Entry)
  286. Baja Fresh - Chile Lime Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  287. Baja Fresh Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  288. Baja Fresh Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  289. Baja Fresh Chicken Taco (User Entry)
  290. Baja Fresh Ensalada With Chicken (User Entry)
  291. Baja Fresh Taco Chicken (User Entry)
  292. Bajio Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  293. Baked Barbecue Chicken (User Entry)
  294. Baked Chicken (User Entry)
  295. Baked Chicken (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  296. Baked Chicken - Hometown (User Entry)
  297. Baked Chicken 1 Small Piece (yield After Cooking, Bone Removed) (User Entry)
  298. Baked Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  299. Baked Chicken Breast - 6 Oz (User Entry)
  300. Baked Chicken Breast 2.5 Ounces (User Entry)
  301. Baked Chicken Breast L&t 02 (User Entry)
  302. Baked Chicken Breast Stouffer's (User Entry)
  303. Baked Chicken Breast Supreme (User Entry)
  304. Baked Chicken Breast W/ Mashed Potatoes And Gravy (User Entry)
  305. Baked Chicken Breast, No Skin 6 Oz (User Entry)
  306. Baked Chicken Breast, Skinless (User Entry)
  307. Baked Chicken Casserole Safeway (User Entry)
  308. Baked Chicken Fingers (User Entry)
  309. Baked Chicken Florentine (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  310. Baked Chicken Florentine Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  311. Baked Chicken Parmsean (User Entry)
  312. Baked Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  313. Baked Chicken W/stuffing & Whip Pot., Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  314. Baked Chicken With Breading, Skinless (User Entry)
  315. Baked Chicken-fried Steak With Mushroom Sauce (User Entry)
  316. Baked Herb Chicken With Baked Potato (User Entry)
  317. Baked Lemon Chicken With Mushroom Sauce (User Entry)
  318. Ballys Teriyaki Chicken Dinner Recipe (User Entry)
  319. Balsamic Chicken (User Entry)
  320. Balsamic Chicken (1/2 Of 1/2 Breast) (User Entry)
  321. Balsamic Chicken Ihop (User Entry)
  322. Balsamic Chicken Seasoning 1/4 (User Entry)
  323. Balsamic Chicken W/ Thyme (User Entry)
  324. Balsamic Garlic Chicken Steamer (User Entry)
  325. Balsamic Roast Chicken With Potatoes And Green Beans (User Entry)
  326. Banquest Chicken Breast Sandwich (wheat) (User Entry)
  327. Banquet - Sweet & Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  328. Banquet Bar B Q Chicken (User Entry)
  329. Banquet Bbq Chicken Dinner (User Entry)
  330. Banquet Breaded Chicken Patties - 1 Patty (68g) (User Entry)
  331. Banquet Buffalo Chicken Wings (User Entry)
  332. Banquet Chicken And Stuffing Bake (User Entry)
  333. Banquet Chicken Breast Fillet (User Entry)
  334. Banquet Chicken Fingers Meal (User Entry)
  335. Banquet Chicken Fried Rice & Egg Roll (User Entry)
  336. Banquet Chicken Nugget Meal (User Entry)
  337. Banquet Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  338. Banquet Chicken Nuggets And Mac & Cheese Frozen Entree (User Entry)
  339. Banquet Chicken Pasta Marinara (User Entry)
  340. Banquet Chicken Pasta Marinara (6.5oz) (User Entry)
  341. Banquet Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  342. Banquet Chicken Patty (User Entry)
  343. Banquet Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  344. Banquet Chicken Pot Pie, Frozen Entree (USDA)
  345. Banquet Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  346. Banquet Chicken Tenders - 3 (User Entry)
  347. Banquet Chicken W/red Skin Potatoes & Vegetables (User Entry)
  348. Banquet Creamy Broccoli Chicken & Cheese (User Entry)
  349. Banquet Crock Pot Chicken N Dumplings (User Entry)
  350. Banquet Dumplings And Chicken (User Entry)
  351. Banquet Fat Free Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  352. Banquet Fried Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  353. Banquet Homestyle Bakes Creamy Chicken & Biscuits (User Entry)
  354. Banquet Meal Toppers - Chicken (User Entry)
  355. Banquet Original Fried Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  356. Banquet Popcorn Chicken (User Entry)
  357. Banquet, Our Original Fried Chicken Meal, With Mashed Potatoes And Corn In Seasoned Sauce, Frozen Meal (USDA)
  358. Banquet,chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  359. Banquet-crock Pot- Chicken & Dumplings (User Entry)
  360. Bar B Que Chicken (User Entry)
  361. Barbecued Chicken (User Entry)
  362. Barbecued Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  363. Barber Foods Chicken Cordon Bleu (User Entry)
  364. Barber Foods Chicken Cordon Bleu, Filled With Cheese And Ham, Frozen Entree (USDA)
  365. Barber Foods Creme Brie & Apple Chicken (User Entry)
  366. Barber Foods Mushroom & Swiss Chicken (User Entry)
  367. Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts Cordon Bleu (User Entry)
  368. Barber Low Fat Chicken W/ Cheese & Broccoli (User Entry)
  369. Barber Stuffed Chicken Breasts Kiev (User Entry)
  370. Bariwise Chicken Pasta (User Entry)
  371. Basil And Prosciutto Chicken (User Entry)
  372. Basil Chicken (User Entry)
  373. Basil Chicken - Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  374. Baxters Healthy Chicken And Vegetable Soup (User Entry)
  375. Bb Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  376. Bbq Chicken (User Entry)
  377. Bbq Chicken And Bean Burritos (User Entry)
  378. Bbq Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  379. Bbq Chicken Breast - No Sauce (User Entry)
  380. Bbq Chicken Burger & Steak Fries (User Entry)
  381. Bbq Chicken Lean Cusine (User Entry)
  382. Bbq Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  383. Bbq Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  384. Bbq Chicken Salad - 1/2 Wendy's (User Entry)
  385. Bbq Crecipe Chicken Pizza Lean Cuisne (User Entry)
  386. Bbq Shredded Chicken W/ Low Carb Bbq Sauce (1 Breat) (User Entry)
  387. Bdubs Chicken Flatbread (User Entry)
  388. Beans Rice And Chicken (User Entry)
  389. Beef/chicken In Black Bean Sauce (User Entry)
  390. Bell & Evans Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  391. Bell & Even Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  392. Berry Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  393. Bertolli Mediterranean Style Grilled Chicken & Roasted Vegetables (User Entry)
  394. Bertolli (chicken Alla Vodka & Faralle) (User Entry)
  395. Bertolli - Chicken, Rigatoni & Broccoli (User Entry)
  396. Bertolli Chicken Alla Vodka (User Entry)
  397. Bertolli Chicken And Brocolli (User Entry)
  398. Bertolli Chicken Carbonara (User Entry)
  399. Bertolli Chicken Florentine (User Entry)
  400. Bertolli Chicken Florentine & Farfalle (User Entry)
  401. Bertolli Chicken Parm (User Entry)
  402. Bertolli Chicken Parm And Penne (User Entry)
  403. Bertolli Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  404. Bertolli Chicken Parmigiana & Penne (User Entry)
  405. Bertolli Chicken Parmigiana & Penne 1/2 Package (User Entry)
  406. Bertolli Chicken Parmigiana/penne (User Entry)
  407. Bertolli Vodka Chicken (User Entry)
  408. Better Butter Chicken (User Entry)
  409. Better Than Bouillon Chicken (User Entry)
  410. Betty Crocker Chicken Alfredo Meal (User Entry)
  411. Betty Crocker Chicken And Biscuits (User Entry)
  412. Betty Crocker Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  413. Bgty Chicken Tikka Masala (User Entry)
  414. Bi-lo Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  415. Big Cup Noodles (chicken) (User Entry)
  416. Big Y Whole Chicken 4oz (User Entry)
  417. Biggest Loser Mediterranean Style Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  418. Biggest Loser Sweet And Sour Chicken Stir-fry (User Entry)
  419. Bilinski Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  420. Bird's Eye Chicken & Pasta In Parmesan Sauce (1 Cup Cooked = Serving, 2.5 Servings Per Container) (User Entry)
  421. Birds Eye Hunters Chicken 175g (1 Chicken Breasts) (User Entry)
  422. Birds Eye Steamfresh Chicken Flavored Rice (User Entry)
  423. Birds Eye Viola Chicken & Vegetables In Pot Pie Gravy & Crust Crumbles (User Entry)
  424. Birds Eye Voila - Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  425. Bj's Brewhouse Santa Fe Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  426. Bk 5 Chicken Fingers (User Entry)
  427. Bk 9pc Chicken Fries (User Entry)
  428. Bk Chicken Bagette Sandwich (User Entry)
  429. Bk Chicken Fries (User Entry)
  430. Bk Chicken Tendergril No Mayo (User Entry)
  431. Bk Chicken Tendergrill W/o Sauce (User Entry)
  432. Bk Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  433. Bk Chicken Tenders (8pc.) (User Entry)
  434. Bk Chicken Tenders 4 Pieces (User Entry)
  435. Bk Chicken Tenders 5 Piece/ Small Fry (User Entry)
  436. Bk Gilled Chicken Cesear Wrap (User Entry)
  437. Bk Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad W/ Ranch Dressing (User Entry)
  438. Bk Orig Chicken Sndwch (User Entry)
  439. Bk Original Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  440. Bk Plain Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  441. Bk Savory Chicken Baguette (User Entry)
  442. Bk Side Salad W/crispy Chicken/ranch (User Entry)
  443. Bk Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  444. Bk Tendergrill Chicken (User Entry)
  445. Black Pepper Chicken Panda Ex (User Entry)
  446. Black Pepper Chicken Stir Fry (User Entry)
  447. Black Pepper Chicken, Chinese (5.5 Oz) (User Entry)
  448. Blackend Chicken-health Choice (User Entry)
  449. Blackened Chicken (User Entry)
  450. Blackened Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  451. Blackened Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  452. Blackeye Pea Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  453. Blake's Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  454. Blimpie-grilled Chicken Sub (User Entry)
  455. Blue Cheese Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  456. Blue Menu - Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  457. Blue Menu Chicken Breast (3)slices (User Entry)
  458. Blue Menu Chicken Pesto (User Entry)
  459. Blue Menu Ginger Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  460. Blue Ribbon Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  461. Bo Jangles 4 Chicken Supremes (User Entry)
  462. Boar's Head Bbq Chicken 82012 (User Entry)
  463. Boar's Head Everroast Chicken (User Entry)
  464. Boars Head Arostica Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  465. Boars Head Golden Classic Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  466. Boars Head Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  467. Boarshead Blazing Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  468. Bob Evans Chicken Cobb Salad (User Entry)
  469. Bob Evans Chicken Spinach Pasta (User Entry)
  470. Bob Evans Chicken Spinach Pasta Savor Size (User Entry)
  471. Bob Evans Grilled Chicken W/bbq (User Entry)
  472. Bob Evans Southwest Chipotle Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  473. Bob Evans Wildfire Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  474. Bob Evans, Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  475. Boca Chicken (User Entry)
  476. Boca Chicken Pattie (User Entry)
  477. Boca Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  478. Boca Chicken Patty (User Entry)
  479. Boca Meatless Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  480. Boca Soy Chicken Patty (User Entry)
  481. Boca Spicy Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  482. Boca- Meatless Chicken Patty (User Entry)
  483. Boiled Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  484. Bojangles Chicken Strips (1 Piece) (User Entry)
  485. Bojangles Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  486. Bojangles Roasted Chicken Bites (User Entry)
  487. Bologna, Chicken, Pork (USDA)
  488. Bologna, Chicken, Pork, Beef (USDA)
  489. Bologna, Chicken, Turkey, Pork (USDA)
  490. Boneless Bbq Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  491. Boneless Chicken 4 4/5 Oz. (User Entry)
  492. Boneless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  493. Boneless Chicken Breast - Pan/grilled (User Entry)
  494. Boneless Chicken Breast /roasted Garlic With White (User Entry)
  495. Boneless Chicken Breast Frozen (User Entry)
  496. Boneless Skineless Chicken Breast (george Foreman (User Entry)
  497. Boneless Skinless Chicken (User Entry)
  498. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  499. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (4 Oz) (User Entry)
  500. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (george Foreman G (User Entry)
  501. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 7 Oz (User Entry)
  502. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  503. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast W/ Rib Meat (User Entry)
  504. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  505. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  506. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Raw (User Entry)
  507. Boneless, Skniless, Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  508. Boneless/skinless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  509. Bonelss Skinless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  510. Bonless Chicken Wings (User Entry)
  511. Bonless Skinless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  512. Boots Chargrill Chicken And Bacon Club (User Entry)
  513. Boston Chicken Stromboli (User Entry)
  514. Boston Market - 1/2 Chicken (User Entry)
  515. Boston Market - Quarter White Chicken (User Entry)
  516. Boston Market 1/2 Chicken (User Entry)
  517. Boston Market 1/4 White Chicken (User Entry)
  518. Boston Market Chicken (User Entry)
  519. Boston Market Chicken Breast Only (User Entry)
  520. Boston Market Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  521. Boston Market Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  522. Boston Market Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Dish (User Entry)
  523. Boston Mkt - Chicken, Green Beans, And Fruit (User Entry)
  524. Boston Mrkt Poultry Gravy W/chicken (User Entry)
  525. Boston Pizza Cajun Chicken 1 Med Slice (User Entry)
  526. Boston Pizza Chicken And Mushroom Fettucini Half O (User Entry)
  527. Boston Pizza Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  528. Boston Pizza Ginger Chicken Capellini (User Entry)
  529. Boston Pizza Stromboli Sandwich Chicken Santa Fe W (User Entry)
  530. Boston Pizza Thai Chicken Bites (User Entry)
  531. Boston Pizza Tropical Chicken 1 Med Slice (User Entry)
  532. Bouillon, Chicken, Organic (User Entry)
  533. Bourbon Chicken (User Entry)
  534. Bourbon Street Chicken (User Entry)
  535. Bourbon Street Chicken - Hometown (User Entry)
  536. Bow Tie, Mini Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  537. Bowl Appetit - Chicken Flavored Pasta (User Entry)
  538. Bowl Noodles Hot & Spicy Chicken (User Entry)
  539. Bowl Of Salad W/ Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  540. Bowl, Orange Chicken (contessa) (User Entry)
  541. Bp's Tropical Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  542. Bradford Chicken Sausage Links (2) (User Entry)
  543. Braised Balsamic Chicken (User Entry)
  544. Bratwurst, Chicken, Cooked (USDA)
  545. Braum's Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (User Entry)
  546. Breaded Chicken (User Entry)
  547. Breaded Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  548. Breaded Chicken Breast - Fried (User Entry)
  549. Breaded Chicken Breast Patties (User Entry)
  550. Breaded Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  551. Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders (User Entry)
  552. Breaded Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  553. Breaded Chicken Fingers (User Entry)
  554. Breaded Chicken Hamburgers (User Entry)
  555. Breaded Chicken Nugget (User Entry)
  556. Breaded Chicken Parmagiana (User Entry)
  557. Breaded Chicken Patty (User Entry)
  558. Breaded Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  559. Breaded Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  560. Breaded Chicken Tenders, Schwans (User Entry)
  561. Breading For Chicken (User Entry)
  562. Breakfast Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  563. Breakfast Club Chicken Sausage - Amylu (User Entry)
  564. Breast, Whole Chicken, Cooked, 6.1 Oz (User Entry)
  565. Brio Tuscan Grille, Strawberry Balsamic Chicken Salad Without Gogonzola Cheese (User Entry)
  566. Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken (User Entry)
  567. Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  568. Broccoli Cheese With Chicken Casserole (User Entry)
  569. Broccoli, Chicken, Cheese And Rice Cassrole (User Entry)
  570. Brocolli Chicken Kiev (User Entry)
  571. Bruschetta Chicken Bake (User Entry)
  572. Bruschetta Chicken Ciabatta (User Entry)
  573. Buddig Original Chicken Sliced (User Entry)
  574. Budding Chicken Slices (User Entry)
  575. Budget Gourmet Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  576. Buff Chicken Strip N Celery Leftovers (User Entry)
  577. Buff Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  578. Buffalo Chicken 2 Servings (User Entry)
  579. Buffalo Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  580. Buffalo Chicken Breast (deli Meat) (User Entry)
  581. Buffalo Chicken Chili (User Entry)
  582. Buffalo Chicken Dip (User Entry)
  583. Buffalo Chicken Kickers (User Entry)
  584. Buffalo Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  585. Buffalo Chicken Salad (main Street) (User Entry)
  586. Buffalo Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  587. Buffalo Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  588. Buffalo Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  589. Buffalo Chicken Strips (fried) - 10 Oz (User Entry)
  590. Buffalo Chicken Sub (User Entry)
  591. Buffalo Chicken Sub - 6 Inch (User Entry)
  592. Buffalo Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  593. Buffalo Chicken Wings (User Entry)
  594. Buffalo Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  595. Buffalo Chicken, Tyson (User Entry)
  596. Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  597. Buffalo Style Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  598. Buffalo Style Ranch Chicken (User Entry)
  599. Buffalo Wild Wings - Chicken Tender Wrap, Medium (User Entry)
  600. Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken Wings (User Entry)
  601. Buffalo's Grilled Chicken & Mushrooms (User Entry)
  602. Buitoni Chicken & Mushroom Ravioli (User Entry)
  603. Buitoni Chicken & Roasted Garlic Ravioli (User Entry)
  604. Bumble Bee Chicken Breast Skinless And Boneless So (User Entry)
  605. Bumble Bee Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  606. Bumble Bee Chicken Salad 3.5oz (User Entry)
  607. Bumble Bee Garlic & Herb Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  608. Bumble Bee Southwest Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  609. Bumblebee Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  610. Bun, Chicken Curry, Baked - Per 78.5g Bun. (User Entry)
  611. Burger Chicken W/onion Amylu (User Entry)
  612. Burger King - Bk Chicken Fries - 9 Pc (User Entry)
  613. Burger King - Chicken Sandwich & Fries (User Entry)
  614. Burger King Broiled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  615. Burger King Chicken Bites (User Entry)
  616. Burger King Chicken Ceasar Salad (User Entry)
  617. Burger King Chicken Club (User Entry)
  618. Burger King Chicken Fingers And Small Fries (User Entry)
  619. Burger King Chicken Nuggets -4 Pc (User Entry)
  620. Burger King Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  621. Burger King Chicken Select Sand (User Entry)
  622. Burger King Chicken Tenders (8 Pieces) (User Entry)
  623. Burger King Chicken Tenders (8) (User Entry)
  624. Burger King Chicken Tenders 6-piece (User Entry)
  625. Burger King Chicken Whopper (User Entry)
  626. Burger King Fire Grilled Chicken Garden Salad (User Entry)
  627. Burger King Garden Salad Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  628. Burger King Grilled Chicken Garden Salad (User Entry)
  629. Burger King Grilled Chicken Pouch (User Entry)
  630. Burger King Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  631. Burger King Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  632. Burger King Mustard Chicken (User Entry)
  633. Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  634. Burger King Original Chicken Sanwich W/tomato (User Entry)
  635. Burger King Tender Grill Chicken Garden Salad (User Entry)
  636. Burger King Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  637. Burger King Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich With May (User Entry)
  638. Burger King Tendergrill Chicken Sand (User Entry)
  639. Burger King, Chicken Tenders, 8 Pc (User Entry)
  640. Burger King, Tendergrill Chicken Sandwhich, Only Lettuce No Mayo (User Entry)
  641. Burger King-chicken Sandwich W/mayo (User Entry)
  642. Burger King-chicken Tenders Sandwich (estimated) (User Entry)
  643. Burger King: 9 Piece Chicken Fries (User Entry)
  644. Burger King: Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  645. Burger King: Chicken Tenders (8 Pc) (User Entry)
  646. Burger King: Grilled Chicken (w/o Mayo) (User Entry)
  647. Burger King: Original Chicken Sandwich (w/o Mayo) (User Entry)
  648. Burrito - Chicken Rice Beans Guac (no Cheese) (User Entry)
  649. Burrito - Chicken Rice Guac (no Beans Cheese) (User Entry)
  650. Burrito - Chicken Rice Salsa (User Entry)
  651. Burrito - Chicken, Cheese, Beans (User Entry)
  652. Burrito Chicken Asado (User Entry)
  653. Burrito, Chicken, Baja Fresh Mexicano (User Entry)
  654. Burrito, Chicken, Cr (User Entry)
  655. Burrito, El Monterey (chicken) (User Entry)
  656. Burrito, Elisa's-bean, Rice, Chicken (User Entry)
  657. Butter Chicken (User Entry)
  658. Butter Chicken Costco Frozen 250 Gr (User Entry)
  659. Butter Chicken Curry Paste (kitchen Of India) (User Entry)
  660. Butter Chicken Paste (2 Tbsp) (User Entry)
  661. Butter Chicken Sauce (User Entry)
  662. Butter Chicken Sauce - Vh (User Entry)
  663. Butterball Carved Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  664. Butterball Chicken (User Entry)
  665. Butterball Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  666. Butterball, Chicken Turkey Bologna (User Entry)
  667. Bw3's Chicken Tender Wrap (User Entry)
  668. Bww Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  669. Byb Chargrilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  670. Ca Tortilla - Honey-lime Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  671. Cabo Chicken Sub (User Entry)
  672. Caesar With Chicken 1/2 Dressing (User Entry)
  673. Cafe Steamer - Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  674. Cafe Steamer - Pineapple Chicken (User Entry)
  675. Cafe Steamers Chicken Chardonnay (User Entry)
  676. Cafe Steamers Chicken Pesto Classico (User Entry)
  677. Cafe Steamers Chicken Shrimp (User Entry)
  678. Cafe Steamers Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  679. Cafeteria Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  680. Cajun Chicken & Potato Hash (User Entry)
  681. Cajun Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  682. Cajun Chicken Biscuit W/egg (User Entry)
  683. Cajun Chicken Pasta (User Entry)
  684. Cajun Chicken Rice A Roni (prepared) (User Entry)
  685. Cajun Chicken&saugage W/rice Nutri (User Entry)
  686. Calif.chicken Salad W/ Avocado, Mango (User Entry)
  687. California Avacado, Chicken Swiss Sandwich (User Entry)
  688. California Kitchen Chicken & Garlic Pizza (User Entry)
  689. California Natural Chicken Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  690. California Pizza Kitchen Bbq Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  691. California Tortilla Hickory Chix Bowl (no Chicken) (User Entry)
  692. Cambeles Chicken Noddle Soup (User Entry)
  693. Cambell Grilled Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  694. Cambell's Chuncky Chicken Pot Pie Soup (User Entry)
  695. Cambell's Supper Bakes Chicken (User Entry)
  696. Cambells Chicken White And Wild Rice Soup (User Entry)
  697. Cambells Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla (User Entry)
  698. Camille's Spicy Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  699. Campbel's Select Harvest Chicken With Egg Noodles (User Entry)
  700. Campbell Select Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  701. Campbell Soup Company, Campbell's Red And White, Chicken Broth, Condensed (User Entry)
  702. Campbell Soup, Cream Of Chicken And Mushroom, Condensed (User Entry)
  703. Campbell's 100% Natural Creamy Gouda Bisque W/ Chicken (User Entry)
  704. Campbell's Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (User Entry)
  705. Campbell's Chicken & Stars (User Entry)
  706. Campbell's Chicken & Stuffing (User Entry)
  707. Campbell's Chicken And Sausage Gumbo (User Entry)
  708. Campbell's Chicken Broccoli Cheese (User Entry)
  709. Campbell's Chicken Broth (User Entry)
  710. Campbell's Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  711. Campbell's Chicken Noodle (25% Less Sodium) - One Can Prepared (User Entry)
  712. Campbell's Chicken Noodle - 10.75 Oz Can (User Entry)
  713. Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  714. Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup (prepared) (User Entry)
  715. Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup Condensed 25% Less Sodium (User Entry)
  716. Campbell's Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  717. Campbell's Chicken W/rice Soup (User Entry)
  718. Campbell's Chicken With Egg Noodles (User Entry)
  719. Campbell's Chicken, Broccoli, Cheese, And Potato (User Entry)
  720. Campbell's Choptle Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  721. Campbell's Chunky Chicken & Dumplings (User Entry)
  722. Campbell's Chunky Chicken & Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  723. Campbell's Chunky Chicken Broccoli Cheese Soup (User Entry)
  724. Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  725. Campbell's Chunky Chipotle Chicken Corn Chowder (1 Can) (User Entry)
  726. Campbell's Chunky Classic Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  727. Campbell's Chunky Fajita Chicken Soup W/rice & Bea (User Entry)
  728. Campbell's Chunky Grilled Chicken & Sausage Gumbo -- Healthy Request (User Entry)
  729. Campbell's Chunky Grilled Chicken & Sausage Gumbo Lean (User Entry)
  730. Campbell's Chunky Grilled Chicken Gumbo (User Entry)
  731. Campbell's Chunky Hearty Chicken W/ Vegetables Sou (User Entry)
  732. Campbell's Chunky Herb Rosted Chicken (User Entry)
  733. Campbell's Chunky Hr Grilled Chicken & Sausage Gum (User Entry)
  734. Campbell's Chunky Soup - Hearty Chicken W/vegetabl (User Entry)
  735. Campbell's Chunky Soup Roasted Chicken With Country Vegetables (User Entry)
  736. Campbell's Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  737. Campbell's Condensed Soup: Cream Of Chicken And Mushroom (User Entry)
  738. Campbell's Cream Of Chicken Soup Per 125 Ml Conden (User Entry)
  739. Campbell's Grilled Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  740. Campbell's Healthy Request Cream Of Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  741. Campbell's Healthy Request Mexican Chicken Tortill (User Entry)
  742. Campbell's Healthy Request: Savory Chicken And Lon (User Entry)
  743. Campbell's Herb Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  744. Campbell's Herbed Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  745. Campbell's Homestyle Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  746. Campbell's Homestyle Chicken Noodle (light) - One Can Prepared (User Entry)
  747. Campbell's Hr Chicken & Rice Soup (User Entry)
  748. Campbell's Hr Chicken And Rice Soup (User Entry)
  749. Campbell's Hr Savory Chicken & Brown Rice Soup (User Entry)
  750. Campbell's Kitchen Classics Soup - Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  751. Campbell's Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  752. Campbell's Light Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  753. Campbell's Low Sodium Chicken With Noodles Soup (User Entry)
  754. Campbell's Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  755. Campbell's Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  756. Campbell's Roasted Chicken And Penne (User Entry)
  757. Campbell's Roasted Chicken With White & Wild Rice (User Entry)
  758. Campbell's Savory Chicken & Long Grain Rice (User Entry)
  759. Campbell's Savory Chicken And Brown Rice (User Entry)
  760. Campbell's Select Chicken Vegetable (User Entry)
  761. Campbell's Select Chicken With Rice (User Entry)
  762. Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken Soup With Egg No (User Entry)
  763. Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken W/ Egg Noodle (User Entry)
  764. Campbell's Select Harvest Savory Chicken And Brown Rice (User Entry)
  765. Campbell's Select Savory Chicken & Rice (User Entry)
  766. Campbell's Select-chicken W/ Egg Noodles (User Entry)
  767. Campbell's Soup At Hand ( Chicken With Mini Pasta) (User Entry)
  768. Campbell's Soup At Hand - Chicken & Stars (User Entry)
  769. Campbell's Soup At Hand Chicken & Stars (User Entry)
  770. Campbell's Soup At Hand Chicken And Stars (User Entry)
  771. Campbell's Soup At Hand Chicken Mini Noodles (User Entry)
  772. Campbell's Southwestern Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  773. Campbell's Spicy Sausage With Chicken (User Entry)
  774. Campbell's Supper Bakes Southwestern Chicken (User Entry)
  775. Campbell's Supper Bakes- Traditional Roast Chicken (User Entry)
  776. Campbell'schicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  777. Campbells - Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla (User Entry)
  778. Campbells Chicken & Mushroom Soup 100 Gram (User Entry)
  779. Campbells Chicken & Sausage Gumbo - Can (User Entry)
  780. Campbells Chicken And Stars (User Entry)
  781. Campbells Chicken Chilli (User Entry)
  782. Campbells Chicken Gravy (User Entry)
  783. Campbells Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  784. Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  785. Campbells Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  786. Campbells Chicken Vegetable (User Entry)
  787. Campbells Chuncky Classic Chicken Nood (User Entry)
  788. Campbells Chunky Chicken And Dumplings (User Entry)
  789. Campbells Chunky Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  790. Campbells Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  791. Campbells Chunky Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  792. Campbells Chunky Chicken W Vege (User Entry)
  793. Campbells Chunky Fajita Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  794. Campbells Chunky Grilled Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (User Entry)
  795. Campbells Chunky Grilled Chicken W/vegetables & Pa (User Entry)
  796. Campbells Chunky Hearty Chicken Veg Soup (User Entry)
  797. Campbells Chunky Kickin' Buffalo-style Chicken (User Entry)
  798. Campbells Cream Of Chicken (User Entry)
  799. Campbells Grilled Chicken Gumbo (User Entry)
  800. Campbells Health Request Chicken And Rice Soup (User Entry)
  801. Campbells Healthy Request Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  802. Campbells Healthy Request Herbed Chicken W Brown Rice (User Entry)
  803. Campbells Herb Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  804. Campbells Homestyle Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  805. Campbells Homestyle Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla (1 Can) (User Entry)
  806. Campbells Homesyle Chicken And Whole Grain Pasta Soup (User Entry)
  807. Campbells Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  808. Campbells Light Chicken Gumbo (User Entry)
  809. Campbells Low Sodium Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  810. Campbells Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  811. Campbells Ready To Enjoy Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  812. Campbells Roasted Chicken & Rice (User Entry)
  813. Campbells Rts Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  814. Campbells Savory Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  815. Campbells Select Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  816. Campbells Select Chicken W/ Egg Noodle (User Entry)
  817. Campbells Select Chicken W/ Egg Noodles (User Entry)
  818. Campbells Select Harvest Healthy Request Chicken With Whole Grain Pasta (User Entry)
  819. Campbells Select Rosemary Chicken (User Entry)
  820. Campbells Slow Kettle Chicken Chili Soup (User Entry)
  821. Campbells Soup At Hand - Chicken & Stars (User Entry)
  822. Campbells Southwest-style Chicken Chilli (User Entry)
  823. Campbells Supper Bakes Lemon Chicken With Herb Ric (User Entry)
  824. Campbells Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  825. Campbells's Chunky Grilled Chicken/sausage 2 Go (User Entry)
  826. Campbells, Chicken & Rice Soup (User Entry)
  827. Campbelss Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  828. Campells Chunky Healthy Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  829. Can Chicken (1 Can=3 Servings) (User Entry)
  830. Cane's Chicken Finger (1) (User Entry)
  831. Canne D Chicken (User Entry)
  832. Canned Chicken (User Entry)
  833. Canned Chicken (meijer, Premium Chunk White) (User Entry)
  834. Canned Chicken (whole Can) (User Entry)
  835. Canned Chicken - Valley Fresh (User Entry)
  836. Canned Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  837. Canned Chicken Breast Chunks (User Entry)
  838. Canned Chicken Hormel (User Entry)
  839. Canned Chicken In Water (User Entry)
  840. Canned Chicken Sweet Sue Brand (User Entry)
  841. Canned Chunk Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  842. Canned White Chicken (User Entry)
  843. Canned White Meat Chicken 2oz (User Entry)
  844. Cantellas Turkey And Chicken Sausage (pesto) (User Entry)
  845. Cantina Bell Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  846. Cape Cod Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  847. Caprese Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  848. Caprese Style Chicken With Broccoli (User Entry)
  849. Captain D's Carb Counting Chicken Dinner (User Entry)
  850. Caribean Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  851. Carino's Rosemary Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  852. Carinos Rosemary Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  853. Carl Buddig, Smoked Sliced Chicken, Light And Dark Meat (USDA)
  854. Carl Budding Chicken (User Entry)
  855. Carl Jr Santa Fe Chicken (User Entry)
  856. Carl Jr's Bbq Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  857. Carl Jr.'s Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  858. Carl's Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  859. Carl's Jr Charbroiled Bbq Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  860. Carl's Jr. Char Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  861. Carl's Jr. Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  862. Carls Jr 3piece Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  863. Carls Jr Charbroiled Bbq Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  864. Carls Jr Grilled Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  865. Carls Jr Kid's Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  866. Carolina Cafe Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  867. Carrabbas, Chicken Marsala, Regular (User Entry)
  868. Carrabbas, Spicy Sicilian Chicken Soup, Mama Mandolina's Soup (User Entry)
  869. Carribean Baked Chicken With Mango (User Entry)
  870. Carribean Chicken Breast- Maple Lodge (User Entry)
  871. Carrinos' Italian Nachos (chicken) (User Entry)
  872. Carved Chicken Breast Perdue (User Entry)
  873. Carved Chicken Breast Purdue (User Entry)
  874. Carving Board Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  875. Cashew Chicken (User Entry)
  876. Cashew Chicken (1 Cup) (User Entry)
  877. Cashew Chicken Casserole (User Entry)
  878. Cashew Chicken From Panda Garden (User Entry)
  879. Cashew Chicken, Schwan (User Entry)
  880. Cashew Nut Chicken (User Entry)
  881. Castle Wood Buffalo Style Chicken Breast (2 Slices Per Serving) (User Entry)
  882. Celeste Pizza For One: Zesty Chicken (User Entry)
  883. Champps Buffalo Chicken San (User Entry)
  884. Chang's Chicken Fried Rice - 1 Serv (User Entry)
  885. Changs Chicken Lettuce Wrap (User Entry)
  886. Changs Kung Pao Chicken (User Entry)
  887. Chargrilled Chicken (birdseye) (User Entry)
  888. Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  889. Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich And Salad (User Entry)
  890. Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, Chick Fil-a (User Entry)
  891. Charley's: Chicken Cordon Bleu (User Entry)
  892. Cheese Lasagna W/chicken Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  893. Cheesecake Factory Chicken Marsala And Mushrooms (User Entry)
  894. Cheesecake Factory Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  895. Cheesey Chicken Broccoli Rice (User Entry)
  896. Cheesey Oven Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  897. Cheesy Chicken (User Entry)
  898. Cheesy Chicken Bacon Bites(3pcs) (User Entry)
  899. Cheesy Chicken Breast & Rice (User Entry)
  900. Cheesy Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  901. Cheesy Chicken Rolls (User Entry)
  902. Cheesy Oven Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  903. Chef Boyardee Rice W/chicken And Vegetables (User Entry)
  904. Chevre & Sundried Tomato Chicken (User Entry)
  905. Chevy Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  906. Chevy's - Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  907. Chevy's - Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  908. Chevy's Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  909. Chevy's Chicken Fajitas Includes Tomalito (User Entry)
  910. Chi Chi's Shredded Chicken (User Entry)
  911. Chi Chis Shredded Chicken (User Entry)
  912. Chic Fil A - Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich W Ketchu (User Entry)
  913. Chic Fil A Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  914. Chic-fil-a Spicy Chicken With Mayo (User Entry)
  915. Chicffil-a Chicken Nuggets 8 Count (User Entry)
  916. Chicfila Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  917. Chick Fil A Ceasar Grilled Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  918. Chick Fil A Chargrilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  919. Chick Fil A Chicken Classic # 1 (User Entry)
  920. Chick Fil A Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  921. Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  922. Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich/wheat Bun (User Entry)
  923. Chick Fil A Chicken Soup Large (User Entry)
  924. Chick Fil A Chicken Soup Medium (User Entry)
  925. Chick Fil A Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  926. Chick Fil A Classic Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  927. Chick Fil A Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  928. Chick Fil A Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  929. Chick Fil A Salad With Chicken And Fruit (User Entry)
  930. Chick Fil A Soutwestern Chargrilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  931. Chick Fil-a Cargrilled Chicken Club (User Entry)
  932. Chick Fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad (User Entry)
  933. Chick Fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  934. Chick Fil-a Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  935. Chick Fila Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  936. Chick Filet Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  937. Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken (User Entry)
  938. Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap (User Entry)
  939. Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad (User Entry)
  940. Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  941. Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  942. Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  943. Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich Meal (User Entry)
  944. Chick-fil-a Chicken & Fruit Salad (User Entry)
  945. Chick-fil-a Chicken Biscuit (User Entry)
  946. Chick-fil-a Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  947. Chick-fil-a Chicken Mini (User Entry)
  948. Chick-fil-a Chicken Minis 3-count (User Entry)
  949. Chick-fil-a Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  950. Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  951. Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets 8 Piece (User Entry)
  952. Chick-fil-a Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  953. Chick-fil-a Chicken Strips Salad (User Entry)
  954. Chick-fil-a Chicken, Egg & Cheese Bagel (User Entry)
  955. Chick-fil-a Grilled Chicken & Fruit Salad / Granola & Honey Mustard Dressing (User Entry)
  956. Chick-fil-a Grilled Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  957. Chick-fil-a Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  958. Chick-fil-a Southwest Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  959. Chick-fil-a Spicky Chicken Cool Wrap (User Entry)
  960. Chick-fil-a Wrap Cool Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  961. Chick-fil-a® Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  962. Chick-filet-a Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  963. Chicken (User Entry)
  964. Chicken Broth (User Entry)
  965. Chicken Picata (User Entry)
  966. Chicken Princess Health/choice (User Entry)
  967. Chicken Wings (User Entry)
  968. Chicken "baked" Steak (User Entry)
  969. Chicken "cool" Wrap, Chick-fil-a (User Entry)
  970. Chicken & Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  971. Chicken & Bacon Lattice - 1/2 (User Entry)
  972. Chicken & Bacon Layered Salad (User Entry)
  973. Chicken & Bacon Salad (User Entry)
  974. Chicken & Beef With 1 Cup Rice (User Entry)
  975. Chicken & Black Bean Chili (User Entry)
  976. Chicken & Broccoli (User Entry)
  977. Chicken & Broccoli Rice A Roni (User Entry)
  978. Chicken & Cheese Ravioli (User Entry)
  979. Chicken & Corn Chowder (User Entry)
  980. Chicken & Dressing Casserole (User Entry)
  981. Chicken & Dumplings (bruce) (User Entry)
  982. Chicken & Dumplings - Armour (User Entry)
  983. Chicken & Dumplings - Hometown (User Entry)
  984. Chicken & Gnocchi Soup (User Entry)
  985. Chicken & Green Chilie Soup- Chilis (User Entry)
  986. Chicken & Mushroom Pukka Pie (User Entry)
  987. Chicken & Noodles Hormell (User Entry)
  988. Chicken & Olive Flatbread Pizza (User Entry)
  989. Chicken & Pasta Bake Michelina's (User Entry)
  990. Chicken & Pepper Wraps (User Entry)
  991. Chicken & Rice (User Entry)
  992. Chicken & Rice Bake (User Entry)
  993. Chicken & Rice Burritos (User Entry)
  994. Chicken & Rice Casserole (User Entry)
  995. Chicken & Rice Soup (User Entry)
  996. Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (slow Cooker Pg112) (User Entry)
  997. Chicken & Sausage Gumbo With Rice (User Entry)
  998. Chicken & Stars Soup (User Entry)
  999. Chicken & Stars Soup At Hand (User Entry)
  1000. Chicken & Stuffing (User Entry)
  1001. Chicken & Swiss (User Entry)
  1002. Chicken & Swiss Grilled Sandwhich (User Entry)
  1003. Chicken & Veg Vermicelli (User Entry)
  1004. Chicken & Vegetable Lo Mein (User Entry)
  1005. Chicken &eggplant Stir Fry (User Entry)
  1006. Chicken 'n' Ribs Bbq Sauce Original (User Entry)
  1007. Chicken (1 Breast) (User Entry)
  1008. Chicken (canned Trader Joe) 1/3c (71g) (User Entry)
  1009. Chicken (chipotle) (User Entry)
  1010. Chicken (costco = 3.5oz) (User Entry)
  1011. Chicken (foster Farms) (User Entry)
  1012. Chicken (kirkland) (User Entry)
  1013. Chicken (quorn Naked Cutlets) (User Entry)
  1014. Chicken (seasoned 1 Piece) (User Entry)
  1015. Chicken (tyson Buffalo) (User Entry)
  1016. Chicken - 50g (User Entry)
  1017. Chicken - 6 Slices (User Entry)
  1018. Chicken - Baked Hot Wings (User Entry)
  1019. Chicken - Boneless Skinless Breast (User Entry)
  1020. Chicken - Boneless,skinless,thin Sliced (User Entry)
  1021. Chicken - Canned - Hormel Chunky (User Entry)
  1022. Chicken - Chipotle (User Entry)
  1023. Chicken - Chipotle Skewers (User Entry)
  1024. Chicken - Chopped, 1 Cup (User Entry)
  1025. Chicken - Foster Farms Nuggets (User Entry)
  1026. Chicken - General Tso's (User Entry)
  1027. Chicken - Ground Extra Lean (100g) (User Entry)
  1028. Chicken - Instant (User Entry)
  1029. Chicken - Noodles And Company (User Entry)
  1030. Chicken - Perdue (User Entry)
  1031. Chicken - Roasting 100% Natural (User Entry)
  1032. Chicken - Rotisserie (User Entry)
  1033. Chicken - Tender Bird, Peppercorn (User Entry)
  1034. Chicken - Tyson (User Entry)
  1035. Chicken - Tyson Teriyaki Frozen Fillets (User Entry)
  1036. Chicken -350 Grms (User Entry)
  1037. Chicken -diestel Slices (User Entry)
  1038. Chicken 1 Pan (User Entry)
  1039. Chicken 1/2 / Bl Sl W/ Rib Meat (User Entry)
  1040. Chicken 4 Ounces (User Entry)
  1041. Chicken 4 Oz (User Entry)
  1042. Chicken 5 O (User Entry)
  1043. Chicken 6 " Subway (User Entry)
  1044. Chicken A L Orange (User Entry)
  1045. Chicken A La King (User Entry)
  1046. Chicken Adobo (User Entry)
  1047. Chicken Ala King (1/4 Can) (User Entry)
  1048. Chicken Alferdo (User Entry)
  1049. Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  1050. Chicken Alfredo - Gourmet Dining (User Entry)
  1051. Chicken Alfredo - Kraft Cheesy Skillets Srv - 2.5 Oz (User Entry)
  1052. Chicken Alfredo Compleats (User Entry)
  1053. Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  1054. Chicken Alfredo Florentine Health Choice (User Entry)
  1055. Chicken Alfredo Nutrisystem (User Entry)
  1056. Chicken Alfredo Pasta (User Entry)
  1057. Chicken Alfredo(ww) (User Entry)
  1058. Chicken And Almonds Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1059. Chicken And Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  1060. Chicken And Apple Sausages (User Entry)
  1061. Chicken And Bok Choy (User Entry)
  1062. Chicken And Broc Rice (User Entry)
  1063. Chicken And Broccoli (User Entry)
  1064. Chicken And Broccoli Rice (User Entry)
  1065. Chicken And Brocolli Bowl (User Entry)
  1066. Chicken And Buttermilk Buscuits Complete Meal (User Entry)
  1067. Chicken And Cheese Quesadilla (User Entry)
  1068. Chicken And Cheesy Pasta (User Entry)
  1069. Chicken And Chorizo Meal (User Entry)
  1070. Chicken And Dora (User Entry)
  1071. Chicken And Dumpings (User Entry)
  1072. Chicken And Dumplings (User Entry)
  1073. Chicken And Guacamole Buritto (User Entry)
  1074. Chicken And Hominy Chili Bowl (User Entry)
  1075. Chicken And Mushroom Saute (User Entry)
  1076. Chicken And Noodles Complete Eats (User Entry)
  1077. Chicken And Orzo Soup (User Entry)
  1078. Chicken And Pasta-hc (User Entry)
  1079. Chicken And Pest Calzone (User Entry)
  1080. Chicken And Pesto Calzone (User Entry)
  1081. Chicken And Potatoe (User Entry)
  1082. Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  1083. Chicken And Rice Casserole (User Entry)
  1084. Chicken And Rice Crock Pot (User Entry)
  1085. Chicken And Rice Soup (User Entry)
  1086. Chicken And Rice Soup -work (User Entry)
  1087. Chicken And Rice Stoup (User Entry)
  1088. Chicken And Sausage (User Entry)
  1089. Chicken And Sausage Gumbo (User Entry)
  1090. Chicken And Sausage Gumbo Soup (User Entry)
  1091. Chicken And Shrimp Steamer (User Entry)
  1092. Chicken And Spinach Pasta - Asda Gfy (User Entry)
  1093. Chicken And Spinach Tetrazzini (User Entry)
  1094. Chicken And String Beans (User Entry)
  1095. Chicken And Vege Soup (User Entry)
  1096. Chicken And Walnuts (using Dv) (User Entry)
  1097. Chicken And White Bean Soup (User Entry)
  1098. Chicken Apple Bacon W/cream Sauce (User Entry)
  1099. Chicken Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  1100. Chicken Apple Suasage (User Entry)
  1101. Chicken Artichoke & Rice &casserole (User Entry)
  1102. Chicken Back/neck, Grilled, W/ Skin (User Entry)
  1103. Chicken Bacon (User Entry)
  1104. Chicken Bacon Cheese Burger (User Entry)
  1105. Chicken Bacon Dijon Hot Pocket (User Entry)
  1106. Chicken Bacon Ranch (User Entry)
  1107. Chicken Bacon Ranch Subway Sandwich (User Entry)
  1108. Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap (User Entry)
  1109. Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap - Subway (User Entry)
  1110. Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap With Swiss Cheese (User Entry)
  1111. Chicken Bacon Wrap -subway Incl (User Entry)
  1112. Chicken Bacon Wrap Subway (User Entry)
  1113. Chicken Baja (User Entry)
  1114. Chicken Baja Chalupa (User Entry)
  1115. Chicken Bake (User Entry)
  1116. Chicken Baked 1 Drum Stick (User Entry)
  1117. Chicken Baked Drum Stick (User Entry)
  1118. Chicken Baked Over Mushroom Dressing (User Entry)
  1119. Chicken Balls (User Entry)
  1120. Chicken Balls With Sweet And Sour Sauce (2 Balls) (User Entry)
  1121. Chicken Base, Minor's Brand (User Entry)
  1122. Chicken Batter (User Entry)
  1123. Chicken Bbq Sauce (User Entry)
  1124. Chicken Bean Cheese Buritto (USDA)
  1125. Chicken Bean Soup 1/4 Pot (User Entry)
  1126. Chicken Beef Hot Sausage (User Entry)
  1127. Chicken Birdeye Thai (User Entry)
  1128. Chicken Biryani (User Entry)
  1129. Chicken Biscuit (User Entry)
  1130. Chicken Biscuit Chick Fil A (User Entry)
  1131. Chicken Biscuit(chick Fillet) (User Entry)
  1132. Chicken Bites 6pc (User Entry)
  1133. Chicken Blt Salad - Wendys (User Entry)
  1134. Chicken Blt Salad Sandwich, Starbucks (User Entry)
  1135. Chicken Bologna 1 Slice (User Entry)
  1136. Chicken Bouillon (User Entry)
  1137. Chicken Bouillon Dry No Fat (User Entry)
  1138. Chicken Bouillon, Wyler's Sodium Free (User Entry)
  1139. Chicken Boullion (tsp) (User Entry)
  1140. Chicken Bovril (User Entry)
  1141. Chicken Bowl (User Entry)
  1142. Chicken Brat (User Entry)
  1143. Chicken Bratwurst (User Entry)
  1144. Chicken Bratwurst Spinach & C.1 Link Costco (User Entry)
  1145. Chicken Breaded & Baked (User Entry)
  1146. Chicken Breaded (2 Pieces) - Tj's Tenderloin Breas (User Entry)
  1147. Chicken Breaded Plain (each At 126g) (User Entry)
  1148. Chicken Breakfast Burrito, Chick-fil-a (User Entry)
  1149. Chicken Breakfast Sausage (3) (User Entry)
  1150. Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  1151. Chicken Breast (1 Chicken Breast From Harvestland) (User Entry)
  1152. Chicken Breast (1oz) (User Entry)
  1153. Chicken Breast (3 Oz) (User Entry)
  1154. Chicken Breast (3oz) (User Entry)
  1155. Chicken Breast (5 Oz; 1cup Chopped) (User Entry)
  1156. Chicken Breast (bone & Skin Removed) 86g (User Entry)
  1157. Chicken Breast (boneless, Skinless) (User Entry)
  1158. Chicken Breast (canned) Memb. Mark (User Entry)
  1159. Chicken Breast (dietz & Watson) (User Entry)
  1160. Chicken Breast (frozen) (User Entry)
  1161. Chicken Breast (grilled) (User Entry)
  1162. Chicken Breast (half) (User Entry)
  1163. Chicken Breast (no Skin) (User Entry)
  1164. Chicken Breast (roasted, Skin Eaten) (User Entry)
  1165. Chicken Breast (stewed) (User Entry)
  1166. Chicken Breast (tyson) (User Entry)
  1167. Chicken Breast - 100g (User Entry)
  1168. Chicken Breast - 4 Oz Serving (User Entry)
  1169. Chicken Breast - 4 Oz. (User Entry)
  1170. Chicken Breast - Boars Head (User Entry)
  1171. Chicken Breast - Boneless (User Entry)
  1172. Chicken Breast - Grilled (User Entry)
  1173. Chicken Breast - Kfc Original Recipe (User Entry)
  1174. Chicken Breast - Pc Cajun (User Entry)
  1175. Chicken Breast - Perdue Bonless, Skinless (User Entry)
  1176. Chicken Breast - Roasted (User Entry)
  1177. Chicken Breast - Stewed (User Entry)
  1178. Chicken Breast - Swanson Canned 2 Oz Serv (User Entry)
  1179. Chicken Breast 1 Oz (User Entry)
  1180. Chicken Breast 1/2 (User Entry)
  1181. Chicken Breast 1/2: Boneless Skinless (User Entry)
  1182. Chicken Breast 10oz (User Entry)
  1183. Chicken Breast 3 Oz (User Entry)
  1184. Chicken Breast 3 Oz. (User Entry)
  1185. Chicken Breast 4 Ounces (User Entry)
  1186. Chicken Breast 6 Slices (54g) (User Entry)
  1187. Chicken Breast 8oz (User Entry)
  1188. Chicken Breast 98% Fat Free (User Entry)
  1189. Chicken Breast And Avocado (User Entry)
  1190. Chicken Breast And House Salad (User Entry)
  1191. Chicken Breast Bag Of Tyson From Sams (User Entry)
  1192. Chicken Breast Baked (User Entry)
  1193. Chicken Breast Baked 9 Oz (User Entry)
  1194. Chicken Breast Baked, No Skin Or Bone (User Entry)
  1195. Chicken Breast Boneless (User Entry)
  1196. Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless (User Entry)
  1197. Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless 1oz Baked Or Broiled (User Entry)
  1198. Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless Cooked 1oz (28g) (User Entry)
  1199. Chicken Breast Bonless (User Entry)
  1200. Chicken Breast Can (User Entry)
  1201. Chicken Breast Canned (User Entry)
  1202. Chicken Breast Chopped (User Entry)
  1203. Chicken Breast Chunks (1/2 Can) (User Entry)
  1204. Chicken Breast Chunks (breaded) (User Entry)
  1205. Chicken Breast Cooked (User Entry)
  1206. Chicken Breast Cooked (100g) (User Entry)
  1207. Chicken Breast Diced Oven Roast Tyson (User Entry)
  1208. Chicken Breast Faijtas (User Entry)
  1209. Chicken Breast Fillet (User Entry)
  1210. Chicken Breast Fillets (User Entry)
  1211. Chicken Breast Fillets 1/2 Pack (User Entry)
  1212. Chicken Breast Frozen Shaners (User Entry)
  1213. Chicken Breast Grilled (fajita Style) John Soules (User Entry)
  1214. Chicken Breast Grilled 1/2 (User Entry)
  1215. Chicken Breast Hormel Natural Choice (User Entry)
  1216. Chicken Breast Iga (User Entry)
  1217. Chicken Breast In Water Sams Club 5srvings (User Entry)
  1218. Chicken Breast In Water: Sweet Sue Dollar General (User Entry)
  1219. Chicken Breast Large Skinless Broiled (User Entry)
  1220. Chicken Breast Lunch Meat (User Entry)
  1221. Chicken Breast Lunch Meat - Deli Prem. Aldis (User Entry)
  1222. Chicken Breast Meat (User Entry)
  1223. Chicken Breast Meat & Skin (User Entry)
  1224. Chicken Breast Meat Only Roasted (User Entry)
  1225. Chicken Breast No Meat (User Entry)
  1226. Chicken Breast No Skin (User Entry)
  1227. Chicken Breast No Skin 1 Oz (User Entry)
  1228. Chicken Breast No Skin Roasted 3oz (User Entry)
  1229. Chicken Breast Nuggets (User Entry)
  1230. Chicken Breast Nuggets(6 Nuggets) (User Entry)
  1231. Chicken Breast Patties (User Entry)
  1232. Chicken Breast Patties Breaded - Tyson (User Entry)
  1233. Chicken Breast Perdue Boneless/skinless (User Entry)
  1234. Chicken Breast Perdue Skinless (User Entry)
  1235. Chicken Breast Plain (User Entry)
  1236. Chicken Breast Potato Chip Crust (User Entry)
  1237. Chicken Breast Raw (User Entry)
  1238. Chicken Breast Roasted (User Entry)
  1239. Chicken Breast Roasted (140 G) (User Entry)
  1240. Chicken Breast Roasted With Skin (User Entry)
  1241. Chicken Breast Rotisserie Style 2 Oz (lunchmeat), Columbus (User Entry)
  1242. Chicken Breast Sandwhich Meat (User Entry)
  1243. Chicken Breast Sandwich (User Entry)
  1244. Chicken Breast Skewers, W End Cuisine (costco) (User Entry)
  1245. Chicken Breast Skinless (User Entry)
  1246. Chicken Breast Skinless Broiled Fillets With Brown (User Entry)
  1247. Chicken Breast Skinless Ice Glazed (User Entry)
  1248. Chicken Breast Slices- Roasted (User Entry)
  1249. Chicken Breast Smoked Bourbon St. Bistro (User Entry)
  1250. Chicken Breast Spicy (User Entry)
  1251. Chicken Breast Steamed (User Entry)
  1252. Chicken Breast Stir-fried With Fresh Ginger - Per 170g Servings. (User Entry)
  1253. Chicken Breast Strip Fritters, Tyson (2 Pcs) (User Entry)
  1254. Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  1255. Chicken Breast Strips - Butterball (User Entry)
  1256. Chicken Breast Strips - Tyson (User Entry)
  1257. Chicken Breast Strips 3 Oz, Grilled (User Entry)
  1258. Chicken Breast Strips Grilled - Tyson (User Entry)
  1259. Chicken Breast Strips, John Soules Food (s&f) (User Entry)
  1260. Chicken Breast Strips, Southwest, Foster Farms (User Entry)
  1261. Chicken Breast Strips, Southwest, Hormel (User Entry)
  1262. Chicken Breast Strips, Tyson, 3 Oz. (User Entry)
  1263. Chicken Breast Tender (User Entry)
  1264. Chicken Breast Tenderloins (User Entry)
  1265. Chicken Breast Tenderloins Breaded - Tyson (User Entry)
  1266. Chicken Breast Tenders (User Entry)
  1267. Chicken Breast Tenders - 3 Tenders, Foster Farms (User Entry)
  1268. Chicken Breast Tenders 4 Oz (User Entry)
  1269. Chicken Breast Thin & Trimmed 4 Oz (User Entry)
  1270. Chicken Breast W/ Skin, Grilled (User Entry)
  1271. Chicken Breast W/o Skin (User Entry)
  1272. Chicken Breast W/o Skin, Grilled (User Entry)
  1273. Chicken Breast W/red Hot 4oz (User Entry)
  1274. Chicken Breast With Bone (User Entry)
  1275. Chicken Breast With Creamy Chive Sauce (User Entry)
  1276. Chicken Breast With Skin (User Entry)
  1277. Chicken Breast With Veggies, Granola Bar (User Entry)
  1278. Chicken Breast(boneless, Skinless) (User Entry)
  1279. Chicken Breast, 3 Oz, Pregrilled Sliced Package (User Entry)
  1280. Chicken Breast, 4 Oz. Broiled (User Entry)
  1281. Chicken Breast, Baked (User Entry)
  1282. Chicken Breast, Bone & Skin Removed 86g (User Entry)
  1283. Chicken Breast, Boneless And Skinless (User Entry)
  1284. Chicken Breast, Boneless, Skinless (User Entry)
  1285. Chicken Breast, Boneless,skinless,kroger (User Entry)
  1286. Chicken Breast, Breaded (User Entry)
  1287. Chicken Breast, Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed (costco) (User Entry)
  1288. Chicken Breast, Canned (User Entry)
  1289. Chicken Breast, Canned, Bumble Bee (User Entry)
  1290. Chicken Breast, Canned, In Water (User Entry)
  1291. Chicken Breast, Cooked (1 Oz.) (User Entry)
  1292. Chicken Breast, Cooked, George Foreman Grill (User Entry)
  1293. Chicken Breast, Cooked, Skinless (User Entry)
  1294. Chicken Breast, Cooked, Skinless & Boneless (User Entry)
  1295. Chicken Breast, Fat-free, Mesquite Flavor, Sliced (USDA)
  1296. Chicken Breast, Froz. - Kirkwood (aldis) - 4 Oz. (User Entry)
  1297. Chicken Breast, Griled (User Entry)
  1298. Chicken Breast, Grilled (User Entry)
  1299. Chicken Breast, Grilled Oscar Meyer (User Entry)
  1300. Chicken Breast, Kfc, Grilled (User Entry)
  1301. Chicken Breast, Meat Only (User Entry)
  1302. Chicken Breast, Meat Only, Yield From 1 Unit=52g (User Entry)
  1303. Chicken Breast, Mesquite - Primo Taglio (vons) (User Entry)
  1304. Chicken Breast, Oscar Meyer, Rotiss Season (User Entry)
  1305. Chicken Breast, Oven-roasted, Fat-free, Sliced (USDA)
  1306. Chicken Breast, Plain (User Entry)
  1307. Chicken Breast, Raw (User Entry)
  1308. Chicken Breast, Raw (1 Oz.) (User Entry)
  1309. Chicken Breast, Roasted (User Entry)
  1310. Chicken Breast, Sara Lee 4 Slices (User Entry)
  1311. Chicken Breast, Shoppers Value (albertsons) (User Entry)
  1312. Chicken Breast, Skinless & Boneless (User Entry)
  1313. Chicken Breast, Skinless, Baked (User Entry)
  1314. Chicken Breast, Skinless, Roasted (User Entry)
  1315. Chicken Breast, Stewed, Chopped (User Entry)
  1316. Chicken Breast, Stuffed (User Entry)
  1317. Chicken Breast, Tyson, Boneless, Skinless (User Entry)
  1318. Chicken Breast,deli,oscar Mayer Rotisserie Seasoned (User Entry)
  1319. Chicken Breast- Boneless, Skinless (User Entry)
  1320. Chicken Breast- Chopped El Pollo (User Entry)
  1321. Chicken Breast- El Pollo Loco (User Entry)
  1322. Chicken Breast--kirkland (User Entry)
  1323. Chicken Breast-kfc (User Entry)
  1324. Chicken Breast-medium (User Entry)
  1325. Chicken Breast-skinless And Boneless (User Entry)
  1326. Chicken Breast: Manor House Boneless Skinless Froz (User Entry)
  1327. Chicken Breast: Sara Lee Sliced (User Entry)
  1328. Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  1329. Chicken Breasts Organic (User Entry)
  1330. Chicken Breasts Pierre (User Entry)
  1331. Chicken Breasts Purdue (User Entry)
  1332. Chicken Breasts With Sun-dried Tomatoes (User Entry)
  1333. Chicken Breat Slices Compliments (5) (User Entry)
  1334. Chicken Breat-tyson (User Entry)
  1335. Chicken Brest (User Entry)
  1336. Chicken Broc And Cheese (User Entry)
  1337. Chicken Broccoli (User Entry)
  1338. Chicken Broccoli - Frozen (User Entry)
  1339. Chicken Broccoli And Cheddar Hot Pocket (User Entry)
  1340. Chicken Broccoli And Cheese (User Entry)
  1341. Chicken Broccoli Carrot Pad Thai (User Entry)
  1342. Chicken Broccoli Casserole (User Entry)
  1343. Chicken Broccoli Cheese & Potato (User Entry)
  1344. Chicken Broccoli Cheese Raw From Jewel (User Entry)
  1345. Chicken Broccoli Mac Cheese (User Entry)
  1346. Chicken Broccoli Rice (User Entry)
  1347. Chicken Broth (User Entry)
  1348. Chicken Broth (10 Oz -ratio 2) (User Entry)
  1349. Chicken Broth - Low Sodium (User Entry)
  1350. Chicken Broth - Pacific Free Range (1 C, 1/4 Cont. (User Entry)
  1351. Chicken Broth 1 Cup (User Entry)
  1352. Chicken Broth Fate Free (User Entry)
  1353. Chicken Broth Ff Kroger (User Entry)
  1354. Chicken Broth Mix (User Entry)
  1355. Chicken Broth Organic (User Entry)
  1356. Chicken Broth Organic Swanson 1 Box (User Entry)
  1357. Chicken Broth Pacific Organic (User Entry)
  1358. Chicken Broth, College Inn Light & Fat Free (User Entry)
  1359. Chicken Broth, Low Sodium, Pacific Organic (User Entry)
  1360. Chicken Broth, Low Sodium, Pacific Organic 240ml (User Entry)
  1361. Chicken Broth, Organic (User Entry)
  1362. Chicken Broth, Organic Free Range (User Entry)
  1363. Chicken Broth, Organic Low Sodium (User Entry)
  1364. Chicken Broth, Reduced Zodum Fat Free (User Entry)
  1365. Chicken Broth-swanson Organic (User Entry)
  1366. Chicken Brown Rice Soup Campbells (User Entry)
  1367. Chicken Brst Skinless Boneless (User Entry)
  1368. Chicken Bruchetta Pizza (User Entry)
  1369. Chicken Brunch Ring (User Entry)
  1370. Chicken Buffalo Sandwich Charlie's (User Entry)
  1371. Chicken Buffalo Sausage (User Entry)
  1372. Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  1373. Chicken Burger (lean Meat Only - 142g) (User Entry)
  1374. Chicken Burger With Bun (User Entry)
  1375. Chicken Burger, Chili Lime, Trader Joe's (User Entry)
  1376. Chicken Burger, Grilled (User Entry)
  1377. Chicken Burgers - Oh Naturel - Veggie (User Entry)
  1378. Chicken Burgers Sams (User Entry)
  1379. Chicken Burgers, Al Fresco Bflo Style (User Entry)
  1380. Chicken Burgers, Sweet Carmelized Onion, Amylu (costco) (User Entry)
  1381. Chicken Burito (User Entry)
  1382. Chicken Burritio (chuy's) (User Entry)
  1383. Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  1384. Chicken Burrito - Qdoba (User Entry)
  1385. Chicken Burrito Bol - Chipotle (User Entry)
  1386. Chicken By The Sea Tuna (User Entry)
  1387. Chicken Cacciatore (User Entry)
  1388. Chicken Cacciatore W/pasta (User Entry)
  1389. Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap (User Entry)
  1390. Chicken Caesar Salad (User Entry)
  1391. Chicken Caesar Salad (no Crutons) (User Entry)
  1392. Chicken Caesar Salad Tony Roma (User Entry)
  1393. Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap (User Entry)
  1394. Chicken Caesar Wrap (User Entry)
  1395. Chicken Caesar Wrap (trader Joe's) (User Entry)
  1396. Chicken Caeser Salad Pizza (User Entry)
  1397. Chicken Can Breast Swee Sue (User Entry)
  1398. Chicken Can Kirkland (User Entry)
  1399. Chicken Canned Tyson 12.5oz (User Entry)
  1400. Chicken Cannelloni (User Entry)
  1401. Chicken Carbona (User Entry)
  1402. Chicken Carbona (lean Q) (User Entry)
  1403. Chicken Carbonara (User Entry)
  1404. Chicken Carbonara Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1405. Chicken Cashew With Flame Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  1406. Chicken Casserole (User Entry)
  1407. Chicken Casserole Est (User Entry)
  1408. Chicken Casseroled 0.5 Cup 80gm (User Entry)
  1409. Chicken Ceasar Pita (User Entry)
  1410. Chicken Ceasar Pita (711) (User Entry)
  1411. Chicken Ceasar Salad (User Entry)
  1412. Chicken Ceasar Salad Avg Restaurant (User Entry)
  1413. Chicken Ceasar Wrap Chick Filet A (1/2) (User Entry)
  1414. Chicken Ceasear Salad From Walmart (User Entry)
  1415. Chicken Ceaser Salad (User Entry)
  1416. Chicken Cesar Wrap (User Entry)
  1417. Chicken Chargrills - Birdseye (User Entry)
  1418. Chicken Cheese Bean Buritto (User Entry)
  1419. Chicken Cheese Soup (User Entry)
  1420. Chicken Cheese Steak (User Entry)
  1421. Chicken Cheese Sub (User Entry)
  1422. Chicken Cheesesteak - 8" (User Entry)
  1423. Chicken Chili (User Entry)
  1424. Chicken Chili And Barley Caserole (User Entry)
  1425. Chicken Chili Crescent Bak (User Entry)
  1426. Chicken Chimichanga (User Entry)
  1427. Chicken Chipotle Salad (User Entry)
  1428. Chicken Chop Suey (User Entry)
  1429. Chicken Chop, Deep Fried, With Skin - Per 150.25g Cutlet. (User Entry)
  1430. Chicken Chow Mein (User Entry)
  1431. Chicken Chow Mein (can) (User Entry)
  1432. Chicken Chow Mein Casserole (1x12 Of 11x13) (User Entry)
  1433. Chicken Chow Mein Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1434. Chicken Chow Mein Leancuisine W/chicken/veg/rice (User Entry)
  1435. Chicken Chowder With Chipotle (User Entry)
  1436. Chicken Chunk Meat (User Entry)
  1437. Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich (User Entry)
  1438. Chicken Ciabatta W/o Cheese (User Entry)
  1439. Chicken Ciaccitori Less Breast (User Entry)
  1440. Chicken Club Flatbread (User Entry)
  1441. Chicken Club From Mcdonalds (User Entry)
  1442. Chicken Club Sandwich (User Entry)
  1443. Chicken Club Toaster (sonic) (User Entry)
  1444. Chicken Club, Grilled, Mcdonalds (User Entry)
  1445. Chicken Coating (User Entry)
  1446. Chicken Coating (oven Fry) (User Entry)
  1447. Chicken Cobb W/ Avocado (User Entry)
  1448. Chicken Coconut Curry (User Entry)
  1449. Chicken Coconut Cury (User Entry)
  1450. Chicken Coconut Soup, Thai (User Entry)
  1451. Chicken Codon Bleu (User Entry)
  1452. Chicken Cordeun Blue (User Entry)
  1453. Chicken Cordon Bleu (User Entry)
  1454. Chicken Cordon Bleu (walmart Brand) (User Entry)
  1455. Chicken Cordon Bleu From Jewel Raw (User Entry)
  1456. Chicken Cordon Bleu Pattie (User Entry)
  1457. Chicken Cordon Blue (User Entry)
  1458. Chicken Cordon Swiss Gms (User Entry)
  1459. Chicken Corn Chowder - Chunky Healthy (User Entry)
  1460. Chicken Corn Chowder Soup (User Entry)
  1461. Chicken Corn Dog (User Entry)
  1462. Chicken Corn Soup (User Entry)
  1463. Chicken Cranberry Walnut Salad (User Entry)
  1464. Chicken Cravers Pepper Jack Swiss Bacon (User Entry)
  1465. Chicken Creole 1.5 Cups (User Entry)
  1466. Chicken Crepes (User Entry)
  1467. Chicken Crisp Sandwich, Burger King, Spicy (User Entry)
  1468. Chicken Crispers (User Entry)
  1469. Chicken Cupa Soup (instant) (User Entry)
  1470. Chicken Curry (User Entry)
  1471. Chicken Curry (gadia Book) (User Entry)
  1472. Chicken Curry Tandoor Chef (User Entry)
  1473. Chicken Curry W/rice (User Entry)
  1474. Chicken Curry With Potatoes (per Serving 613g) (User Entry)
  1475. Chicken Curry With Rice (User Entry)
  1476. Chicken Cutlet (User Entry)
  1477. Chicken Cutlets With Pepper And Mushroom (User Entry)
  1478. Chicken Dark Meat Only Roasted (User Entry)
  1479. Chicken Deli Meat (User Entry)
  1480. Chicken Deli Select (User Entry)
  1481. Chicken Deli Sliced (User Entry)
  1482. Chicken Dijon With Spring Vegetables (User Entry)
  1483. Chicken Dinner (USDA)
  1484. Chicken Dinner, Health Choice, Chx Tend (User Entry)
  1485. Chicken Dinner, Stoufer Grilled (User Entry)
  1486. Chicken Divan (User Entry)
  1487. Chicken Dogs (User Entry)
  1488. Chicken Drummette (User Entry)
  1489. Chicken Drumstck With Skin Lg (User Entry)
  1490. Chicken Drumstick (User Entry)
  1491. Chicken Drumstick Meat And Skin Cooked Roasted 1 5 (User Entry)
  1492. Chicken Drumstick With Skin (User Entry)
  1493. Chicken Drumstick, Bone & Skin Removed 44g (User Entry)
  1494. Chicken Drumstick, Meat And Skin Stewed 1p 57g (User Entry)
  1495. Chicken Drumstick- El Pollo (User Entry)
  1496. Chicken Drumstick- Med (User Entry)
  1497. Chicken Dumpling (User Entry)
  1498. Chicken Dumpling Soup Cup (User Entry)
  1499. Chicken Dumpling Trader Joe 1 Piece (User Entry)
  1500. Chicken Dumplings (User Entry)
  1501. Chicken Dumplings - Steamed X 8 (User Entry)
  1502. Chicken E Okra (User Entry)
  1503. Chicken Egg Large (User Entry)
  1504. Chicken Egg Roll (User Entry)
  1505. Chicken Egg Rolls (User Entry)
  1506. Chicken Empanada (User Entry)
  1507. Chicken En Croute (each) (User Entry)
  1508. Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  1509. Chicken Enchilada Bake (User Entry)
  1510. Chicken Enchilada Casserole (User Entry)
  1511. Chicken Enchilada Chix Helper (User Entry)
  1512. Chicken Enchilada Frozen Dinner (User Entry)
  1513. Chicken Enchilada Suiza (User Entry)
  1514. Chicken Enchilada Suiza (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  1515. Chicken Enchilada Suiza - Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1516. Chicken Enchilada Suiza-lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1517. Chicken Enchilada, Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1518. Chicken Enchiladas (2 Ench.) (User Entry)
  1519. Chicken Enchiladas Monterey-ww (User Entry)
  1520. Chicken Enchiladas Suiza Ww (User Entry)
  1521. Chicken Enchiladas W/ Salsa Verde (User Entry)
  1522. Chicken Enchiladas(ww) (User Entry)
  1523. Chicken Enchiladas, Ww Smart Ones (User Entry)
  1524. Chicken Enchilads With Green Sauce Tj (User Entry)
  1525. Chicken Escalope (each) (User Entry)
  1526. Chicken Express Catfish (User Entry)
  1527. Chicken Express Tenders (User Entry)
  1528. Chicken Extra Lean Ground (User Entry)
  1529. Chicken Faijta (User Entry)
  1530. Chicken Faj Nachos (User Entry)
  1531. Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  1532. Chicken Fajita - Hometown (User Entry)
  1533. Chicken Fajita Burrito (User Entry)
  1534. Chicken Fajita Chilis No Tort (User Entry)
  1535. Chicken Fajita Lean Pocket (User Entry)
  1536. Chicken Fajita Meat Slices (User Entry)
  1537. Chicken Fajita Meat Strips (User Entry)
  1538. Chicken Fajita Mix (trader Joe) (User Entry)
  1539. Chicken Fajita Nachos (User Entry)
  1540. Chicken Fajita Nachos, Cancun (User Entry)
  1541. Chicken Fajita Pita (User Entry)
  1542. Chicken Fajita Pita - Jack In The Box (User Entry)
  1543. Chicken Fajita Pita, Jack N' The Box (User Entry)
  1544. Chicken Fajita Salad (User Entry)
  1545. Chicken Fajitas (User Entry)
  1546. Chicken Fajitas - Restaurant (User Entry)
  1547. Chicken Fajitas Sandwitch (User Entry)
  1548. Chicken Fajitas Tescos (User Entry)
  1549. Chicken Fajitas W. 3 Tortillas & Garnishes, Chili' (User Entry)
  1550. Chicken Fajitas, Eating Right (User Entry)
  1551. Chicken Fett. With Broccolii Lean (User Entry)
  1552. Chicken Fettuccine (User Entry)
  1553. Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (User Entry)
  1554. Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo W/ Broccoli (User Entry)
  1555. Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo W/carrots & Broccoli (h (User Entry)
  1556. Chicken Fettuccini Lc (User Entry)
  1557. Chicken Fettuccini, Great Value Lean Cafe (User Entry)
  1558. Chicken Fettuchini Alfredo (User Entry)
  1559. Chicken Fettucine (User Entry)
  1560. Chicken Fettucini (User Entry)
  1561. Chicken Fettucini-lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1562. Chicken Fiesta Soup - Can (User Entry)
  1563. Chicken Fiesta Taco Salad W/out Shell (User Entry)
  1564. Chicken Fiesta Taco Salad, Taco Bell (User Entry)
  1565. Chicken Fil-a Salad 2xchx (User Entry)
  1566. Chicken Fillet - Tyson Already Cooked (User Entry)
  1567. Chicken Finger (User Entry)
  1568. Chicken Finger Platter (User Entry)
  1569. Chicken Fingers (User Entry)
  1570. Chicken Fingers (chinese) (User Entry)
  1571. Chicken Fingers - Kelsey's (User Entry)
  1572. Chicken Fingers Dinosaur Chic Nuggets (User Entry)
  1573. Chicken Flat Bread (User Entry)
  1574. Chicken Flatbread, Taco Bell (User Entry)
  1575. Chicken Flauta (julios) (User Entry)
  1576. Chicken Flautas (User Entry)
  1577. Chicken Flautas - Chevy's (User Entry)
  1578. Chicken Flavored Noodles (User Entry)
  1579. Chicken Flavored Rice (User Entry)
  1580. Chicken Florentine (User Entry)
  1581. Chicken Florentine & Farfelle Bertolli (User Entry)
  1582. Chicken Florentine Lasagna (User Entry)
  1583. Chicken Florentine Lc (User Entry)
  1584. Chicken Florentine Ravioli (User Entry)
  1585. Chicken Florentine Rice Casserol (User Entry)
  1586. Chicken Florentine, Lean Cuisine 13.25oz (User Entry)
  1587. Chicken For Sandwich (User Entry)
  1588. Chicken For Sandwich (1 Slice 50g) (User Entry)
  1589. Chicken Francese (User Entry)
  1590. Chicken Franks (User Entry)
  1591. Chicken Franks, Foster Farm (User Entry)
  1592. Chicken French (User Entry)
  1593. Chicken Fried (User Entry)
  1594. Chicken Fried Beef Steak, Marie Callendar (User Entry)
  1595. Chicken Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  1596. Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  1597. Chicken Fried Rice - Take-out (User Entry)
  1598. Chicken Fried Rice Bowl (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  1599. Chicken Fried Rice Tai Pei (User Entry)
  1600. Chicken Fried Rice Tj's (User Entry)
  1601. Chicken Fried Rice, Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1602. Chicken Fried Steak (User Entry)
  1603. Chicken Fried Steak (8 Oz) (User Entry)
  1604. Chicken Fried Steak -tyson (User Entry)
  1605. Chicken Fried Steak With Country Gravy (User Entry)
  1606. Chicken Fried Streak (User Entry)
  1607. Chicken Fries (User Entry)
  1608. Chicken From Pouch (User Entry)
  1609. Chicken Fusilli (User Entry)
  1610. Chicken Garlic Enchiladas, Trader Joe's (User Entry)
  1611. Chicken Garlic Sauce Mixed Vegetables And Rice (User Entry)
  1612. Chicken Go Wrap Wendy's (User Entry)
  1613. Chicken Gravy (User Entry)
  1614. Chicken Gravy - Hometown (User Entry)
  1615. Chicken Gravy Mix (User Entry)
  1616. Chicken Grilled On Pita Spangles (User Entry)
  1617. Chicken Gumbo (User Entry)
  1618. Chicken Gumbo Campbell's (User Entry)
  1619. Chicken Gumbo Work (User Entry)
  1620. Chicken Gyoza Potstickers (User Entry)
  1621. Chicken Ham - Per 30g Slice. (User Entry)
  1622. Chicken Helper (User Entry)
  1623. Chicken Helper - Cheesy Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  1624. Chicken Helper - Cheesy Chix Enchilada (User Entry)
  1625. Chicken Helper - Jambalaya (User Entry)
  1626. Chicken Helper Alfredo (User Entry)
  1627. Chicken Helper Cheesy Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  1628. Chicken Helper Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  1629. Chicken Helper Fetttuccine Alfredo (User Entry)
  1630. Chicken Helper Fettuccine Alfredo (User Entry)
  1631. Chicken Helper Jambalaya (User Entry)
  1632. Chicken Helper Teriyaki (User Entry)
  1633. Chicken Homestyle Wrap (User Entry)
  1634. Chicken Hot Dog (User Entry)
  1635. Chicken Hotpot Ww (User Entry)
  1636. Chicken In A Biskit (User Entry)
  1637. Chicken In A Biskit Crackers (User Entry)
  1638. Chicken In Breadcrumbs Birds Eye (User Entry)
  1639. Chicken In Can (User Entry)
  1640. Chicken In Fajita Salad - El Sombrero (User Entry)
  1641. Chicken In Peppercorn Sauce (User Entry)
  1642. Chicken Instant Ramen Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  1643. Chicken Italian Sausage-al Fresco (User Entry)
  1644. Chicken Jalapeno Cheddar Lean Pocket (User Entry)
  1645. Chicken Jalapeno Sausage (User Entry)
  1646. Chicken Jalfrezi & Rice (User Entry)
  1647. Chicken Jambalaya (400g Per Pack) (User Entry)
  1648. Chicken Jumbo Buffalo Wings Sams 3oz (User Entry)
  1649. Chicken Kabob (User Entry)
  1650. Chicken Kabob (*1) (User Entry)
  1651. Chicken Kabob (7-eleven) (User Entry)
  1652. Chicken Kabob (w/ 4 Oz Chicken) (User Entry)
  1653. Chicken Kabob- Daphnes (User Entry)
  1654. Chicken Katsu (User Entry)
  1655. Chicken Katsu W/2 Scoops Rice (User Entry)
  1656. Chicken Kebab (User Entry)
  1657. Chicken Kfc (each) (User Entry)
  1658. Chicken Kfc Grilled Breast (User Entry)
  1659. Chicken Kfc Grilled Drumstick (User Entry)
  1660. Chicken Kfc Grilled Thigh (User Entry)
  1661. Chicken Kfc Grilled Wing (User Entry)
  1662. Chicken Kiev (User Entry)
  1663. Chicken Kiev (each) (User Entry)
  1664. Chicken Kirkland Cannex (User Entry)
  1665. Chicken Korma (User Entry)
  1666. Chicken Kota Kapama (User Entry)
  1667. Chicken Kurma (User Entry)
  1668. Chicken L'orange-lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1669. Chicken Lasagna Per 1/12 (User Entry)
  1670. Chicken Laska Soup (User Entry)
  1671. Chicken Leg & Thigh, Roasted - (mey) (User Entry)
  1672. Chicken Leg Quarter (roasted, Skin Eaten) (User Entry)
  1673. Chicken Leg With Skin-baked (1) (User Entry)
  1674. Chicken Leg, Roasted, Tesco (User Entry)
  1675. Chicken Legs (User Entry)
  1676. Chicken Lemon Rice Soup (User Entry)
  1677. Chicken Light Meat 4oz. Svg (User Entry)
  1678. Chicken Light Meat Roasted (User Entry)
  1679. Chicken Linguini Red Pepper Alfredo (User Entry)
  1680. Chicken Lite Mayo (User Entry)
  1681. Chicken Little Cinnamon Grahams (User Entry)
  1682. Chicken Liver (User Entry)
  1683. Chicken Liver, Girlled (User Entry)
  1684. Chicken Liver, Grilled (User Entry)
  1685. Chicken Livers Fried (User Entry)
  1686. Chicken Lo Mein (User Entry)
  1687. Chicken Lo Mein - Schwan's (User Entry)
  1688. Chicken Lunch Meat (User Entry)
  1689. Chicken Luncheon Meat (User Entry)
  1690. Chicken Madiera (1breast) W/ Asparagus (User Entry)
  1691. Chicken Makhani (User Entry)
  1692. Chicken Mango Salad - Tjs (User Entry)
  1693. Chicken Mango Sausage (User Entry)
  1694. Chicken Maple Sausage (User Entry)
  1695. Chicken Marbella (User Entry)
  1696. Chicken Margarita (User Entry)
  1697. Chicken Margherita (User Entry)
  1698. Chicken Margherita Hc Bowl (User Entry)
  1699. Chicken Margherita-healthy Choice (User Entry)
  1700. Chicken Marinade (User Entry)
  1701. Chicken Marinade Eric's 1/4 Recipe (User Entry)
  1702. Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  1703. Chicken Marinara (homemade) (User Entry)
  1704. Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  1705. Chicken Marsala (9oz) (User Entry)
  1706. Chicken Marsala (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  1707. Chicken Marsala (one Half Breast) (User Entry)
  1708. Chicken Marsala (pasta House) (User Entry)
  1709. Chicken Marsala - 4 Oz. Meat (User Entry)
  1710. Chicken Marsala - P.160 (User Entry)
  1711. Chicken Marsala Fetuchini (User Entry)
  1712. Chicken Marsala Smart One (User Entry)
  1713. Chicken Marsala Smart Ones (User Entry)
  1714. Chicken Marsala, Michael Angelo's (User Entry)
  1715. Chicken Masala (User Entry)
  1716. Chicken Masala (trader Joe's) (User Entry)
  1717. Chicken Masala, Trader Joe's (User Entry)
  1718. Chicken Mc Nuggets (User Entry)
  1719. Chicken Mc Nuggets - 6 Pc (User Entry)
  1720. Chicken Mcgrill (User Entry)
  1721. Chicken Mcgrill - No Sauce (User Entry)
  1722. Chicken Mcgrill No Mayo (User Entry)
  1723. Chicken Mcgrill, No Mayo (User Entry)
  1724. Chicken Mcnugget (User Entry)
  1725. Chicken Mcnugget, One Piece, Mcdonald's (User Entry)
  1726. Chicken Mcnuggets (User Entry)
  1727. Chicken Mcnuggets (10 Pc) - Mcdonald's (User Entry)
  1728. Chicken Mcnuggets (6 Pc) - Mcdonald's (User Entry)
  1729. Chicken Mcnuggets, 10 Pc. (User Entry)
  1730. Chicken Meal At Outback (User Entry)
  1731. Chicken Meat Loaf (User Entry)
  1732. Chicken Meat, Roasted, Meat Only (User Entry)
  1733. Chicken Meatballs (User Entry)
  1734. Chicken Meatloaf (1/6) Jan 4, 2010 (User Entry)
  1735. Chicken Medalilions In Sesame Sauce (User Entry)
  1736. Chicken Mediterranean (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  1737. Chicken Mediterranean Lc (User Entry)
  1738. Chicken Mediterranean Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1739. Chicken Melt With Bacon Hot Pocket (User Entry)
  1740. Chicken Milanese (User Entry)
  1741. Chicken Mini Egg Rolls (User Entry)
  1742. Chicken Minis 4 (User Entry)
  1743. Chicken Minis 4 Count (User Entry)
  1744. Chicken Modiga (User Entry)
  1745. Chicken Mole With Green Beans (User Entry)
  1746. Chicken Mozarella Ravioli (User Entry)
  1747. Chicken Mulligatawny (User Entry)
  1748. Chicken N Ham Roll-ups (4oz Breast) (User Entry)
  1749. Chicken N Pastry (User Entry)
  1750. Chicken Nachos (User Entry)
  1751. Chicken No Skin (User Entry)
  1752. Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  1753. Chicken Noodle Casserole (User Entry)
  1754. Chicken Noodle Chunky Healthy Request (User Entry)
  1755. Chicken Noodle Instant Lunch (User Entry)
  1756. Chicken Noodle Knox (User Entry)
  1757. Chicken Noodle Soap - 1/2 Can (User Entry)
  1758. Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  1759. Chicken Noodle Soup - Tim's (User Entry)
  1760. Chicken Noodle Soup (1 Can) (User Entry)
  1761. Chicken Noodle Soup (2.5 Servings In One Can) (User Entry)
  1762. Chicken Noodle Soup (progresso) (User Entry)
  1763. Chicken Noodle Soup - Campbell's Classic (User Entry)
  1764. Chicken Noodle Soup - Culver's (User Entry)
  1765. Chicken Noodle Soup - Home Made (User Entry)
  1766. Chicken Noodle Soup - No Name (User Entry)
  1767. Chicken Noodle Soup - Whole Can (User Entry)
  1768. Chicken Noodle Soup Camples (User Entry)
  1769. Chicken Noodle Soup Chef's (aldi) (User Entry)
  1770. Chicken Noodle Soup Healthy Request (User Entry)
  1771. Chicken Noodle Soup Heat And Serve Cup (User Entry)
  1772. Chicken Noodle Soup Progresso Traditional (User Entry)
  1773. Chicken Noodle Soup, Cambells (User Entry)
  1774. Chicken Noodle Soup, Lipton Box (User Entry)
  1775. Chicken Noodle Soup, Progresso, 99% Fat Free (User Entry)
  1776. Chicken Noodle Soupt-lipton Box (User Entry)
  1777. Chicken Noodle-os (User Entry)
  1778. Chicken Noodles (User Entry)
  1779. Chicken Noodles Weatherspoons (User Entry)
  1780. Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  1781. Chicken Nuggets (5) (User Entry)
  1782. Chicken Nuggets (6 Pieces) (User Entry)
  1783. Chicken Nuggets (homemade) (User Entry)
  1784. Chicken Nuggets - 5 (User Entry)
  1785. Chicken Nuggets - Tyson (User Entry)
  1786. Chicken Nuggets 10 (User Entry)
  1787. Chicken Nuggets Chicken Fil-a (User Entry)
  1788. Chicken Nuggets Frozen Fast Fixin (User Entry)
  1789. Chicken Nuggets Schwan's (User Entry)
  1790. Chicken Nuggets Tandori 4 Nuggets (User Entry)
  1791. Chicken Nuggets Tyson (User Entry)
  1792. Chicken Nuggets Wendy's W/ Ss (User Entry)
  1793. Chicken Nuggets, 5 Pcs, Wendy's (User Entry)
  1794. Chicken Nuggets, Frozen, Tyson Brand, Per 5 Nugget (User Entry)
  1795. Chicken Nuggets, Mcd 4 Piece (User Entry)
  1796. Chicken Nuggets--tyson (User Entry)
  1797. Chicken Nuggets-banquet - 6 Qty (User Entry)
  1798. Chicken Of Sea Wht Albacore 6oz Can (User Entry)
  1799. Chicken Of The Sea (User Entry)
  1800. Chicken Of The Sea (oil) (User Entry)
  1801. Chicken Of The Sea - Imitation Crab (User Entry)
  1802. Chicken Of The Sea - Tuna Cup (User Entry)
  1803. Chicken Of The Sea Albacore Solid Tuna In Water (User Entry)
  1804. Chicken Of The Sea Albacore Tuna (User Entry)
  1805. Chicken Of The Sea Albacore White Tuna (in Water) To Go Cups (User Entry)
  1806. Chicken Of The Sea Chicken (User Entry)
  1807. Chicken Of The Sea Chunck Light Tuna (User Entry)
  1808. Chicken Of The Sea Chunk Light Tuna (User Entry)
  1809. Chicken Of The Sea Chunk Light Tuna In Water (User Entry)
  1810. Chicken Of The Sea Healthy Selections Light Tuna In Water (User Entry)
  1811. Chicken Of The Sea Light Tuna (User Entry)
  1812. Chicken Of The Sea Pacific Salmon (User Entry)
  1813. Chicken Of The Sea Pink Salmon 1 Can (User Entry)
  1814. Chicken Of The Sea Pink Salmon Cups (User Entry)
  1815. Chicken Of The Sea Pink Salmon Pouch (User Entry)
  1816. Chicken Of The Sea Premium Albacore Tuna In Water (User Entry)
  1817. Chicken Of The Sea Premium Wild Caught Pink Salmon Skinless & Boneless (User Entry)
  1818. Chicken Of The Sea Salmon (User Entry)
  1819. Chicken Of The Sea Solid White Albacore Tuna (User Entry)
  1820. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna (User Entry)
  1821. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna - Whole Can Drained (User Entry)
  1822. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna 50% Less Sodium 2oz (User Entry)
  1823. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna 6 0z. Can (User Entry)
  1824. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna Cups (User Entry)
  1825. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna In Oil (User Entry)
  1826. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna In Water (User Entry)
  1827. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna Salad W/ Crackers (User Entry)
  1828. Chicken Of The Sea White Albacore Tuna (User Entry)
  1829. Chicken Of The Sea-pink Salmon (User Entry)
  1830. Chicken Of The Sea; Chunk Light; Tuna In Water (User Entry)
  1831. Chicken Of The Seatuna Fish (User Entry)
  1832. Chicken Om Grilled Breast Box 3 Oz (User Entry)
  1833. Chicken On Stick Chinese (User Entry)
  1834. Chicken Oriental Salad (User Entry)
  1835. Chicken Pad Thai (User Entry)
  1836. Chicken Pad Thai With Rice (1/2 Plate) (User Entry)
  1837. Chicken Panini (User Entry)
  1838. Chicken Parm (User Entry)
  1839. Chicken Parm - 2 Pcs (User Entry)
  1840. Chicken Parm - Ww Smart Ones (User Entry)
  1841. Chicken Parm 6 In Sub (User Entry)
  1842. Chicken Parm Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1843. Chicken Parm Lean Pocket (User Entry)
  1844. Chicken Parm Sandwich (User Entry)
  1845. Chicken Parm Sub (User Entry)
  1846. Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  1847. Chicken Parmesan (1 Breast) (User Entry)
  1848. Chicken Parmesan (1/2 Breast) (User Entry)
  1849. Chicken Parmesan (ww) 5pts. (User Entry)
  1850. Chicken Parmesan Alfredo (User Entry)
  1851. Chicken Parmesan Lean Pocket (User Entry)
  1852. Chicken Parmesan W/spaghetti, Michael Angelo's (User Entry)
  1853. Chicken Parmesan- Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1854. Chicken Parmesean (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  1855. Chicken Parmesean Homemade (User Entry)
  1856. Chicken Parmigiana (User Entry)
  1857. Chicken Parmigiana & Penne (User Entry)
  1858. Chicken Parmigiana - Eating Right (User Entry)
  1859. Chicken Parmigiana From Avantis (User Entry)
  1860. Chicken Parmigiana Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1861. Chicken Party Wings (User Entry)
  1862. Chicken Pasta (User Entry)
  1863. Chicken Pasta And Sauce (User Entry)
  1864. Chicken Pasta Bake (User Entry)
  1865. Chicken Pasta Florentine (User Entry)
  1866. Chicken Pasta Parmesan (User Entry)
  1867. Chicken Pasta Sides (User Entry)
  1868. Chicken Pate (User Entry)
  1869. Chicken Patia (User Entry)
  1870. Chicken Patt (User Entry)
  1871. Chicken Pattie (User Entry)
  1872. Chicken Pattie (blackwing) (User Entry)
  1873. Chicken Pattie (veggie Burger) (User Entry)
  1874. Chicken Pattie Banquet 1 (User Entry)
  1875. Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  1876. Chicken Patties, Banquet (User Entry)
  1877. Chicken Patty (User Entry)
  1878. Chicken Patty (from Frozen) (User Entry)
  1879. Chicken Patty - Tyson (User Entry)
  1880. Chicken Patty Morningstar (User Entry)
  1881. Chicken Patty, Tyson, Grilled (User Entry)
  1882. Chicken Patty-no Meat (User Entry)
  1883. Chicken Patty/hannafords (User Entry)
  1884. Chicken Peacan (User Entry)
  1885. Chicken Peanut Sause (User Entry)
  1886. Chicken Pecan Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1887. Chicken Penne (User Entry)
  1888. Chicken Penne (pasta Dish) (User Entry)
  1889. Chicken Pepperoni (User Entry)
  1890. Chicken Pesto (User Entry)
  1891. Chicken Pesto Panni Atlanta Bread Co (1/2) (User Entry)
  1892. Chicken Pesto Pizza (User Entry)
  1893. Chicken Pestp Ciabatt The Loop (User Entry)
  1894. Chicken Philly Sub (User Entry)
  1895. Chicken Pho 1 1/2 Cups (User Entry)
  1896. Chicken Picadillo Sauce W/ Tj's Picadillo, 4 Chx B (User Entry)
  1897. Chicken Picante (User Entry)
  1898. Chicken Piccata (User Entry)
  1899. Chicken Piccata W/summer Vegetables (User Entry)
  1900. Chicken Piccatta (lemon And Capers) (User Entry)
  1901. Chicken Pico De Gallo (User Entry)
  1902. Chicken Pie (User Entry)
  1903. Chicken Pita Pizza (User Entry)
  1904. Chicken Pita Wrap (User Entry)
  1905. Chicken Pitaco (User Entry)
  1906. Chicken Pizza W/ Garlic (User Entry)
  1907. Chicken Plank (User Entry)
  1908. Chicken Popcorn (User Entry)
  1909. Chicken Popcorn Large (User Entry)
  1910. Chicken Popcorn Walmart Half Container (User Entry)
  1911. Chicken Popper (User Entry)
  1912. Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  1913. Chicken Pot Pie - 1/8 Of Pie (User Entry)
  1914. Chicken Pot Pie - Mrs. Budd's (User Entry)
  1915. Chicken Pot Pie 1/8 Of Pie (User Entry)
  1916. Chicken Pot Pie, Banquet (User Entry)
  1917. Chicken Pot Pie, Frozen Entree (USDA)
  1918. Chicken Pot Pie, Marie Call. Brand, Per 10 Oz. Pie (User Entry)
  1919. Chicken Pot Pie,stuff. Crust, B. Spray, 16 Oz Ch. (User Entry)
  1920. Chicken Pot Stickers (3 Count) (User Entry)
  1921. Chicken Pouch (User Entry)
  1922. Chicken Primavera (User Entry)
  1923. Chicken Primavera With Penne Pasta (User Entry)
  1924. Chicken Primavera- Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  1925. Chicken Prmesan (User Entry)
  1926. Chicken Quarter,roasted Meat & Skin (User Entry)
  1927. Chicken Quesadill (1 Wedge) (User Entry)
  1928. Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  1929. Chicken Quesadilla (julios) (User Entry)
  1930. Chicken Quesadilla (movietavern) (User Entry)
  1931. Chicken Quesadilla Lean Pockets (User Entry)
  1932. Chicken Quesadilla Taco Bell (User Entry)
  1933. Chicken Quesadilla, Restaurant (User Entry)
  1934. Chicken Quesadilla, Taco Bell (User Entry)
  1935. Chicken Quesadillas (User Entry)
  1936. Chicken Quesadillas From Sams (User Entry)
  1937. Chicken Quesidilla (User Entry)
  1938. Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  1939. Chicken Ranch Taco Salad (User Entry)
  1940. Chicken Ranchero And Gordita Tb (User Entry)
  1941. Chicken Ratatouille (User Entry)
  1942. Chicken Ravioli (User Entry)
  1943. Chicken Raw Breast B-s-less 4oz (User Entry)
  1944. Chicken Rice (healthy Request) (User Entry)
  1945. Chicken Rice - Hainanese-style (382g) (User Entry)
  1946. Chicken Rice A Roni (User Entry)
  1947. Chicken Rice And Carrots (User Entry)
  1948. Chicken Rice Bake (User Entry)
  1949. Chicken Rice Bowl (User Entry)
  1950. Chicken Rice Casserole (User Entry)
  1951. Chicken Rice Casserole (gadia) (User Entry)
  1952. Chicken Rice Soup Campbell's (User Entry)
  1953. Chicken Rice Stoup (User Entry)
  1954. Chicken Rice, Rice Only - Per 295g Serving. (User Entry)
  1955. Chicken Rice, Rice Only. Per 295g Serving. (User Entry)
  1956. Chicken Risotto (User Entry)
  1957. Chicken Roasted 1 Cup (User Entry)
  1958. Chicken Roasted Leg (User Entry)
  1959. Chicken Roll, Light Meat (USDA)
  1960. Chicken Rolls (User Entry)
  1961. Chicken Roman Noodles (User Entry)
  1962. Chicken Roti (User Entry)
  1963. Chicken Rotini (User Entry)
  1964. Chicken Rotisserie Avg 4 Oz No Skin (User Entry)
  1965. Chicken Rotisserie Wm Trad 3oz (User Entry)
  1966. Chicken Rustica Pizza Russo's 12 "ct (User Entry)
  1967. Chicken Saag (User Entry)
  1968. Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  1969. Chicken Salad (ingles) (User Entry)
  1970. Chicken Salad (w/ Mayo) (User Entry)
  1971. Chicken Salad - 1/2 C (User Entry)
  1972. Chicken Salad - Safeway (User Entry)
  1973. Chicken Salad 110cal Nutri (User Entry)
  1974. Chicken Salad 3oz Can (User Entry)
  1975. Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich (User Entry)
  1976. Chicken Salad Filling (User Entry)
  1977. Chicken Salad Homemade (User Entry)
  1978. Chicken Salad Light (User Entry)
  1979. Chicken Salad Mcdonalds--ceaser (User Entry)
  1980. Chicken Salad On White Bread (User Entry)
  1981. Chicken Salad Sandwhich (User Entry)
  1982. Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  1983. Chicken Salad Sandwich -timmy's (User Entry)
  1984. Chicken Salad Sandwich W/ Wheat Bread (User Entry)
  1985. Chicken Salad Sandwich- Country Style (User Entry)
  1986. Chicken Salad W/cranberries And Walnuts (User Entry)
  1987. Chicken Salad With Carb-well Italian Dressing (User Entry)
  1988. Chicken Salad With Two Slices Bread (User Entry)
  1989. Chicken Salad Wrap (User Entry)
  1990. Chicken Salad Wrap Mini Mart (User Entry)
  1991. Chicken Salad, Oprah's (User Entry)
  1992. Chicken Salad, Sycamore Farms (User Entry)
  1993. Chicken Salad- Bumble Bee (User Entry)
  1994. Chicken Salad/crackers (User Entry)
  1995. Chicken Salade Package (User Entry)
  1996. Chicken Salami (User Entry)
  1997. Chicken Salsa Cruda Salad (User Entry)
  1998. Chicken Sambal (chicken, W/ Pounded+fried Chilli, Shallot, Galangal, Garlic, Ginger, Tamarind) - Per 115.17g Serving. (User Entry)
  1999. Chicken Sams Club Rotisserie (User Entry)
  2000. Chicken Sand. With Fat Free Cheese (User Entry)
  2001. Chicken Sandwhich Mcdonalds, Crispy (User Entry)
  2002. Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2003. Chicken Sandwich - 99cents - Jack In The Box (User Entry)
  2004. Chicken Sandwich - Morningstar (User Entry)
  2005. Chicken Sandwich - Subway (User Entry)
  2006. Chicken Sandwich Chick Fil-a (User Entry)
  2007. Chicken Sandwich Meat (User Entry)
  2008. Chicken Sandwich Meat (2 Slices) (User Entry)
  2009. Chicken Sandwich, Chick-fil-a (User Entry)
  2010. Chicken Sandwich, Grilled, Burgerville (User Entry)
  2011. Chicken Sandwich, Honey Mustard, Backyard Burger (User Entry)
  2012. Chicken Sandwich, Lemon Butter, Backyard Burger (User Entry)
  2013. Chicken Sandwich, Low-fat, Burgerville (User Entry)
  2014. Chicken Sandwich, Roasted (User Entry)
  2015. Chicken Santa Fe (User Entry)
  2016. Chicken Satay (User Entry)
  2017. Chicken Satay (chicken Meat Skewered On Bamboo Stick, Bbqed, Skinless & Boneless) - Per 10g Stick/ 10 Stick Serving. (User Entry)
  2018. Chicken Satay, 1 Skewer (User Entry)
  2019. Chicken Satay--4-5 Chicken Skewers (User Entry)
  2020. Chicken Saugage (User Entry)
  2021. Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  2022. Chicken Sausage (3 Links) (User Entry)
  2023. Chicken Sausage (meijer) (User Entry)
  2024. Chicken Sausage (mushroom & Fine Herb, Trader Joe' (User Entry)
  2025. Chicken Sausage (spinach/feta) (User Entry)
  2026. Chicken Sausage (sun Dried Tomato) (User Entry)
  2027. Chicken Sausage - Applegate Chick & Apple (User Entry)
  2028. Chicken Sausage - Red Pepper And Spinach (User Entry)
  2029. Chicken Sausage 4oz (User Entry)
  2030. Chicken Sausage Habenaro And Jack Cheese (User Entry)
  2031. Chicken Sausage Hot Publix (User Entry)
  2032. Chicken Sausage Link (User Entry)
  2033. Chicken Sausage Pattie (User Entry)
  2034. Chicken Sausage, 1 Link (User Entry)
  2035. Chicken Sausage, Aidells (User Entry)
  2036. Chicken Sausage, Aidells, Smoked Chorizo (User Entry)
  2037. Chicken Sausage, Andouille, By Amy (User Entry)
  2038. Chicken Sausage, Apple (User Entry)
  2039. Chicken Sausage, Apple & Gouda (User Entry)
  2040. Chicken Sausage, Apple & Gouda Cheese (User Entry)
  2041. Chicken Sausage, Archer Farms Italian (User Entry)
  2042. Chicken Sausage, Chipotle Chicken (User Entry)
  2043. Chicken Sausage, Han's,org, Spinach/feta (User Entry)
  2044. Chicken Sausage, Nature's Place, All Natural (User Entry)
  2045. Chicken Sausage, Red Pepper & Spinach (costco) (User Entry)
  2046. Chicken Sausage, Spinach & Asigao (User Entry)
  2047. Chicken Sausage, Spinach & Feta, Organic, Han's (User Entry)
  2048. Chicken Sausage, Sun-dried Tomato & Basil, Organic (User Entry)
  2049. Chicken Sausage, Sweet Italian Style, Al Fresco (User Entry)
  2050. Chicken Sausages 375 Grams = 8 Sausages, 47g Each (User Entry)
  2051. Chicken Sausages Macro Free Range (2 Sausages 170g) (User Entry)
  2052. Chicken Scampi - Olive Garden (User Entry)
  2053. Chicken Schnitzel (User Entry)
  2054. Chicken Schnizel (User Entry)
  2055. Chicken Schwarma Salad (User Entry)
  2056. Chicken Schwarma Sandwich, Estimate (User Entry)
  2057. Chicken Selects (User Entry)
  2058. Chicken Serenada (User Entry)
  2059. Chicken Shawarma (User Entry)
  2060. Chicken Shwarma (User Entry)
  2061. Chicken Sicilian Soup - Carrabbas (User Entry)
  2062. Chicken Skin (User Entry)
  2063. Chicken Skinless Boneless (User Entry)
  2064. Chicken Skinless Breast Breaded-fried (User Entry)
  2065. Chicken Slice - 2 (User Entry)
  2066. Chicken Sliced (User Entry)
  2067. Chicken Slices (User Entry)
  2068. Chicken Slices - 2 (User Entry)
  2069. Chicken Sliders Pc Blue Menu (User Entry)
  2070. Chicken Sliders Pick 5 (2pk) (User Entry)
  2071. Chicken Smoked (User Entry)
  2072. Chicken Snack Wrap (User Entry)
  2073. Chicken Soba Noodles (User Entry)
  2074. Chicken Soft Taco (User Entry)
  2075. Chicken Soft Taco (del Taco) (User Entry)
  2076. Chicken Soft Taco Fresco Style (User Entry)
  2077. Chicken Soft Taco- Del Taco (User Entry)
  2078. Chicken Soft Tacos - Shell And Meat Only (User Entry)
  2079. Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  2080. Chicken Soup (estimate) (User Entry)
  2081. Chicken Soup - Trader Joe's (User Entry)
  2082. Chicken Soup 1/2 Halal (User Entry)
  2083. Chicken Soup A La Grec (User Entry)
  2084. Chicken Soup Safeway (User Entry)
  2085. Chicken Soup W/chicken & Matzah Ball (User Entry)
  2086. Chicken Soup With Rice (User Entry)
  2087. Chicken Soup, Homemade (User Entry)
  2088. Chicken Soup- Cafeteria (User Entry)
  2089. Chicken Southern (drumstick) (User Entry)
  2090. Chicken Southern (thigh) (User Entry)
  2091. Chicken Souvlaki (User Entry)
  2092. Chicken Souvlaki Skewer (User Entry)
  2093. Chicken Souvlaki With Tzatziki (l.c. Cook Book) (User Entry)
  2094. Chicken Spa Salad W/dressing- T.j.'s (User Entry)
  2095. Chicken Spaghetti (User Entry)
  2096. Chicken Spedini (User Entry)
  2097. Chicken Spice Rubbed/breast (User Entry)
  2098. Chicken Spicy Caesar Sandwich At N&c (User Entry)
  2099. Chicken Spicy Szechuan Style Vegetables Smart One's (User Entry)
  2100. Chicken Spinach & Fontina Burger (costco) (User Entry)
  2101. Chicken Spinach Casserole (User Entry)
  2102. Chicken Spinach Florentine Raw From Jewel (User Entry)
  2103. Chicken Split Breasts (User Entry)
  2104. Chicken Spread (USDA)
  2105. Chicken Stack (User Entry)
  2106. Chicken Steak (User Entry)
  2107. Chicken Steamed With Cloud Mushrooms (User Entry)
  2108. Chicken Stew (User Entry)
  2109. Chicken Stew With Mushrooms And Cream (User Entry)
  2110. Chicken Stir Fry (User Entry)
  2111. Chicken Stir Fry (allrecipes) (User Entry)
  2112. Chicken Stir Fry - Trader Joe's (User Entry)
  2113. Chicken Stir Fry, Contessa S&f (User Entry)
  2114. Chicken Stir-fry (User Entry)
  2115. Chicken Stir-fry With Black Bean Sauce And Rice (User Entry)
  2116. Chicken Stirfry (User Entry)
  2117. Chicken Stock (User Entry)
  2118. Chicken Stock (swanson Low Sodium) (User Entry)
  2119. Chicken Stock (wolfgang Puck) (User Entry)
  2120. Chicken Stock, Organic Kirkland (User Entry)
  2121. Chicken Stock, Unsalted (User Entry)
  2122. Chicken Street Tacos- Rubios (User Entry)
  2123. Chicken Strip (User Entry)
  2124. Chicken Strip Sub (User Entry)
  2125. Chicken Strip, One (arby's) (User Entry)
  2126. Chicken Strip, Whataburger (User Entry)
  2127. Chicken Strip- Popeyes (User Entry)
  2128. Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  2129. Chicken Strips (hampton House) (User Entry)
  2130. Chicken Strips - 3 0z (User Entry)
  2131. Chicken Strips - Foster Farms - 3 Oz (User Entry)
  2132. Chicken Strips - Pc Low Fat (User Entry)
  2133. Chicken Strips - Tyson (User Entry)
  2134. Chicken Strips = 3 Strips (User Entry)
  2135. Chicken Strips And Spicy Rice (User Entry)
  2136. Chicken Strips Breaded Kroger (User Entry)
  2137. Chicken Strips Pub Style - Per 3 Stips (User Entry)
  2138. Chicken Strips Roasted -tyson 3oz (User Entry)
  2139. Chicken Strips Tyson Grilled 3oz (User Entry)
  2140. Chicken Strips, Fajita Grilled Tyson (User Entry)
  2141. Chicken Strips, Grilled, Frozen, Foster Farms (User Entry)
  2142. Chicken Strips/2 Pcs (User Entry)
  2143. Chicken Stroganoff (User Entry)
  2144. Chicken Stuffed Crust Pizza (User Entry)
  2145. Chicken Stuffed With Broccoli+cheese (User Entry)
  2146. Chicken Sub (User Entry)
  2147. Chicken Sub Sandwich (User Entry)
  2148. Chicken Supremes (User Entry)
  2149. Chicken Swanson Canned (User Entry)
  2150. Chicken Szechwan Pc Blue Menu (User Entry)
  2151. Chicken Taco (User Entry)
  2152. Chicken Taco (1 Taco) (User Entry)
  2153. Chicken Taco (baja Fresh) (User Entry)
  2154. Chicken Taco @ Taquera Del Sol (User Entry)
  2155. Chicken Taco Bowl Smallmyfitheb Ct (User Entry)
  2156. Chicken Taco Salad (User Entry)
  2157. Chicken Taco Seasoning 1/4 Pkt (User Entry)
  2158. Chicken Taco Soup (slow Cooker) (User Entry)
  2159. Chicken Tacos (User Entry)
  2160. Chicken Tacos Hard Shell Fried (User Entry)
  2161. Chicken Tamale (User Entry)
  2162. Chicken Tamale Casserole (User Entry)
  2163. Chicken Tamales (User Entry)
  2164. Chicken Tandoori W Spinach Tandoori Chef (User Entry)
  2165. Chicken Tandoori W/spinach (User Entry)
  2166. Chicken Tandoori With Spinach (User Entry)
  2167. Chicken Taquito (User Entry)
  2168. Chicken Taquito (3) (User Entry)
  2169. Chicken Taquito's - 3 Per Serv (User Entry)
  2170. Chicken Taquitos (User Entry)
  2171. Chicken Taquitos (3 Pc) (User Entry)
  2172. Chicken Taquitos (four) - Delimex (User Entry)
  2173. Chicken Taquitos -tjoes (User Entry)
  2174. Chicken Tender (User Entry)
  2175. Chicken Tenderlion Strips (User Entry)
  2176. Chicken Tenderloin (User Entry)
  2177. Chicken Tenderloin 1 Oz (User Entry)
  2178. Chicken Tenderloins (User Entry)
  2179. Chicken Tenderloins (great Value Brand) (User Entry)
  2180. Chicken Tenderloins 12oz (User Entry)
  2181. Chicken Tenderloins Staters Frozen (User Entry)
  2182. Chicken Tenderloins: Kirkwood 4.5 (User Entry)
  2183. Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  2184. Chicken Tenders (3 Pcs) (User Entry)
  2185. Chicken Tenders 2 Servings (User Entry)
  2186. Chicken Tenders 5 Piece (User Entry)
  2187. Chicken Tenders From Bag (User Entry)
  2188. Chicken Tenders From Bk 4 (User Entry)
  2189. Chicken Tenders Sauteed (User Entry)
  2190. Chicken Tenders, 4 (User Entry)
  2191. Chicken Tenders, Breaded, Fried (3 Oz) (User Entry)
  2192. Chicken Tenders, Honey Battered, Tyson Brand (per (User Entry)
  2193. Chicken Tenders/ Fast Fixins (User Entry)
  2194. Chicken Tenders/kfc (3 Pcs.) (User Entry)
  2195. Chicken Teri- 1 Cup (User Entry)
  2196. Chicken Teriyake (User Entry)
  2197. Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  2198. Chicken Teriyaki (5 Oz) (User Entry)
  2199. Chicken Teriyaki (western Sizzlin) (User Entry)
  2200. Chicken Teriyaki - Trader Joes (User Entry)
  2201. Chicken Teriyaki Bowl (User Entry)
  2202. Chicken Teriyaki Express Bowl (User Entry)
  2203. Chicken Teriyaki Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  2204. Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich, Subway 6" (User Entry)
  2205. Chicken Teriyaki Sub (User Entry)
  2206. Chicken Teriyaki Sub 6 Inch 9wheat (User Entry)
  2207. Chicken Teriyaki- 3oz (User Entry)
  2208. Chicken Terriyaki Pre Cooked (User Entry)
  2209. Chicken Teryaki W/ Rice, Veges (User Entry)
  2210. Chicken Tetrazzini (User Entry)
  2211. Chicken Tex Mex Sainbury (User Entry)
  2212. Chicken Thai Peanut Stir Fry (User Entry)
  2213. Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  2214. Chicken Thigh - Black Pepper, Roasted Wif Skin (User Entry)
  2215. Chicken Thigh 4oz No Skin (User Entry)
  2216. Chicken Thigh Bonless No Skin (User Entry)
  2217. Chicken Thigh Filets, Harvestland (User Entry)
  2218. Chicken Thigh Meat, Free Range (User Entry)
  2219. Chicken Thigh No Skin (User Entry)
  2220. Chicken Thigh Skinless, Free Range (User Entry)
  2221. Chicken Thigh W/o Skin (User Entry)
  2222. Chicken Thigh, Grilled (User Entry)
  2223. Chicken Thigh, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed 68g (User Entry)
  2224. Chicken Thigh, Meat Only 55 Grams (User Entry)
  2225. Chicken Thigh, Meat Only, Stewed (User Entry)
  2226. Chicken Thigh, W/ Skin, Grilled (User Entry)
  2227. Chicken Thigh- El Pollo Loco (User Entry)
  2228. Chicken Thighs (User Entry)
  2229. Chicken Thighs - Piece (User Entry)
  2230. Chicken Thighs Boneless And Skinless (User Entry)
  2231. Chicken Thighs W/ Capers, Tomatoes And Olives (User Entry)
  2232. Chicken Thighs With Olives And Tomato Sauce (User Entry)
  2233. Chicken Thighs, Boneless Skinless Organic (User Entry)
  2234. Chicken Thighs, Meat Only, No Skin, Cooked (1.8 Oz) (User Entry)
  2235. Chicken Tikka (User Entry)
  2236. Chicken Tikka - Sainsburys (User Entry)
  2237. Chicken Tikka Masala (User Entry)
  2238. Chicken Tikka Masala (trader Joe's) (User Entry)
  2239. Chicken Tikka Masala - President's Choice Blue Men (User Entry)
  2240. Chicken Tikka Masala 280 Grams (User Entry)
  2241. Chicken Tikka Masala Frozen Dinner (User Entry)
  2242. Chicken Tikka Massala (User Entry)
  2243. Chicken Tikka Stirfry (User Entry)
  2244. Chicken Tikka Street Wrap (User Entry)
  2245. Chicken Tikka, Breast Pieces (User Entry)
  2246. Chicken Tinned (User Entry)
  2247. Chicken Tonight Creamy Mushroom Sauce (User Entry)
  2248. Chicken Tonight Sauce Only Curried With Veg (User Entry)
  2249. Chicken Tonight Spanish Chicken Sauce (User Entry)
  2250. Chicken Tonight, Classic Chasseur (User Entry)
  2251. Chicken Tornado (User Entry)
  2252. Chicken Tornados (User Entry)
  2253. Chicken Tornados (village)(1pc=113g)* (User Entry)
  2254. Chicken Tortilla Casserole (User Entry)
  2255. Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  2256. Chicken Tortilla Soup & 1/2 Pesto Sand (User Entry)
  2257. Chicken Tortilla Soup 8.75 Oz (User Entry)
  2258. Chicken Tortilla Soup Chick Fil A (User Entry)
  2259. Chicken Tostada (User Entry)
  2260. Chicken Totellini-chammps (User Entry)
  2261. Chicken Tuscan (User Entry)
  2262. Chicken Tuscan - Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  2263. Chicken Tuscan Panini (User Entry)
  2264. Chicken Tuscan Panini (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  2265. Chicken Tuscany (User Entry)
  2266. Chicken Tuscany Campbell's Select Harvest (User Entry)
  2267. Chicken Tyson Grilled Bagged 3oz (User Entry)
  2268. Chicken Veg. Pat Surprise (User Entry)
  2269. Chicken Vegetable Pizza 1 Slice (10 Oz) (User Entry)
  2270. Chicken Veggie Omelet (User Entry)
  2271. Chicken Veggie Soup (User Entry)
  2272. Chicken Vienna Sausage (User Entry)
  2273. Chicken W/ Artichokes (User Entry)
  2274. Chicken W/ Mushrooms - Panda Express (User Entry)
  2275. Chicken W/ Rice Soup Campbells (User Entry)
  2276. Chicken W/ Rosemary Ct (User Entry)
  2277. Chicken W/cashews (User Entry)
  2278. Chicken W/h Eg Noodles Campbells Selects (User Entry)
  2279. Chicken W/mini Noodles Soup At Hand (User Entry)
  2280. Chicken W/mushroom (User Entry)
  2281. Chicken W/rice (User Entry)
  2282. Chicken W/soy (User Entry)
  2283. Chicken Waldorf Salad (User Entry)
  2284. Chicken Weiner (User Entry)
  2285. Chicken Wellington (User Entry)
  2286. Chicken Whopper (User Entry)
  2287. Chicken Wiener (User Entry)
  2288. Chicken Wild Rice Cassorole 1 1/2 Cup (User Entry)
  2289. Chicken Wild Rice Soup (User Entry)
  2290. Chicken Wing (User Entry)
  2291. Chicken Wing - Kfc Orignial Recipie (User Entry)
  2292. Chicken Wing 1 Piece (User Entry)
  2293. Chicken Wing Roasted (User Entry)
  2294. Chicken Wing, Bbqed - Per 98g Piece. (User Entry)
  2295. Chicken Wing, Grilled, W/ Skin (User Entry)
  2296. Chicken Wing- El Pollo Loco (User Entry)
  2297. Chicken Wings (User Entry)
  2298. Chicken Wings (190g) (User Entry)
  2299. Chicken Wings - 1 Wing (User Entry)
  2300. Chicken Wings - Bbq X5 (User Entry)
  2301. Chicken Wings -bbq X5 (User Entry)
  2302. Chicken Wings 4 Wings (User Entry)
  2303. Chicken Wings 6 (User Entry)
  2304. Chicken Wings Resturant (User Entry)
  2305. Chicken Wings Small (User Entry)
  2306. Chicken Wings X 3 Roasted Plain (User Entry)
  2307. Chicken Wings, Boiled (1 Wing) (User Entry)
  2308. Chicken Wings, Cala (User Entry)
  2309. Chicken Wings, Roosters-2 (User Entry)
  2310. Chicken With Balsamic Glaze And Oarmesan Pasta (User Entry)
  2311. Chicken With Basil Cream Sauce (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  2312. Chicken With Broc And Cheese Fill (User Entry)
  2313. Chicken With Broccoli (User Entry)
  2314. Chicken With Broccoli And Cheese (User Entry)
  2315. Chicken With Creamy Chive Sauce (User Entry)
  2316. Chicken With Fontina And Blueberries (User Entry)
  2317. Chicken With Ginger, Stir-fried - Per Serving. (User Entry)
  2318. Chicken With Goat Cheese Sauce (User Entry)
  2319. Chicken With Mini Noodles Soup (User Entry)
  2320. Chicken With Mixed Vegetables (User Entry)
  2321. Chicken With Mushrooms - Panda (User Entry)
  2322. Chicken With Potatoes (User Entry)
  2323. Chicken With Rice Condensed Soup, Clover Valley Brand (User Entry)
  2324. Chicken With Roast Veggies (User Entry)
  2325. Chicken With Vegies (User Entry)
  2326. Chicken With Wheat Pasta (User Entry)
  2327. Chicken With White & Wild Rice (User Entry)
  2328. Chicken With White And Wild Rice Soup (User Entry)
  2329. Chicken Wonton (User Entry)
  2330. Chicken Wonton Soup - Cambell's Cond (User Entry)
  2331. Chicken Works Burrito (User Entry)
  2332. Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  2333. Chicken Wrap Sonic (User Entry)
  2334. Chicken Wrap Subway (User Entry)
  2335. Chicken Wraps (User Entry)
  2336. Chicken Yakitori (2 Sticks) (User Entry)
  2337. Chicken&sausagew/rice Cajun Styl Nutri (User Entry)
  2338. Chicken(breast) (User Entry)
  2339. Chicken, Avo Panini (User Entry)
  2340. Chicken, Bacon, Cheese (User Entry)
  2341. Chicken, Baked (User Entry)
  2342. Chicken, Baked (3 Oz) (User Entry)
  2343. Chicken, Beef And Shrimp In Brown Sauce (User Entry)
  2344. Chicken, Blazing Buffalo Boar's Head (User Entry)
  2345. Chicken, Boneless (User Entry)
  2346. Chicken, Boneless Skinless 4 Oz (User Entry)
  2347. Chicken, Boneless Skinless Tenderloins (User Entry)
  2348. Chicken, Boneless Thighs, The Natural (User Entry)
  2349. Chicken, Boneless, Skinless (User Entry)
  2350. Chicken, Breast (User Entry)
  2351. Chicken, Breast (frozen) (User Entry)
  2352. Chicken, Breast (raw, 118 G) (User Entry)
  2353. Chicken, Breast Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted 1/2 (User Entry)
  2354. Chicken, Breast, Boneless, Skinless (User Entry)
  2355. Chicken, Breast, Boneless, Skinless, Raw (User Entry)
  2356. Chicken, Breast, Frozen, Tj (User Entry)
  2357. Chicken, Breast, Grilled (User Entry)
  2358. Chicken, Breast, Patty (User Entry)
  2359. Chicken, Broccoli & Cheddar Stuffed Sandwich, Grea (User Entry)
  2360. Chicken, Broccoli Noodles (User Entry)
  2361. Chicken, Broccoli, & Cheddar Lp (User Entry)
  2362. Chicken, Broccoli, & Cheese Lean Pocket (User Entry)
  2363. Chicken, Broccoli, Rice Casserole (no Cheese) (User Entry)
  2364. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2365. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2366. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2367. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2368. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2369. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2370. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2371. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2372. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Back, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2373. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2374. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2375. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2376. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2377. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2378. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2379. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2380. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2381. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat Only, Raw (User Entry)
  2382. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Breast, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2383. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2384. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2385. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2386. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2387. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2388. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2389. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2390. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2391. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Dark Meat, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2392. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2393. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2394. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2395. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2396. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2397. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2398. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2399. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2400. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Drumstick, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2401. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Giblets, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2402. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Giblets, Cooked, Simmered (USDA)
  2403. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Giblets, Raw (USDA)
  2404. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2405. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2406. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2407. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2408. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2409. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2410. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2411. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2412. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Leg, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2413. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2414. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2415. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2416. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2417. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2418. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2419. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2420. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2421. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Light Meat, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2422. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2423. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2424. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Raw (USDA)
  2425. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Roasted (USDA)
  2426. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Stewed (USDA)
  2427. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2428. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2429. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2430. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2431. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2432. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2433. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2434. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat Only, Roasted (USDA)
  2435. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Meat Only, Stewed (USDA)
  2436. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Neck, Meat And Skin, Cooked Simmered (USDA)
  2437. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Neck, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2438. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Neck, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2439. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Neck, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2440. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Neck, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2441. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Neck, Meat Only, Cooked, Simmered (USDA)
  2442. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Neck, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2443. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Separable Fat, Raw (USDA)
  2444. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Skin Only, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2445. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Skin Only, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2446. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Skin Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2447. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Skin Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2448. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Skin Only, Raw (USDA)
  2449. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2450. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2451. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2452. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2453. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2454. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2455. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2456. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2457. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Thigh, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2458. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Batter (USDA)
  2459. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Fried, Flour (USDA)
  2460. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2461. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2462. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2463. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat Only, Cooked, Fried (USDA)
  2464. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2465. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2466. Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Wing, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2467. Chicken, Buddig Original (User Entry)
  2468. Chicken, Buffalo Wings. Pizza Hut (User Entry)
  2469. Chicken, Buffalo, Tyson, 2 Pieces (User Entry)
  2470. Chicken, Burgers, Tj, Chile Lime (User Entry)
  2471. Chicken, Canned (User Entry)
  2472. Chicken, Canned 13 Oz 5 Servings (User Entry)
  2473. Chicken, Canned Breast 98%fatfree (User Entry)
  2474. Chicken, Canned Kirkland (User Entry)
  2475. Chicken, Canned, Meat Only, With Broth (USDA)
  2476. Chicken, Canned, No Broth (USDA)
  2477. Chicken, Canned, Swanson White Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  2478. Chicken, Capons, Giblets, Cooked, Simmered (USDA)
  2479. Chicken, Capons, Giblets, Raw (USDA)
  2480. Chicken, Capons, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2481. Chicken, Capons, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Raw (USDA)
  2482. Chicken, Capons, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2483. Chicken, Capons, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2484. Chicken, Caraway-swiss (4oz) (User Entry)
  2485. Chicken, Cheddar's Fried Meal (2 1/2 Ck With Fries) (User Entry)
  2486. Chicken, Chunk (User Entry)
  2487. Chicken, Chunk White Tyson Canned (User Entry)
  2488. Chicken, Chunk, Kirkland (User Entry)
  2489. Chicken, Coconut And Chilli, Simmered (ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi) - Per 293.15g Serving. (User Entry)
  2490. Chicken, Cooked In Red Thick Sauce (ayam Masak Merah) - 1 Small Serving. (User Entry)
  2491. Chicken, Cordon Blu (User Entry)
  2492. Chicken, Cornish Game Hen (1/2) (User Entry)
  2493. Chicken, Cornish Game Hens, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2494. Chicken, Cornish Game Hens, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2495. Chicken, Cornish Game Hens, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2496. Chicken, Cornish Game Hens, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2497. Chicken, Dark Meat Only, Roasted 94g (User Entry)
  2498. Chicken, Deep Fried, Skinless - Per 206g Serving. (User Entry)
  2499. Chicken, Drumstick (User Entry)
  2500. Chicken, Egg & Chz Biscuit (User Entry)
  2501. Chicken, Fried (User Entry)
  2502. Chicken, Gizzard, All Classes, Cooked, Simmered (USDA)
  2503. Chicken, Greek Kabobs 1/4 Recipe (User Entry)
  2504. Chicken, Grilled Breast Strips, Tyson (User Entry)
  2505. Chicken, Grilled Italian Breast Fillet (User Entry)
  2506. Chicken, Grilled Stoufers (User Entry)
  2507. Chicken, Grilled Strips (User Entry)
  2508. Chicken, Grilled, Kfc (breast) (User Entry)
  2509. Chicken, Ground (User Entry)
  2510. Chicken, Heart, All Classes, Cooked, Simmered (USDA)
  2511. Chicken, Heart, All Classes, Raw (USDA)
  2512. Chicken, Hotwings (6oz/7pieces) (User Entry)
  2513. Chicken, In Soya Sauce, Braised - 1 Serving. (User Entry)
  2514. Chicken, Kale & Sweet Potato Soup (User Entry)
  2515. Chicken, Leek , Mushrooms In Mushroom Sauce (User Entry)
  2516. Chicken, Leg/grilled W/ Skin (User Entry)
  2517. Chicken, Lemon Pepper Hillshire Farm (User Entry)
  2518. Chicken, Liver, All Classes, Cooked, Pan-fried (USDA)
  2519. Chicken, Liver, All Classes, Cooked, Simmered (USDA)
  2520. Chicken, Lunch Meat, Aldi's (User Entry)
  2521. Chicken, Meatless (USDA)
  2522. Chicken, Meatless, Breaded, Fried (USDA)
  2523. Chicken, Mesquite Tyson Costco (User Entry)
  2524. Chicken, Orange (User Entry)
  2525. Chicken, Parmigiana (prepared) (User Entry)
  2526. Chicken, Pasta And Aspargus (User Entry)
  2527. Chicken, Pineapple Skewers (User Entry)
  2528. Chicken, Raw (User Entry)
  2529. Chicken, Raw Breast (User Entry)
  2530. Chicken, Roasted With Skin - Per 9.33g Slice. (User Entry)
  2531. Chicken, Roasted, Light & Dark Meat Ns (User Entry)
  2532. Chicken, Roasting, Dark Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2533. Chicken, Roasting, Dark Meat, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2534. Chicken, Roasting, Giblets, Cooked, Simmered (USDA)
  2535. Chicken, Roasting, Giblets, Raw (USDA)
  2536. Chicken, Roasting, Light Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2537. Chicken, Roasting, Light Meat, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2538. Chicken, Roasting, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2539. Chicken, Roasting, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Raw (USDA)
  2540. Chicken, Roasting, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2541. Chicken, Roasting, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2542. Chicken, Roasting, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted (USDA)
  2543. Chicken, Roasting, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2544. Chicken, Rotisserie Walmart - 3 Oz. (User Entry)
  2545. Chicken, Rottis 1/2, (021) (User Entry)
  2546. Chicken, Shake And Bake Bbq (User Entry)
  2547. Chicken, Skinless (User Entry)
  2548. Chicken, Spinach Artichoke Stuffed - Wm (User Entry)
  2549. Chicken, Spring Roll Vina Cafe (2 Pieces) (User Entry)
  2550. Chicken, Steamed, With Skin And Bone - Per 102.6g Serving. (User Entry)
  2551. Chicken, Stewing, Dark Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2552. Chicken, Stewing, Dark Meat, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2553. Chicken, Stewing, Giblets, Cooked, Simmered (USDA)
  2554. Chicken, Stewing, Giblets, Raw (USDA)
  2555. Chicken, Stewing, Light Meat, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2556. Chicken, Stewing, Light Meat, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2557. Chicken, Stewing, Meat And Skin, And Giblets And Neck, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2558. Chicken, Stewing, Meat And Skin, And Giblets And Neck, Raw (USDA)
  2559. Chicken, Stewing, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2560. Chicken, Stewing, Meat And Skin, Raw (USDA)
  2561. Chicken, Stewing, Meat Only, Cooked, Stewed (USDA)
  2562. Chicken, Stewing, Meat Only, Raw (USDA)
  2563. Chicken, Swanson Canned Chunk (User Entry)
  2564. Chicken, Thigh Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted 1 62 (User Entry)
  2565. Chicken, Tyson Teriyaki Smart & Final (User Entry)
  2566. Chicken, White Canned, Valley Fresh (User Entry)
  2567. Chicken, White, Canned In Water- Bumblebee (User Entry)
  2568. Chicken, Willie Chicken Tenderloin (User Entry)
  2569. Chicken, Wing Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted 1 34 (User Entry)
  2570. Chicken, Wing, Frozen, Glazed, Barbecue Flavored (USDA)
  2571. Chicken,dark Meat Only (User Entry)
  2572. Chicken,honey Balsamic(hc) (User Entry)
  2573. Chicken,light Meat Only (User Entry)
  2574. Chicken- Cooked/skinless (User Entry)
  2575. Chicken- Trader Joes (User Entry)
  2576. Chicken-broccoli Stir-fry Diabetic Cookbook (User Entry)
  2577. Chicken-drumstick (User Entry)
  2578. Chicken-frozen Tenderloins (User Entry)
  2579. Chicken-grilled For Salad 3oz (User Entry)
  2580. Chicken-grilled-prepackaged (User Entry)
  2581. Chicken-less Nuggets (combination Of Different Var (User Entry)
  2582. Chicken-n-noodles (User Entry)
  2583. Chicken-thigh (User Entry)
  2584. Chicken-tyson Pouch 7oz All (User Entry)
  2585. Chicken-vegetable Salad (User Entry)
  2586. Chicken-white Meat-canned 98% Fat Free (User Entry)
  2587. Chicken/ Boneless Skinless W/ Rib Meat (User Entry)
  2588. Chicken/broccoli/rice Casserole (User Entry)
  2589. Chicken/coconut Ness (User Entry)
  2590. Chicken/coconut Soup & California Salad (User Entry)
  2591. Chicken/fish Dinner (User Entry)
  2592. Chicken/gv Canned (User Entry)
  2593. Chicken/pasta Steamer Lunch (User Entry)
  2594. Chicken/pork Stir Fry With Vegetables (User Entry)
  2595. Chicken/stuffing Casserole (User Entry)
  2596. Chicken/turkey Cold Cuts (4 Slices) (User Entry)
  2597. Chicken/vegetable Stir Fry (User Entry)
  2598. Chicken/vegetable Stirfry (User Entry)
  2599. Chicken: Nuggets Tyson 5pcs (User Entry)
  2600. Chicken: Canned, Shredded, Sweet Sue (User Entry)
  2601. Chicken: Valley Fresh Canned 98% Fat Free (User Entry)
  2602. Chickenand Mushroom Panini (User Entry)
  2603. Chickenstir Fry (User Entry)
  2604. Chickfila 4-count Chicken Minis (User Entry)
  2605. Chickfila Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2606. Chickfila Chargrilled Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  2607. Chickfila Chicken Biscuit (User Entry)
  2608. Chickfila Chicken Minis-3 (User Entry)
  2609. Chickfila Chicken Minis-4 (User Entry)
  2610. Chickfila Chicken Nugget Meal (User Entry)
  2611. Chickfila Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  2612. Chickfila Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2613. Chickfila Chicken Sandwich - No Bun (User Entry)
  2614. Chickfila Spicy Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2615. Chik Fil A Chargrilled Chicken (User Entry)
  2616. Chik Fil A Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2617. Chik Filet Chicken (User Entry)
  2618. Chikfila Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich (User Entry)
  2619. Chile-chicken Posole (User Entry)
  2620. Chili & Lime Grilled Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  2621. Chili Lime Chicken (User Entry)
  2622. Chili Lime Chicken Burgers (User Entry)
  2623. Chili Limed Chicken Salad 1/2 (User Entry)
  2624. Chili's Buffalo Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2625. Chili's Chicken (User Entry)
  2626. Chili's Chicken And Shrimp (User Entry)
  2627. Chili's Chicken Bacon Ranch (User Entry)
  2628. Chili's Chicken Ceasar Salad (User Entry)
  2629. Chili's Chicken Crispers (User Entry)
  2630. Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup Cup (User Entry)
  2631. Chili's Chicken Fajita Pita (User Entry)
  2632. Chili's Chicken Fajita's Wfixins And 3 Tortillas (User Entry)
  2633. Chili's Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  2634. Chili's Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2635. Chili's Chicken Tortilla Cup (User Entry)
  2636. Chili's Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  2637. Chili's Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl (User Entry)
  2638. Chili's Crispy Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2639. Chili's Gg Chicken Sand W Broc (User Entry)
  2640. Chili's Grill Citurs Chicken & Shrimp (User Entry)
  2641. Chili's Grilled Chicken Caesar (User Entry)
  2642. Chili's Guiltless Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2643. Chili's Guiltless Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  2644. Chili's Guiltless Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2645. Chili's Guiltless Grilled Chicken Pita (User Entry)
  2646. Chili's Margarita Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  2647. Chili's Tequila-lime Chicken (User Entry)
  2648. Chili's: Chicken Pita (User Entry)
  2649. Chili, Chicken, Spicy, Org (User Entry)
  2650. Chilis - Sante Fe Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  2651. Chilis Bar & Grill - Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  2652. Chilis Chicken Fajitas (User Entry)
  2653. Chilis Chicken Tacos (User Entry)
  2654. Chilis Chipotle Chicken (User Entry)
  2655. Chilis Guiltless Chicken Platter (User Entry)
  2656. Chilis Guiltless Grilled Chicken Pita (User Entry)
  2657. Chilis Margarita Chicken Bowl (User Entry)
  2658. Chilis Margarita Chicken With Only 1/4 Of Rice (User Entry)
  2659. Chilis: Classic Nachos With Chicken (User Entry)
  2660. Chilli's Margarita Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  2661. Chimichanga - Chicken & Cheese (User Entry)
  2662. Chimichanga, Chicken And Cheese (User Entry)
  2663. China Wok Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  2664. Chinese (rice, Chicken, Beef, Noodles, Egg Roll) (User Entry)
  2665. Chinese Black Pepper Chicken/veg (User Entry)
  2666. Chinese Buffet, Ate Broccoli And Chicken, Green Be (User Entry)
  2667. Chinese Chicken & Corn Soup (User Entry)
  2668. Chinese Chicken / Mushroom (User Entry)
  2669. Chinese Chicken And Almonds (User Entry)
  2670. Chinese Chicken Corn Soup (User Entry)
  2671. Chinese Chicken Lo Mein (User Entry)
  2672. Chinese Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2673. Chinese Chicken Salad - Darby's (User Entry)
  2674. Chinese Chicken W/vegetables, 1.3 Cups (User Entry)
  2675. Chinese Chicken Wings (1) (User Entry)
  2676. Chinese Chicken Wings 2pc (User Entry)
  2677. Chinese Chicken With Brocolli (User Entry)
  2678. Chinese Chicken/veg (1/2 Plate) (User Entry)
  2679. Chinese Food - Almond Chicken (User Entry)
  2680. Chinese Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  2681. Chinese Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  2682. Chinese Peanut Chicken (User Entry)
  2683. Chinese Restaurant Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  2684. Chinese Sausage, Lap Cheong/ Taiwanese Sausage - Pork & Chicken (per 46g Link). (User Entry)
  2685. Chinese Style Chicken Salad - Trader Joes (User Entry)
  2686. Chinese Style Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  2687. Chinese Szechuan Chicken (User Entry)
  2688. Chinese-sesame Chicken (stouffers Ex.) (User Entry)
  2689. Chinese: Chicken And Broccoli (User Entry)
  2690. Chinese: Chashew Chicken 1 Entree (User Entry)
  2691. Chipolte Chicken Bowl (User Entry)
  2692. Chipolte Chicken Marinade (User Entry)
  2693. Chipolte Chicken W/cheese (User Entry)
  2694. Chipolte Grill Salad W Chicken (User Entry)
  2695. Chipolte Naked Burrito Double Chicken (User Entry)
  2696. Chipotle - Chicken (User Entry)
  2697. Chipotle 4 Chicken Tacos (User Entry)
  2698. Chipotle Bol, Chicken, Black Beans, Lettuce, Salsa (User Entry)
  2699. Chipotle Chicken (User Entry)
  2700. Chipotle Chicken & Steak Bowl (User Entry)
  2701. Chipotle Chicken And Bacon Salad (User Entry)
  2702. Chipotle Chicken Bowl (User Entry)
  2703. Chipotle Chicken Bowl (no Cheese/sour Cream) (User Entry)
  2704. Chipotle Chicken Bowl, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Sour Cream, Cheese, Cilantro (User Entry)
  2705. Chipotle Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  2706. Chipotle Chicken Burrito 1 Whole (User Entry)
  2707. Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl (User Entry)
  2708. Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl - Loaded (User Entry)
  2709. Chipotle Chicken Burrito W/chips And Guacamole (User Entry)
  2710. Chipotle Chicken Chowder (User Entry)
  2711. Chipotle Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  2712. Chipotle Chicken Fajita Bowl (User Entry)
  2713. Chipotle Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2714. Chipotle Chicken Salad With Guac (User Entry)
  2715. Chipotle Chicken W/ Brown Rice, Cheese, Lettuce, Corn Salsa (User Entry)
  2716. Chipotle Double Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2717. Chipotle Double Chicken Salad Faj Salsa (User Entry)
  2718. Chipotle Ranch Chicken Loaded Griller (User Entry)
  2719. Chipotle Salad Bowl (chicken, Pinto Beans, Cheese, Sour Cream, Lettuce, Tomatoes) (User Entry)
  2720. Chipotle Turkey Panini And Chicken Rotini (User Entry)
  2721. Chop Chop Chicken Sweet Chilli (User Entry)
  2722. Chop House Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  2723. Chop Suey, Chicken (User Entry)
  2724. Chopped Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2725. Chorizo Chicken Sausage-amy Lu (User Entry)
  2726. Chow Mein, Chicken, La Choy (User Entry)
  2727. Chun King Sweet & Sour Vegetables Fruit & Sauce With Chicken, Canned Entree (USDA)
  2728. Chunck Chicken (User Entry)
  2729. Chunk Chicken (User Entry)
  2730. Chunk Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  2731. Chunk Chicken Breast Great Value (User Entry)
  2732. Chunk Chicken Breast, Can (User Entry)
  2733. Chunk Chicken Can (User Entry)
  2734. Chunk Chicken In Water/albertsons (User Entry)
  2735. Chunk Chicken-canned (User Entry)
  2736. Chunk White Chicken-1 Can (User Entry)
  2737. Chunky Chicken & Dumplings Soup (User Entry)
  2738. Chunky Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (User Entry)
  2739. Chunky Chicken And Noodles - Mc (User Entry)
  2740. Chunky Chicken Chili Low Fat (User Entry)
  2741. Chunky Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  2742. Chunky Chicken Noodle Healthy Request (User Entry)
  2743. Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  2744. Chunky Classic Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  2745. Chunky Fajita Chicken (User Entry)
  2746. Chunky Healthy Request Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  2747. Chunky Hearty Chicken And Vegetable Soup (User Entry)
  2748. Chunky Soup - Chicken W Rice (User Entry)
  2749. Chunky Soup Healthy Request - Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  2750. Chunky To Go Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  2751. Chunky's Grilled Chicken & Suasage Gumbo (User Entry)
  2752. Chunky, Classic Chicken Noodle Soup (USDA)
  2753. Church's Chicken - Bbq Boneless Wings (6) (User Entry)
  2754. Church's Chicken - Biscuit (1) (User Entry)
  2755. Church's Chicken - Crispy Chicken Taco (1) (User Entry)
  2756. Church's Fried Chicken Gizzard (User Entry)
  2757. Churches Chicken Wing (User Entry)
  2758. Churchs Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  2759. Churchs Chicken Cajun Rice (User Entry)
  2760. Churchs Chicken Collard Greens (User Entry)
  2761. Churchs Chicken Okra (User Entry)
  2762. Churchs Chicken Role (User Entry)
  2763. Churchs Chicken Spicy Leg (User Entry)
  2764. Churchs Chicken Spicy Thigh (User Entry)
  2765. Cider Chunk White Chicken (User Entry)
  2766. Cilantro Chicken Breast Dchct (User Entry)
  2767. Cilantro Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2768. Citronella Chicken (User Entry)
  2769. Citrus Chicken (User Entry)
  2770. Citrus Glazed Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  2771. Citrus Glazed Chicken, Trader Joe's (User Entry)
  2772. City Chicken Cubes (pork Tenderloin) (User Entry)
  2773. Cl - Chicken And Couscous Salad (User Entry)
  2774. Claim Jumper Rotisserie Chicken (User Entry)
  2775. Classic Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  2776. Classic Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  2777. Classic Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  2778. Classic Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  2779. Club House Chicken Gravy (User Entry)
  2780. Cm Chicken Feta Spinach Sausage (User Entry)
  2781. Cnned Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  2782. Co-op Chicken Wings Per 2 Pieces (User Entry)
  2783. Cobb Salad W/chicken (User Entry)
  2784. Coconut Chicken (User Entry)
  2785. Cole Slaw, Charo Chicken (User Entry)
  2786. College Inn Fat Free Chicken Broth (User Entry)
  2787. Colton's Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2788. Colton's Mesquite Chicken (User Entry)
  2789. Columbus Rotisserie Style Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  2790. Commercial Chicken Cheesesteak (User Entry)
  2791. Compliments Extra Lean Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  2792. Confetti Chicken - Applebees (User Entry)
  2793. Confetti Chicken Applebee's (User Entry)
  2794. Congee W Chicken/pork (User Entry)
  2795. Contessa Chicken Chow Mein (User Entry)
  2796. Contessa Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  2797. Contessa Chicken Stir Fry (User Entry)
  2798. Contessa Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  2799. Contessa Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  2800. Continental Lot-a-noodles Chicken (User Entry)
  2801. Cooking Light Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  2802. Coop Hunters Chicken (User Entry)
  2803. Corkscrew Chicken (zoup) (User Entry)
  2804. Corner Bakery Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  2805. Corner Bakery Mom's Roasted Chicken On Harvest Bread (User Entry)
  2806. Corner Bakery Mom's Roasted Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2807. Coronation Chicken (User Entry)
  2808. Cosi -- Sesame Ginger Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2809. Cosi Chicken Tbm (User Entry)
  2810. Cosi Ginger Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2811. Cosi Shanghai Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2812. Cosi Shanghai Chicken Salad W/ Dressing (User Entry)
  2813. Cosi Tandoori Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2814. Cosi Tuscan Pesto Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  2815. Cosi's Chicken Noodle Soup - Large (User Entry)
  2816. Costco Breaded Chicken (User Entry)
  2817. Costco Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  2818. Costco Chicken Pot Pie 1/8th Pie (User Entry)
  2819. Costco Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  2820. Costco Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  2821. Costco Chicken Taquito (User Entry)
  2822. Costco Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  2823. Costco Rotissori Chicken (User Entry)
  2824. Costco Sabatino Spinach Aged White Cheddar Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  2825. Costco-frozen Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2826. Cougar-walmart's Marketside Chicken Caesar Salad W/dressing & Croutons (User Entry)
  2827. Country Breaded Chicken, Healthy Choice (User Entry)
  2828. Country Breaded Chicken-hc (User Entry)
  2829. Country Cookin Grilled Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  2830. Country French Chicken Sauce (User Entry)
  2831. Country Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  2832. Country Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  2833. Country Herb Chicken-healthy Choice (User Entry)
  2834. Country Naturals Chicken (User Entry)
  2835. Cousins 7.5" Chicken Cheddar Deluxe (User Entry)
  2836. Cousins Chicken Cheddar Deluxe Sub (User Entry)
  2837. Cpk Bbq Chicken (User Entry)
  2838. Cpk Bbq Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  2839. Cpk Bbq Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2840. Cpk Ch. Chicken Half (User Entry)
  2841. Cpk Chinese Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2842. Cpk Tostada Chicken (User Entry)
  2843. Crab Chicken Of The Sea (User Entry)
  2844. Crab, White, Chicken Of The Sea 4 Oz. Can (User Entry)
  2845. Cracker Barrel 4 Chicken Tenders Grilled (User Entry)
  2846. Cracker Barrel Chicken And Dumplings (User Entry)
  2847. Cracker Barrel Homestyle Chicken (User Entry)
  2848. Crackers, Chicken In A Biskit (User Entry)
  2849. Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2850. Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2851. Crazy Cuisine Mandarine Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  2852. Cream Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  2853. Cream Chicken Soup 1 Can (User Entry)
  2854. Cream Of Chicken (User Entry)
  2855. Cream Of Chicken - Campbell's Condensed Soup (per 300g Tin) (User Entry)
  2856. Cream Of Chicken - Low Fat (User Entry)
  2857. Cream Of Chicken 98% Fat Free (User Entry)
  2858. Cream Of Chicken Great Value Reduced Sodium (User Entry)
  2859. Cream Of Chicken Souop (User Entry)
  2860. Cream Of Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  2861. Cream Of Chicken Soup, 98% Fat Free (User Entry)
  2862. Cream Of Chicken Soup, Fat Free (.5 Cup) (User Entry)
  2863. Cream Of Chicken Soup, Fat Free, Campbells (User Entry)
  2864. Creamy Basil Chicken (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  2865. Creamy Chicken & Dumplings (User Entry)
  2866. Creamy Chicken & Vegetable Soup (User Entry)
  2867. Creamy Chicken Noodles (User Entry)
  2868. Creamy Chicken Verde (User Entry)
  2869. Creamy Chicken With Mushroom Sauce (User Entry)
  2870. Creamy Mushroom Chicken (User Entry)
  2871. Creamy Parmesan Chicken (User Entry)
  2872. Creamy Parmesan Chicken Tenderloins (User Entry)
  2873. Creamy Rigatoni With Broccoli And Chicken- Ww Smar (User Entry)
  2874. Creamy Rigatoni With Brocolli & Chicken (User Entry)
  2875. Creamy Rigatonni With Broccoli & Chicken (User Entry)
  2876. Creamy Roasted Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  2877. Creamy Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  2878. Create A Meal Lo Mien With Chicken (User Entry)
  2879. Crepe, Chicken Pesto (User Entry)
  2880. Crispbake, Chicken, Brocolli (User Entry)
  2881. Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad (User Entry)
  2882. Crispy Chicken Ceasar Wrap (User Entry)
  2883. Crispy Chicken Deluxe, Wendy's (User Entry)
  2884. Crispy Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2885. Crispy Chicken Salad - Dairy Queen (User Entry)
  2886. Crispy Chicken Salad With Ranch Dressing (User Entry)
  2887. Crispy Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  2888. Crispy Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  2889. Crispy Dijon Chicken (User Entry)
  2890. Crispy Honey-chipotle Chicken Crispers® W/ Ranch (User Entry)
  2891. Crispy Oven-baked Chicken Thighs (User Entry)
  2892. Crispy Parmesan Chicken (kraft) (User Entry)
  2893. Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup (1 Of 8 Servings) (User Entry)
  2894. Crossroads Chicken Wings (User Entry)
  2895. Crunchy Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2896. Crunchy Chicken Taco (User Entry)
  2897. Crunchy Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  2898. Ct - Havana Chicken Reg. (User Entry)
  2899. Cub Original Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  2900. Cubs Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  2901. Culver's Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  2902. Culvers Chicken Cashew Salad (User Entry)
  2903. Cup A Soup Cream Of Chicken (User Entry)
  2904. Cup A Soup Extra - Chinese Chicken Noodle (batchel (User Entry)
  2905. Cup A Soup Spicy Thai Chicken (User Entry)
  2906. Cup A Soup, Lipton, Chicken Noodle Supreme, Instan (User Entry)
  2907. Cup Chicken Parmagiana (User Entry)
  2908. Cup Noodles - Chicken Flavor (User Entry)
  2909. Cup Of Noodles, Chicken (User Entry)
  2910. Cup Of Soup, Cream Of Chicken (User Entry)
  2911. Cup-a-soup Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  2912. Cup-a-soup--chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  2913. Cup-o-noodles Spicy Chile Chicken (User Entry)
  2914. Curly"s Sauceless Pulled Chicken (User Entry)
  2915. Curly's Pulled Chicken (User Entry)
  2916. Curried Chicken - 1 Breast (User Entry)
  2917. Curried Chicken And Peanut Stew (User Entry)
  2918. Curried Chicken W/ Jasmine Rice (User Entry)
  2919. Curried Chicken W/ Snap Peas And Mushrooms (User Entry)
  2920. Curried Pear Chicken (User Entry)
  2921. Curry Chicken (User Entry)
  2922. Curry Chicken 1 Cup (User Entry)
  2923. Curry Chicken 1/4 Of Recipe (User Entry)
  2924. Curry Chicken With Rice (User Entry)
  2925. Curry Puff, Chicken (pastry, Flaky, Filled With Chicken Meat, Potatoes, Curry, Baked) Per 71g Piece. (User Entry)
  2926. Curry, Chicken, In Coconut Milk, Thai - 1 Serving. (User Entry)
  2927. Curry, Chicken, With Coconut Milk, Malay Style - Per 220.83 G Serving. (User Entry)
  2928. Curry, Chicken, With Yoghurt & Tomato, Indian Style - Per 238.38g Serving. (User Entry)
  2929. D&w Gourmet Chicken Breast, 2 Oz. (User Entry)
  2930. D'agostino Chicken Corn Chowder (User Entry)
  2931. D'brians Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wrap (User Entry)
  2932. Daily Chef Chunk Chicken (User Entry)
  2933. Daily Chef Hatch Chile & Monterey Jack Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  2934. Daily Chef Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (1/3 Cup Equals One Serving) ~ 5 Per Can (User Entry)
  2935. Daily Chef Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (1/3 Cup Per Serving, 5 Per Container) (User Entry)
  2936. Dairy O Chicken Pita (User Entry)
  2937. Dairy Queen Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  2938. Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket W/gravy (User Entry)
  2939. Dairy Queen Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  2940. Dairy Queen Popcorn Chicken Medium (User Entry)
  2941. Dananni's Chicken Hoagie (User Entry)
  2942. Dangelos Chicken No.9 (large) (User Entry)
  2943. Danielle Chicken Chipolte Bowl (User Entry)
  2944. Dd Chicken Salad Wrap (User Entry)
  2945. Deep Fried Chicken Wings (User Entry)
  2946. Del Taco Big Fat Chicken Taco (User Entry)
  2947. Del Taco Chicken Soft Taco (User Entry)
  2948. Del Taco Chicken Taco Del Carbon (User Entry)
  2949. Del Taco Classic Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  2950. Del Taco, Del Classic Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  2951. Deli - Buffalo Chicken (User Entry)
  2952. Deli Chicken (2 Oz=1 Serving) (User Entry)
  2953. Deli Chicken Breast (sliced) (User Entry)
  2954. Deli Cuts Rotisserie Chicken Slices (User Entry)
  2955. Deli Fresh Chicken Brest (User Entry)
  2956. Deli Slice Chicken (User Entry)
  2957. Deluxe Chunk White Chicken In Water (User Entry)
  2958. Denny's Chicken Dinner (User Entry)
  2959. Denny's Chicken Fingers (5) (User Entry)
  2960. Diced Chicken (User Entry)
  2961. Dierberg's Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  2962. Diet Gourmet Chicken Marsala Over Rotini (User Entry)
  2963. Diet Gourmet Chicken Ravioli (User Entry)
  2964. Diet Gourmet Cranberry Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2965. Digiorno 200 Calorie Chicken/pepper/onion (User Entry)
  2966. Digiorno Spicy Chicken Supreme Pizza (User Entry)
  2967. Dijon Vegetarian 'chicken' Breasts (User Entry)
  2968. Dinner - Chicken Broth Homemade (User Entry)
  2969. Dinner - Chicken Tonight Sauce Only (User Entry)
  2970. Dinner - Parmesan Chicken - 1 Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  2971. Dinner Diva Chicken With Dijon Tarragon Sauce (User Entry)
  2972. Dinner Diva Crock Morock Chicken (User Entry)
  2973. Dinner Diva Indian Summer Skillet Chicken (User Entry)
  2974. Dinner Diva Skillet Chicken With Honey-mustard Mayo (User Entry)
  2975. Dinner Diva Spiced Rubbed Chicken W Grape Tomatos (User Entry)
  2976. Dinner Tacos X 1 - Oepaso Soft Crispy Chicken Kit (User Entry)
  2977. Dino Nuggets - Chicken - 4pcs (User Entry)
  2978. Dinty Moore Chicken & Dumplings (User Entry)
  2979. Dinty Moore Chicken Breast & Gravy (User Entry)
  2980. Domino's Chicken, Bacon, Ranch (1 Sandwich) (User Entry)
  2981. Domino's Med - Chicken & Provolone (User Entry)
  2982. Domino's Medium Chicken Bacon Ranch Thin Crust Pizza - 1/4th Pizza (User Entry)
  2983. Dominos Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub (User Entry)
  2984. Dominos- 3 Piecess Of Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  2985. Dominos- Med Hand Tossed Grilled Chicken Pizza (1 Slice) (User Entry)
  2986. Don Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  2987. Don Miguel Chicken & Chesse Mini Tacos - 4 Tacos (User Entry)
  2988. Don Pablo's Chicken Fajitas (User Entry)
  2989. Donatoes Chicken Veggie Medley (User Entry)
  2990. Donatos Tuscan Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2991. Dq Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  2992. Dq Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  2993. Dq Chicken Sandwich & Fries (User Entry)
  2994. Dq Chicken Strip Basket (4 Piece) (User Entry)
  2995. Dq Crispy Chicken (User Entry)
  2996. Dq's Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  2997. Dream Dinners Buffalo Chicken (User Entry)
  2998. Dream Dinners Chicken, Lemon, Garlice (without Pen (User Entry)
  2999. Drunken Noodles With Chicken 12oz (User Entry)
  3000. Dunkin Donuts Chicken Bacon Cheese Sandwich (User Entry)
  3001. Dunkin Donuts Chicken Salad On A Croissant (User Entry)
  3002. Dunkin Donuts Chicken Salad On Croissant (User Entry)
  3003. Dutch Brand Loaf, Chicken, Pork And Beef (USDA)
  3004. Earth's Pride Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  3005. Earth's Pride Organics Chicken Burgers (User Entry)
  3006. East Side Mario Linguine Chicken Tettrazini (User Entry)
  3007. Easy Chicken Stirfry (User Entry)
  3008. Eat Chicken, Bacon, Risotto Soup (User Entry)
  3009. Eating Right - Chicken W/basil Cream (User Entry)
  3010. Eating Right Cashew Chicken (User Entry)
  3011. Eating Right Chicken Basil (User Entry)
  3012. Eating Right Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  3013. Eating Right Chicken Poblano (User Entry)
  3014. Eating Right Chicken W/ Mushroom Sauce (User Entry)
  3015. Eating Right Lemongrass Chicken (User Entry)
  3016. Eating Right Mediterranean Chicken (User Entry)
  3017. Eating Right Pocket Chicken Melt (User Entry)
  3018. Eating Right Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3019. Eating Right: Chicken Chili W/ Beans 1 Can (User Entry)
  3020. Eating Right: Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  3021. Eating Right: Chicken Poblano (User Entry)
  3022. Eating Right: Chicken W/ Creamy Mushroom Sauce (User Entry)
  3023. Eating Right: Chicken With Basil Cream Sauce (User Entry)
  3024. Eating Right: Five-grain Chicken With Plum Sauce (User Entry)
  3025. Eating Right: Lemongrass Chicken (User Entry)
  3026. Eating Right: Mediterranean Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3027. Eating Right: Pineapple Black Bean Chicken (User Entry)
  3028. Eating Right: Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3029. Eating Right: Thin Crust Garlic Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  3030. Ediets - Texmex Chicken W/ Blk Beans, Rice, Corn (User Entry)
  3031. Edo Japan Teriyaki Chicken (User Entry)
  3032. Eg - Chicken Tikka Masala (User Entry)
  3033. Egg Chicken (one Large Egg) (User Entry)
  3034. Egg Roll, Chicken (User Entry)
  3035. Egg Rolls: Minh Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3036. Eggs, Beans, Salad, Chicken, Radishes, Sw Potatoes, Cookies, Banana, Choc (User Entry)
  3037. El Charrito Grande Chicken Enchilada Dinner (User Entry)
  3038. El Monterey Chicken Mini Tacos (User Entry)
  3039. El Monterey Chicken Rice And Beans Burrito (User Entry)
  3040. El Monterey Chicken, Rice, & Beans Burrito (User Entry)
  3041. El Monterey Mexican Grill Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  3042. El Montery Chicken And Montery Jack Cheese Chimich (User Entry)
  3043. El Pollo Loco Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3044. Elephant Bar Fire Grilled Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  3045. Emeril's One Pot Chicken Dish (User Entry)
  3046. Emerils Chicken Stock 1cup (User Entry)
  3047. Enchalada (chicken) 1 (User Entry)
  3048. Enchilada (trader Joe's Chicken) (User Entry)
  3049. Enchilada Chicken (User Entry)
  3050. Enchiladas Green Chicken ( 2 Enchidadas) (User Entry)
  3051. Enchilida Chicken Suiza, 1 Enchilida (User Entry)
  3052. Essensia Herbed Chicken With Flame Roasted Vegetab (User Entry)
  3053. Ethnic Gourmet - Peanut Satay Chicken (User Entry)
  3054. Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Pad Thai (User Entry)
  3055. Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Tikka Masala (User Entry)
  3056. Evan's Chicken Caesar Salad (User Entry)
  3057. Everroast Chicken (User Entry)
  3058. Evol Chicken Enchilada Bake (User Entry)
  3059. Evol Thai Chicken Curry (User Entry)
  3060. Evol Chicken Tiki Masala (User Entry)
  3061. Evol Cilantro Lime Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  3062. Evol Teriyaki Chicken (User Entry)
  3063. Evol Thai Chicken Curry (User Entry)
  3064. F&e Tropical Chicken (User Entry)
  3065. Fairgrounds Thinsliced Chicken (1pack 1 Serv) (User Entry)
  3066. Fajita Chicken (User Entry)
  3067. Fajita Chicken, 3 Oz (soules) (User Entry)
  3068. Fajitas Chicken (User Entry)
  3069. Famous Dave's Chicken Tender (per Tender) (User Entry)
  3070. Farmer John Chicken Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  3071. Farmland Chicken Nuggets - Per 4 Nuggets. (User Entry)
  3072. Fast Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  3073. Fast Classics Buffalo Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  3074. Fast Fixin Chicken Breast Pattie (User Entry)
  3075. Fast Fixin Chicken Breast Patties - 1 Patty 71g (User Entry)
  3076. Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  3077. Fast Fixin Chicken Strips (3 Strips) (User Entry)
  3078. Fast Fixin's Chicken Breat Nuggets (6 Nuggets) (User Entry)
  3079. Fast Food - Subway Chicken Portion On 6" Sub (User Entry)
  3080. Fast Food Chicken (User Entry)
  3081. Fast Food Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3082. Fast Food, Subway, Buffalo Chicken, 12 (User Entry)
  3083. Fast Foods, Chicken Fillet Sandwich, Plain (USDA)
  3084. Fast Foods, Chicken Fillet Sandwich, With Cheese (USDA)
  3085. Fast Foods, Chicken, Breaded And Fried, Boneless Pieces, Plain (USDA)
  3086. Fast Foods, Chicken, Breaded And Fried, Dark Meat (drumstick Or Thigh) (USDA)
  3087. Fast Foods, Chicken, Breaded And Fried, Light Meat (breast Or Wing) (USDA)
  3088. Fast Foods, Salad, Vegetable, Tossed, Without Dressing, With Chicken (USDA)
  3089. Fat Free Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3090. Fat Free Chicken Stock (User Entry)
  3091. Fat, Chicken (USDA)
  3092. Fazoli's Chicken And Fruit Salad (User Entry)
  3093. Feasters - Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Melt (User Entry)
  3094. Fettachini Chicken And Sauce (User Entry)
  3095. Fettucine Alfredo Wi Chicken And Brocolli (User Entry)
  3096. Fettucine Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3097. Ff Chicken Broth (User Entry)
  3098. Fiesta Chicken Tortill Bake (User Entry)
  3099. Fiesta Chicken Tortilla Soup (safeway Cafe) (User Entry)
  3100. Fiesta Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3101. Fiesta Grilled Chicken (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  3102. Fiesta Lime Chicken (User Entry)
  3103. Fire Grilled Chicken And Veg Smart Ones (User Entry)
  3104. Fire Grilled Chicken Garden Salad (bk) (User Entry)
  3105. Fire Roasted Tomato Chicken-hc (User Entry)
  3106. Fireshouse Chicken Salad Sub Sandwich (User Entry)
  3107. Fitnfresh Crosstrainer Bbq Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  3108. Flakes Of Chicken (User Entry)
  3109. Flame Broiler Chicken Bowl (User Entry)
  3110. Flamingo Chicken Burgers (breast Meat) (User Entry)
  3111. Flammed Grilled Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3112. Flammed Grilled Chicken Leg (User Entry)
  3113. Flowered Chicken Saute (User Entry)
  3114. Fm - H/choice Chicken & Cashews (User Entry)
  3115. Fm - H/choice Honey Mustard Chicken (User Entry)
  3116. Fm - H/choice Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  3117. Fm - L/cuisine - Cheese & C/pepper Chicken Pasta (User Entry)
  3118. Fm - L/cuisine - Chicken & Basil Spag (User Entry)
  3119. Fm - L/cuisine Chicken Florentine Linguine (User Entry)
  3120. Fm - L/cuisine Satay Chicken Noodles (User Entry)
  3121. Fn Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3122. Footlong On Wheat - Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  3123. Footlong Oven Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3124. Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki - Grn Pep, Lett, Spinach, Pepp Jack, Sweet Onion, On Wheat (User Entry)
  3125. Foster Farm Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  3126. Foster Farms Breaded Chicken Breast Patties With Rib Meat (User Entry)
  3127. Foster Farms Chicken Breast - Skinless & Boneless (User Entry)
  3128. Foster Farms Chicken Breasts, Boneless & Skinless (User Entry)
  3129. Foster Farms Cooked Chicken (User Entry)
  3130. Foster Farms Grilled Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  3131. Foster Farms Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast (4 Slices) (User Entry)
  3132. Foster Farms Southwest Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  3133. Foster's Farm Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3134. Fountain Chicken & Dumplings (User Entry)
  3135. Fountain Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  3136. Frankfurter, Chicken (USDA)
  3137. Fred Meyer Deli Style Chicken Breast 6 Pieces (User Entry)
  3138. Freddy's Chicken Sand. (User Entry)
  3139. Freds Chicken Salas (User Entry)
  3140. Freebird's Chicken (User Entry)
  3141. Freschetta Chicken, Spinach, And Mushroom Pizza (User Entry)
  3142. Fresco Burito Supreme Chicken (User Entry)
  3143. Fresco Ranchero Chicken Taco (User Entry)
  3144. Fresh Chicken Breast, Baked, Meat Only (User Entry)
  3145. Fresh Cuisine Chicken Breast Mashed Potatoes (User Entry)
  3146. Fresh Cuisine Grilled Chicken Fettucini Alfredo (User Entry)
  3147. Fresh Direct Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3148. Fresh Direct Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3149. Fresh Direct Rotiserrie Chicken (User Entry)
  3150. Fresh Mixers Chicken Cacciatore (User Entry)
  3151. Fresh N Easy Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3152. Fresh N Easy Premium Chicken Breast Canned (User Entry)
  3153. Freybe Turkey & Chicken Pepperoni (User Entry)
  3154. Fridays Paemesan Crusted Chicken (User Entry)
  3155. Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  3156. Fried Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3157. Fried Chicken Dinner (User Entry)
  3158. Fried Chicken Fillet (User Entry)
  3159. Fried Chicken Wing No Coating (skin Eaten) (User Entry)
  3160. Fried Rice - Chicken (User Entry)
  3161. Friendly's Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  3162. Friendly's Ginger Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3163. Frischs Chicken Blt (User Entry)
  3164. Frischs Chicken Club Wrap (User Entry)
  3165. Frotega Chicken Panini (User Entry)
  3166. Froz Chicken (User Entry)
  3167. Frozen Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3168. Frozen Dinner - Lasagna And Breaded Chicken (User Entry)
  3169. Frozen Dinner, Breaded Chicken Strips & Mac-n-chee (User Entry)
  3170. Frozen Dinner, Cajun Style Chicken & Shrimp, Healt (User Entry)
  3171. Frozen Dinner, Cheesy Chicken W/ Rice, Healthy Cho (User Entry)
  3172. Frozen Dinner, Chicken Fried Beef Steak, Banquet (User Entry)
  3173. Frozen Dinner, Grilled Chicken Baja, Healthy Choic (User Entry)
  3174. Frozen Dinner, Mandarin Chicken, Healthy Choice (User Entry)
  3175. Frozen Dinner, Princess Chicken, Healthy Choice (User Entry)
  3176. Frozen Entree, South Beach, Caprese Chicken W/broc (User Entry)
  3177. Frozen Food - M&m Meats Bite Sized Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3178. Frozen Green Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  3179. Fruty Chicken Salad First Watch (User Entry)
  3180. Fry's Vegetarian Chicken Burger (1 Pattie) (User Entry)
  3181. Fuddruckers Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3182. Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3183. Full Asian Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3184. Fully Cooked Appetizer Popcorn Chicken (User Entry)
  3185. Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  3186. Furr's Chicken Fried Steak (User Entry)
  3187. Fusia General Tso's Chicken (aldi) (User Entry)
  3188. Garden Style Chicken Penne (User Entry)
  3189. Gardenburger Glazed Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  3190. Gardenburger Meals: Citrus Chicken Green Beans/ric (User Entry)
  3191. Gardnbrgr Sw Chicken Vegs (User Entry)
  3192. Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  3193. Garlic Chicken And Pasta Skillet Meal (User Entry)
  3194. Garlic Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3195. Garlic Chicken In Balsamic Vinegar (User Entry)
  3196. Garlic Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  3197. Garlic Chicken Pizza- Cpk (User Entry)
  3198. Garlic Chicken Skillet (User Entry)
  3199. Garlic Chicken Stir Fry (User Entry)
  3200. Garlic Chicken Voila! (User Entry)
  3201. Garlic Herb Chicken Con Brocoli - Og (User Entry)
  3202. Garlic Herb Chicken From Staters (User Entry)
  3203. Garlic Rosemary Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3204. Gen Tso Chicken (User Entry)
  3205. Gen Tso Chicken Chinese (User Entry)
  3206. Genera Tso's Spicy Chicken (User Entry)
  3207. General Tao Chicken (User Entry)
  3208. General Tsao Chicken (User Entry)
  3209. General Tso Chicken (User Entry)
  3210. General Tso's Chicken (User Entry)
  3211. General Tso's Chicken 3 Oz (User Entry)
  3212. General Tso's Spicy Chicken (User Entry)
  3213. Generic Chicken Casserole (User Entry)
  3214. Gerhard's Chicken & Apple Sausage (User Entry)
  3215. Gf Chicken Soup Base(nutrimax)(1tsp=4g)* (User Entry)
  3216. Gfs Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3217. Gfs Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  3218. Giant Eagle Boneless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3219. Giant Eagle General Tso Chicken (User Entry)
  3220. Ginger Chicken & Broccoli (User Entry)
  3221. Ginger Chicken Stir Fry L&t 03 (User Entry)
  3222. Ginger Garlic Chicken Stir Fry-lc (User Entry)
  3223. Glaze Chicken Lean Couisine (User Entry)
  3224. Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  3225. Glazed Chicken And Carrots L&t 2003 (User Entry)
  3226. Glazed Chicken Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  3227. Gold'n Plump Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3228. Good Earth - Herb Crusted Chicken (User Entry)
  3229. Gordita Nacho Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  3230. Gourmet Chicken Garlic (User Entry)
  3231. Granny's Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3232. Granola-chicken Salad Sandwiches (User Entry)
  3233. Gravy Chicken: Sams Club (User Entry)
  3234. Gravy, Chicken, Canned (USDA)
  3235. Gravy, Chicken, Dry (USDA)
  3236. Gravy, Custom Foods, Superb Instant Chicken Gravy Mix, Dry (USDA)
  3237. Gravy, Nestle, Trio Chicken Gravy Mix, Dry (USDA)
  3238. Great Value Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts With (User Entry)
  3239. Great Value Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Fill (User Entry)
  3240. Great Value Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3241. Great Value Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  3242. Great Value Chunk Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3243. Great Value Chunk Chicken Breast (2 Oz Per Serving, 4.5 Per Can) (User Entry)
  3244. Great Value Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3245. Great Value Cream Of Chicken Soup Condensed (User Entry)
  3246. Great Value Grilled Chicken Breast Fillets (User Entry)
  3247. Great Value Popcorn Chicken (User Entry)
  3248. Great Wrap Thai Chicken (User Entry)
  3249. Greek Chicken (User Entry)
  3250. Greek Chicken Lemon Soup (User Entry)
  3251. Greek Chicken Pie (1/8 Of 9x11) (User Entry)
  3252. Greek Chicken Pita (User Entry)
  3253. Greek Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3254. Greek Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  3255. Greek Chickenskewer (User Entry)
  3256. Greek Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  3257. Greek Salad Sm W/chicken (User Entry)
  3258. Green Curry Chicken (User Entry)
  3259. Green Farm, Torn Cajun Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3260. Greta & Janets Chicken Burger Store (User Entry)
  3261. Grill Mates Chicken Rub (User Entry)
  3262. Grilled Basil Chicken (User Entry)
  3263. Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3264. Grilled Chicken & Pesto Tortilla Pizza (User Entry)
  3265. Grilled Chicken (half A Breast) (User Entry)
  3266. Grilled Chicken (mc D's) W/o Mayo (User Entry)
  3267. Grilled Chicken (med - Bone/skin Removed) (User Entry)
  3268. Grilled Chicken (medium) (User Entry)
  3269. Grilled Chicken (skin Not Eaten) Breast (User Entry)
  3270. Grilled Chicken 8 Peices (User Entry)
  3271. Grilled Chicken 8oz (User Entry)
  3272. Grilled Chicken Alfredo Bake (User Entry)
  3273. Grilled Chicken And Brocoli Lean Pocket (User Entry)
  3274. Grilled Chicken And Mozzarella Ravioli (User Entry)
  3275. Grilled Chicken And Pesto Farfalle (User Entry)
  3276. Grilled Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  3277. Grilled Chicken And Sausage Gumbo (User Entry)
  3278. Grilled Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3279. Grilled Chicken Breast (tyson) (User Entry)
  3280. Grilled Chicken Breast / Culvers (User Entry)
  3281. Grilled Chicken Breast 3 Oz (User Entry)
  3282. Grilled Chicken Breast 6oz After Cooked (User Entry)
  3283. Grilled Chicken Breast Skinless 4oz (User Entry)
  3284. Grilled Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  3285. Grilled Chicken Breast, Oscar Meyer (User Entry)
  3286. Grilled Chicken Buffalitos (2) (User Entry)
  3287. Grilled Chicken Caesar (User Entry)
  3288. Grilled Chicken Caesar - El Torito (User Entry)
  3289. Grilled Chicken Caesar Bowl Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  3290. Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap (User Entry)
  3291. Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad (mcd) (User Entry)
  3292. Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad With Dressing (User Entry)
  3293. Grilled Chicken Cheese Veggie (User Entry)
  3294. Grilled Chicken Classic Sand/mc D's No Mayo (User Entry)
  3295. Grilled Chicken Club (User Entry)
  3296. Grilled Chicken Filet Only From Mcd's (User Entry)
  3297. Grilled Chicken Go Wrap (User Entry)
  3298. Grilled Chicken Kabob (User Entry)
  3299. Grilled Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  3300. Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad (User Entry)
  3301. Grilled Chicken Patty (User Entry)
  3302. Grilled Chicken Perdue Short Cuts (User Entry)
  3303. Grilled Chicken Pieces (User Entry)
  3304. Grilled Chicken Portobella Salad (User Entry)
  3305. Grilled Chicken Primavera (User Entry)
  3306. Grilled Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  3307. Grilled Chicken Ranch Blt (User Entry)
  3308. Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap - Mcdonalds (User Entry)
  3309. Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3310. Grilled Chicken Salad At Stokes (User Entry)
  3311. Grilled Chicken Salad-tullys (User Entry)
  3312. Grilled Chicken Sand (User Entry)
  3313. Grilled Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  3314. Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3315. Grilled Chicken Sandwich And Fries (User Entry)
  3316. Grilled Chicken Sandwich Bk (User Entry)
  3317. Grilled Chicken Sandwich W/cheese (User Entry)
  3318. Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Wendy's (User Entry)
  3319. Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Wendys (User Entry)
  3320. Grilled Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  3321. Grilled Chicken Twister (User Entry)
  3322. Grilled Chicken W/ Whiskey Ginger (User Entry)
  3323. Grilled Chicken W/veg & Pasta-chunky (User Entry)
  3324. Grilled Chicken Wendy's (User Entry)
  3325. Grilled Chicken Wing (1) (User Entry)
  3326. Grilled Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  3327. Grilled Chicken Wrap (w/o Dressing), Sonic (User Entry)
  3328. Grilled Fiesta Chicken Salad With Rice (User Entry)
  3329. Grilled Island Chicken (User Entry)
  3330. Grilled Lean Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3331. Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3332. Grilled Seasoned Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3333. Grilled Southwestern Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3334. Grilled Stuft Burrito, Chicken, Taco Bell (User Entry)
  3335. Grilled Stuft Burrito- Chicken/no Fiesta (User Entry)
  3336. Grilled/baked Chicken Breast (skinless) (User Entry)
  3337. Grillmates Chicken Rub (User Entry)
  3338. Grinder - Chicken (User Entry)
  3339. Grotto Chicken Cheese Steak (User Entry)
  3340. Ground Chicken (User Entry)
  3341. Ground Chicken (empire Kosher) (User Entry)
  3342. Ground Chicken (foster Farms) (User Entry)
  3343. Ground Chicken (raw), Perdue (User Entry)
  3344. Ground Chicken Maple Lodge Farms Extra Lean (User Entry)
  3345. Ground Chicken Patty Perdue (User Entry)
  3346. Guiltless Chicken Platter (User Entry)
  3347. Gumbo Dch Ct Chicken (User Entry)
  3348. Gv Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3349. Gv Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3350. Gv Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  3351. Gv Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3352. Gv Chunk Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3353. Gv Southern Fried Chicken Patties (User Entry)
  3354. H.c. Cajun Chicken And Shrimp Steamer (User Entry)
  3355. Halal Chicken Patti (User Entry)
  3356. Hale And Hearty Cream Of Tomato Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3357. Half Chicken No Skin (User Entry)
  3358. Half Chicken Parm (User Entry)
  3359. Half Of A Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3360. Half-subway Sw.on.chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  3361. Half/blackened Chicken Salad/applebee's (User Entry)
  3362. Hannaford/chicken N Rice Soup (User Entry)
  3363. Hannafords Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3364. Hannafords Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3365. Hardee's Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich (User Entry)
  3366. Hardee's Chicken Biscuit (User Entry)
  3367. Hardees Chicken Bis. (User Entry)
  3368. Hardees Chicken Biscuit (User Entry)
  3369. Hardees Chicken Tenders- 5 Piece (User Entry)
  3370. Hardees Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3371. Hardess Chicken Santa Fe Sandwich (User Entry)
  3372. Harvest Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  3373. Harvest Salad W/grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3374. Harvestland Boneless Skinless Chicken (User Entry)
  3375. Harvestland Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3376. Harvestland Grilled Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  3377. Harveys Grilled Chicken Tom Let Mayo (User Entry)
  3378. Hawaiian Bbq - Bbq Chicken (User Entry)
  3379. Hawaiian Chicken (User Entry)
  3380. Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3381. Hawaiian Ginger-chicken Stew (User Entry)
  3382. Hc - Cheesy Chicken With Rice (User Entry)
  3383. Hc - Chicken Strips And Mac & Cheese (User Entry)
  3384. Hc Bacon & Smokey Cheddar Chicken (User Entry)
  3385. Hc Bbq Chicken (User Entry)
  3386. Hc Cafe Steamer / Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3387. Hc Cajun Style Chicken & Shrimp (User Entry)
  3388. Hc Cheesy Chicken W/ Rice (User Entry)
  3389. Hc Cheesy Chicken W/rice (User Entry)
  3390. Hc Chicken & Mac & Cheese (User Entry)
  3391. Hc Chicken & Potatoes (User Entry)
  3392. Hc Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  3393. Hc Chicken And Rice Soup (User Entry)
  3394. Hc Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3395. Hc Chicken Broc Alfredo (User Entry)
  3396. Hc Chicken Brocc Alfredo (User Entry)
  3397. Hc Chicken Broccoli (User Entry)
  3398. Hc Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  3399. Hc Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo (User Entry)
  3400. Hc Chicken Fresca Top Chef (User Entry)
  3401. Hc Chicken Linguini (User Entry)
  3402. Hc Chicken Margherita (User Entry)
  3403. Hc Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3404. Hc Chicken Monterey (User Entry)
  3405. Hc Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3406. Hc Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  3407. Hc Chicken Parmigiana (User Entry)
  3408. Hc Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo (User Entry)
  3409. Hc Chicken Romano Fresca (User Entry)
  3410. Hc Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  3411. Hc Chicken Tuscany (User Entry)
  3412. Hc Chicken W/ Smokehouse Bbq Sauce (User Entry)
  3413. Hc Chicken With Pasta (User Entry)
  3414. Hc Country Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3415. Hc Grilled Basil Chicken (User Entry)
  3416. Hc Grilled Chicken & Pasta (User Entry)
  3417. Hc Grilled Chicken Baja (User Entry)
  3418. Hc Grilled Chicken Bbq (User Entry)
  3419. Hc Grilled Chicken Ceasar (User Entry)
  3420. Hc Grilled Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3421. Hc Honey Balsamic Chicken (User Entry)
  3422. Hc Lemon Garlic Chicken & Shrimp (User Entry)
  3423. Hc Lemon Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3424. Hc Mandarin Chicken (User Entry)
  3425. Hc Mandrain Chicken (User Entry)
  3426. Hc Mesquite Chicken (User Entry)
  3427. Hc Oriental Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3428. Hc Oven Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3429. Hc Rigatoni With Chicken Broc (User Entry)
  3430. Hc Roasted Chicken And Potatoes (User Entry)
  3431. Hc Roasted Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3432. Hc Roasted Chicken Fresca (User Entry)
  3433. Hc Roasted Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  3434. Hc Rosemary Chicken & Sweet Pot (User Entry)
  3435. Hc Rosemary Chicken & Sweet Potatoes (User Entry)
  3436. Hc Rosemary Chicken & Sweet Potatoes (frozen) (User Entry)
  3437. Hc Seasame Chicken (User Entry)
  3438. Hc Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3439. Hc Southwest Chicken (User Entry)
  3440. Hc Spicy Caribbean Chicken (User Entry)
  3441. Hc Sundried Tomato Chicken (User Entry)
  3442. Hc Sweet & Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3443. Hc Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3444. Hc Sweet Pineapple Chicken (User Entry)
  3445. Hc Teryaki Chicken (User Entry)
  3446. Hc Tomato Chicken (User Entry)
  3447. Hc Top Chef Chicken Fresca (User Entry)
  3448. Hc- Chicken With Almonds (User Entry)
  3449. Hc-cafesteamers Sweet Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3450. Hc-chicken Fettuccini Alfredo (User Entry)
  3451. Hc-chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  3452. Hc-country Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3453. Hc-fiesta Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3454. Hc-grilled White Meat Chicken (User Entry)
  3455. Hc-honey Balsamic Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3456. Hc-mandarin Chicken (User Entry)
  3457. Hc-mesquite Chicken Bbq (User Entry)
  3458. Hc-sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3459. Hc-sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3460. Hc-teriyaki Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  3461. Hccajun Chicken Shrimp (User Entry)
  3462. Heallthy Choice Grilled White Meat Chicken And Mas (User Entry)
  3463. Health Choic Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3464. Health Choice / Oven Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3465. Health Choice Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3466. Health Choice Steamer Orange Zest Chicken (User Entry)
  3467. Health Choice Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3468. Health Choice, Chicken Margherita (User Entry)
  3469. Health Is Wealth Chicken Free Nuggets (User Entry)
  3470. Health Valley Cream Of Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3471. Healthy Chicken And Massed Potatoes (User Entry)
  3472. Healthy Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  3473. Healthy Chioce Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  3474. Healthy Choce Honey Balsamic Chicken (User Entry)
  3475. Healthy Chocie - Grilled Meat Chicken & Pasta (User Entry)
  3476. Healthy Chocie Chicken Dinner (User Entry)
  3477. Healthy Chocie Chicken Margherita (User Entry)
  3478. Healthy Choice Steamersthai Stly Chicken & Vegetables (User Entry)
  3479. Healthy Choice - Cheesy Chicken W/ Rice (User Entry)
  3480. Healthy Choice - Chicken & Cheese With Rice (User Entry)
  3481. Healthy Choice - Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  3482. Healthy Choice - Chicken And Pasta (User Entry)
  3483. Healthy Choice - Chicken Breast & Pasta (User Entry)
  3484. Healthy Choice - Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (User Entry)
  3485. Healthy Choice - Chicken Brocoli Alfredo (User Entry)
  3486. Healthy Choice - Chicken Fettichuni (User Entry)
  3487. Healthy Choice - Chicken Fettucinni Alfredo (User Entry)
  3488. Healthy Choice - Chicken Margarita Seamer (User Entry)
  3489. Healthy Choice - Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3490. Healthy Choice - Chicken Parmigana (User Entry)
  3491. Healthy Choice - Chicken Pesto Alfredo (User Entry)
  3492. Healthy Choice - Chicken Pesto Classico (User Entry)
  3493. Healthy Choice - Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo (User Entry)
  3494. Healthy Choice - Chicken Rigatoni W/green Bean & C (User Entry)
  3495. Healthy Choice - Chicken Tuscany (User Entry)
  3496. Healthy Choice - Chicken Verdee (User Entry)
  3497. Healthy Choice - Chicken, Mashed Potatoes W/green (User Entry)
  3498. Healthy Choice - Country Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3499. Healthy Choice - Garlic Parmesan Chicken (User Entry)
  3500. Healthy Choice - General Tso's Spicy Chicken (User Entry)
  3501. Healthy Choice - Grilled Basil Chicken Microwave D (User Entry)
  3502. Healthy Choice - Grilled Chicken & Pasta (User Entry)
  3503. Healthy Choice - Grilled Chicken & Roasted Red Pep (User Entry)
  3504. Healthy Choice - Grilled Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3505. Healthy Choice - Grilled White Meat Chicken & Past (User Entry)
  3506. Healthy Choice - Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3507. Healthy Choice - Honey Ginger Chicken (User Entry)
  3508. Healthy Choice - Lemon Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3509. Healthy Choice - Pineapple Chicken (User Entry)
  3510. Healthy Choice - Roasted Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3511. Healthy Choice - Roasted Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3512. Healthy Choice - Rosemary Chicken & Sweet Potatoes (User Entry)
  3513. Healthy Choice - Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3514. Healthy Choice - Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3515. Healthy Choice Asiago Chicken (User Entry)
  3516. Healthy Choice Asiago Chicken Portobello (User Entry)
  3517. Healthy Choice Bacon & Smokey Cheddar Chicken (User Entry)
  3518. Healthy Choice Bacon Chedder Chicken (User Entry)
  3519. Healthy Choice Balsamic Chicken (User Entry)
  3520. Healthy Choice Balsamic Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  3521. Healthy Choice Bbq Chicken (User Entry)
  3522. Healthy Choice Blacken Chicken (User Entry)
  3523. Healthy Choice Blackened Chicken (User Entry)
  3524. Healthy Choice Breaded Chicken (User Entry)
  3525. Healthy Choice Breaded Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  3526. Healthy Choice Cacciatore Chicken, Pasta With Chicken Breast Pieces And Vegetables In Cacciatore Sauce, Frozen Entree (USDA)
  3527. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer Chicken Margherita (User Entry)
  3528. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer Gar. Chicken (User Entry)
  3529. Healthy Choice Café Steamers - Balsamic Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  3530. Healthy Choice Café Steamers - Grilled Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3531. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Chicken Garlic (User Entry)
  3532. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Gen. Tso's Chicken (User Entry)
  3533. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Sweet Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3534. Healthy Choice Cajun Chicken And Shrimp (User Entry)
  3535. Healthy Choice Cajun Chicken And Shromp (User Entry)
  3536. Healthy Choice Cajun Shrimp And Chicken (User Entry)
  3537. Healthy Choice Cajun Style Chicken & Shrimp (User Entry)
  3538. Healthy Choice Cajun Style Chicken & Shrimp Steamer (User Entry)
  3539. Healthy Choice Cajun Style Chicken And Shirmp (User Entry)
  3540. Healthy Choice Cajun Style Chicken And Shrimp (User Entry)
  3541. Healthy Choice Cheesy Chicken (User Entry)
  3542. Healthy Choice Cheesy Chicken With Rice (User Entry)
  3543. Healthy Choice Cheesy Rice And Chicken (User Entry)
  3544. Healthy Choice Chicken (User Entry)
  3545. Healthy Choice Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  3546. Healthy Choice Chicken Alfredo Floren (User Entry)
  3547. Healthy Choice Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  3548. Healthy Choice Chicken And Dumpling Soup (User Entry)
  3549. Healthy Choice Chicken And Dumplings (User Entry)
  3550. Healthy Choice Chicken And Mashed Potatoes (User Entry)
  3551. Healthy Choice Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  3552. Healthy Choice Chicken And Rice Soup (User Entry)
  3553. Healthy Choice Chicken And Rigatoni (User Entry)
  3554. Healthy Choice Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3555. Healthy Choice Chicken Breast (4) (User Entry)
  3556. Healthy Choice Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (User Entry)
  3557. Healthy Choice Chicken Ceaser (User Entry)
  3558. Healthy Choice Chicken Chardonnay (User Entry)
  3559. Healthy Choice Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  3560. Healthy Choice Chicken Enchilada Suprema In Green Chili Sauce, Mexican Style Rice, Corn Medley, And Apple Raspberry Compote, Frozen Meal (USDA)
  3561. Healthy Choice Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo (User Entry)
  3562. Healthy Choice Chicken Fettuchini (User Entry)
  3563. Healthy Choice Chicken Fettucini Alfredo (User Entry)
  3564. Healthy Choice Chicken In Roasted Red Pepper Alfre (User Entry)
  3565. Healthy Choice Chicken Margarita (User Entry)
  3566. Healthy Choice Chicken Margherita (User Entry)
  3567. Healthy Choice Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3568. Healthy Choice Chicken Marinara W/ Parmesan (User Entry)
  3569. Healthy Choice Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  3570. Healthy Choice Chicken Monterey (User Entry)
  3571. Healthy Choice Chicken N Dumplings (User Entry)
  3572. Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3573. Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3574. Healthy Choice Chicken Pad Tai (User Entry)
  3575. Healthy Choice Chicken Parmagiana (User Entry)
  3576. Healthy Choice Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  3577. Healthy Choice Chicken Parmesean (User Entry)
  3578. Healthy Choice Chicken Parmigiana (User Entry)
  3579. Healthy Choice Chicken Pesto (User Entry)
  3580. Healthy Choice Chicken Pesto Classic (User Entry)
  3581. Healthy Choice Chicken Pesto Classico (User Entry)
  3582. Healthy Choice Chicken Rice Soup (User Entry)
  3583. Healthy Choice Chicken Romano Fresca (User Entry)
  3584. Healthy Choice Chicken Slices (User Entry)
  3585. Healthy Choice Chicken Soup With Rice (User Entry)
  3586. Healthy Choice Chicken Strips & Mac 'n Cheese (User Entry)
  3587. Healthy Choice Chicken Teriyacki (User Entry)
  3588. Healthy Choice Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  3589. Healthy Choice Chicken Teriyaki With Rice Medley, Mixed Vegetables In Butter Sauce And Apple Cherry Compote, Frozen Meal (USDA)
  3590. Healthy Choice Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  3591. Healthy Choice Chicken Verde (User Entry)
  3592. Healthy Choice Chicken W/ Rice Soup (User Entry)
  3593. Healthy Choice Chicken W/ Rice Soup (1cup) (User Entry)
  3594. Healthy Choice Chicken W/rice (User Entry)
  3595. Healthy Choice Chicken With Honey Mustard Dipping (User Entry)
  3596. Healthy Choice Chicken With Rice (User Entry)
  3597. Healthy Choice Chicken With Rice Soup (User Entry)
  3598. Healthy Choice Chicken-rice Soup (User Entry)
  3599. Healthy Choice Chicken/rice Soup (User Entry)
  3600. Healthy Choice Classic Grilled Bbq Chicken (User Entry)
  3601. Healthy Choice Classic Grilled Chicken Bbq (User Entry)
  3602. Healthy Choice Country Breaded Chicken (User Entry)
  3603. Healthy Choice Country Breaded Chicken Entree (User Entry)
  3604. Healthy Choice Country Chicken Mean (User Entry)
  3605. Healthy Choice Country Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  3606. Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3607. Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken Entree (User Entry)
  3608. Healthy Choice Creamy Herb Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3609. Healthy Choice Cs Grilled Basil Chicken (User Entry)
  3610. Healthy Choice Cs Grilled Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3611. Healthy Choice Cs Grilled White Chicken Meat & Roa (User Entry)
  3612. Healthy Choice Cs Roasted Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  3613. Healthy Choice Dinner (chicken/potatoes/veggies) (User Entry)
  3614. Healthy Choice Fiesta Chicken (User Entry)
  3615. Healthy Choice Fiesta Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3616. Healthy Choice Fire Roasted Tomato Chicken (User Entry)
  3617. Healthy Choice Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  3618. Healthy Choice Garlic Parmesan Chicken (User Entry)
  3619. Healthy Choice General Tso's Chicken (User Entry)
  3620. Healthy Choice Ginger Chicken (User Entry)
  3621. Healthy Choice Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  3622. Healthy Choice Griled White Meat Chicken And Roast (User Entry)
  3623. Healthy Choice Grilled Basil Chicken (User Entry)
  3624. Healthy Choice Grilled Basil Chicken Steamer (User Entry)
  3625. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3626. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken & Pasta (User Entry)
  3627. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken Baja (User Entry)
  3628. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken Caesar (User Entry)
  3629. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken Ceasar (User Entry)
  3630. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3631. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken Monterey (User Entry)
  3632. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo (User Entry)
  3633. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken With Pasta (User Entry)
  3634. Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken/pasta (User Entry)
  3635. Healthy Choice Grilled White Meat Chicken/mashed P (User Entry)
  3636. Healthy Choice Hearty Chicken (User Entry)
  3637. Healthy Choice Hearty Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3638. Healthy Choice Honey Balsamic Chicken (User Entry)
  3639. Healthy Choice Honey Dijon Chicken (User Entry)
  3640. Healthy Choice Jamaican-style Chicken (User Entry)
  3641. Healthy Choice Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  3642. Healthy Choice Lemon Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  3643. Healthy Choice Lemon Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3644. Healthy Choice Mac & Chicken (User Entry)
  3645. Healthy Choice Mandarin Chicken (User Entry)
  3646. Healthy Choice Mandrian Chicken (User Entry)
  3647. Healthy Choice Mc Sweet N Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3648. Healthy Choice Mesquite Chicken Bbq, White Rice, Mixed Vegetables In Sauce, And Apple Raisin Cobbler, Frozen Meal (USDA)
  3649. Healthy Choice Mixed Grill Chicken/bb Sauce (User Entry)
  3650. Healthy Choice Mixed Grill Chicken/w Barbecue Sauc (User Entry)
  3651. Healthy Choice Mixed Grills Roasted Chicken W/garl (User Entry)
  3652. Healthy Choice Modern Classics Chicken Pesto Alfredo (User Entry)
  3653. Healthy Choice Modern Classics Sundried Tomato & Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  3654. Healthy Choice Naturals Sesame Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  3655. Healthy Choice Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3656. Healthy Choice Orange Zest Chicken (User Entry)
  3657. Healthy Choice Oriental Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3658. Healthy Choice Oven Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3659. Healthy Choice Pineapple Chicken (User Entry)
  3660. Healthy Choice Princess Chicken (User Entry)
  3661. Healthy Choice Ravioli & Chicken (User Entry)
  3662. Healthy Choice Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3663. Healthy Choice Roasted Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3664. Healthy Choice Roasted Chicken Chardonnay (User Entry)
  3665. Healthy Choice Roasted Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  3666. Healthy Choice Roasted Chicken Verde (User Entry)
  3667. Healthy Choice Roasted Chicken W/potatoes, Veg And (User Entry)
  3668. Healthy Choice Roasted Honey Chicken (User Entry)
  3669. Healthy Choice Roasted Italian Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3670. Healthy Choice Roasted Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3671. Healthy Choice Rosemary Chicken & Sweet Potatoes (User Entry)
  3672. Healthy Choice Rosemary Chicken And Sweet Potatoes (User Entry)
  3673. Healthy Choice Seasame Chicken (User Entry)
  3674. Healthy Choice Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3675. Healthy Choice Sesame Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  3676. Healthy Choice Smoked Chicken Panini (User Entry)
  3677. Healthy Choice Soup Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3678. Healthy Choice Soup Chicken With Rice (User Entry)
  3679. Healthy Choice Southwestern Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3680. Healthy Choice Spicy Caribbean Chicken (User Entry)
  3681. Healthy Choice Steam Bowl Chicken Marinara/pasta (User Entry)
  3682. Healthy Choice Steam Chicken Romano Fresca (User Entry)
  3683. Healthy Choice Steam Honey Balsamic Chicken (User Entry)
  3684. Healthy Choice Steam Lemon Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3685. Healthy Choice Steam Sesame Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  3686. Healthy Choice Steamer Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3687. Healthy Choice Steamer Grilled Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo Per One Entree (User Entry)
  3688. Healthy Choice Steamer Kung Pao Chicken (User Entry)
  3689. Healthy Choice Steamer Spicy Chicken (User Entry)
  3690. Healthy Choice Steamer Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3691. Healthy Choice Steamers - Basil Chicken (User Entry)
  3692. Healthy Choice Steamers - Chicken Margarita (User Entry)
  3693. Healthy Choice Steamers -- Lemon Garlic Chicken And Shrimp (User Entry)
  3694. Healthy Choice Steamers Basil Chicken (User Entry)
  3695. Healthy Choice Steamers Cajun Style Chicken And Shrimp (User Entry)
  3696. Healthy Choice Steamers Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3697. Healthy Choice Steamers Pineaplle Chicken (User Entry)
  3698. Healthy Choice Steamers Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3699. Healthy Choice Sundried Tomato And Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  3700. Healthy Choice Sundried Tomato Chicken (User Entry)
  3701. Healthy Choice Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3702. Healthy Choice Sweet Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3703. Healthy Choice Thai Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3704. Healthy Choice Tuscan Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3705. Healthy Choice, Bacon & Smokey Cheddar Chicken (User Entry)
  3706. Healthy Choice, Cafe Steamers, Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  3707. Healthy Choice, Chicken Pesto Alfredo (User Entry)
  3708. Healthy Choice, Country Breaded Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  3709. Healthy Choice, Rosemary Chicken With Parmesean Pasta (User Entry)
  3710. Healthy Choice, Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3711. Healthy Choice--chicken Fettucine Alfredo (User Entry)
  3712. Healthy Choice--chicken Margherita (User Entry)
  3713. Healthy Choice-chicken & Rice Cheddar Bake (User Entry)
  3714. Healthy Choice-chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  3715. Healthy Choice-chicken Romana Fresca (User Entry)
  3716. Healthy Choice-generaltso's Spicy Chicken. (User Entry)
  3717. Healthy Choice-rosemary Chicken And Sweet Potatoes (User Entry)
  3718. Healthy Choice/cafe Steamer Sweet Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3719. Healthy Choice: Cajun Style Chicken & Shrimp (User Entry)
  3720. Healthy Choice: Mandarin Chicken (User Entry)
  3721. Healthy Choice: Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3722. Healthy Choice: Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  3723. Healthy Choice; Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  3724. Healthy Choices Chicken Peas Carrots Potatos (User Entry)
  3725. Healthy Choices Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo (User Entry)
  3726. Healthy Chooice - Grilled Chicken Marinara (User Entry)
  3727. Healthy Meal Chicken Mix (User Entry)
  3728. Healthy Ones Oven Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3729. Healthy Request Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3730. Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Souop (User Entry)
  3731. Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3732. Healthy Request Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  3733. Healty Choice - Cajun Chicken & Shrimp Steamer (User Entry)
  3734. Healty Choice Country Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3735. Hearty Fajita Chicken Soup, Safeway (User Entry)
  3736. Heathy Choice Chicken/macaroni (User Entry)
  3737. Heb - Roast Chicken (User Entry)
  3738. Heb Bbq Boneless Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  3739. Heb Boneless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3740. Heb Boneless Chicken Thigh 4oz (User Entry)
  3741. Heinz Big Soup - Chicken And Veg (User Entry)
  3742. Heinz Carb Check Italian Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3743. Heinz Chicken & Vegetable Big Soup (User Entry)
  3744. Heinz Chicken Noodle Soup ½ Can (User Entry)
  3745. Heinz Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3746. Heinz Cream Of Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3747. Heinz Farmers Market Chicken & Veg Soup (User Entry)
  3748. Heinz Farmers' Market Chicken & Veg Soup (User Entry)
  3749. Heinz Gravy (chicken Gravy) (User Entry)
  3750. Heller;s Roast Chicken (3 Slices (User Entry)
  3751. Hellmans Warm Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing (User Entry)
  3752. Helthy Choice Chicken Enchilada (User Entry)
  3753. Herb Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3754. Herb Ox Low Sodium Chicken Bouillon (User Entry)
  3755. Herb Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3756. Herb Roasted Chicken (lean Cuisine) (User Entry)
  3757. Herbalife Creamy Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3758. Herbed Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3759. Herbed Chicken Noodle - Campbell's Healthy Request (User Entry)
  3760. Herbed Chicken With Quinoa Soup (User Entry)
  3761. Herbed Chicken With Rice Soup (User Entry)
  3762. Hf Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3763. Hg - Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  3764. Hg Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3765. Hg Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  3766. Hh Lemon And Herb Chicken (User Entry)
  3767. Hibachi Chicken (User Entry)
  3768. Hibachi Style Teriyaki Chicken (User Entry)
  3769. Hickory Chicken (no Bacon) (User Entry)
  3770. Hill Country Fair - Boneless Skinless Chicken Brea (User Entry)
  3771. Hillfarms Deliselect Smoked Chicken Breast 6 Slice (User Entry)
  3772. Hillshire Farms Deli Select Rotisserie Chicken (User Entry)
  3773. Hillshire Rot Chicken (User Entry)
  3774. Hmr 500 Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3775. Hmr 500, Chicken Soup Meal Replacement (User Entry)
  3776. Hmr Chicken Creole (User Entry)
  3777. Hmr Chicken Pasta Parmesan (User Entry)
  3778. Hmr Chicken W/barbecue Sauce W/rice (User Entry)
  3779. Hmr Creole Chicken (User Entry)
  3780. Hns: Cheesy Chicken Skillet (User Entry)
  3781. Hns: Chicken Parmesian (User Entry)
  3782. Home Made Chicken & Vegetable Soup (User Entry)
  3783. Homemade Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  3784. Homemade Chicken Cheddar Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  3785. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3786. Homemade Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  3787. Homemade Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3788. Homestyle Bake Chicken Alfrado (User Entry)
  3789. Homestyle Bakes Chicken Mashed & Biscuita (User Entry)
  3790. Homestyle Bakes Creamy Cheesy Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  3791. Homestyle Chicken Go Wrap (User Entry)
  3792. Homestyle Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  3793. Homestyle Chicken Noodle Healthy Request (User Entry)
  3794. Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3795. Homestyle Express Chicken Salsa (User Entry)
  3796. Homestyle Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3797. Homestyle Traditional Chicken With Wild Rice Soup (User Entry)
  3798. Honey Balsamic Chicken (User Entry)
  3799. Honey Bourbon Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3800. Honey Burbon Chicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  3801. Honey Chicken (User Entry)
  3802. Honey Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  3803. Honey Chicken Kabobs (12 Servings) (User Entry)
  3804. Honey Chili Chicken (User Entry)
  3805. Honey Crusted Chicken (User Entry)
  3806. Honey D Chicken Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  3807. Honey Dijon Chicken Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  3808. Honey Dijon Chicken Smart Ones (User Entry)
  3809. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (1 Wing) (User Entry)
  3810. Honey Ginger Chicken (User Entry)
  3811. Honey Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  3812. Honey Mustard Chicken (User Entry)
  3813. Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich, Back Yard Burger (User Entry)
  3814. Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich, Backyard Burgers (User Entry)
  3815. Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  3816. Honey Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  3817. Honey Roasted Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  3818. Honey Roasted Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3819. Horizon Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  3820. Hormel 97% Fat Free Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3821. Hormel Canned Chicken (User Entry)
  3822. Hormel Canned Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3823. Hormel Chicken & Noodles (User Entry)
  3824. Hormel Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  3825. Hormel Chicken And Dumplings (User Entry)
  3826. Hormel Chicken And Noodles (User Entry)
  3827. Hormel Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  3828. Hormel Chicken Breast & Gravy (User Entry)
  3829. Hormel Chicken Breast Canned No Salt Added (User Entry)
  3830. Hormel Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3831. Hormel Chicken Salad Kit (User Entry)
  3832. Hormel Chunk Chicken In Water (1 Can) (User Entry)
  3833. Hormel Compleat Chicken & Gravy & Potatoes (User Entry)
  3834. Hormel Compleats Chicken & Dumplings (User Entry)
  3835. Hormel Compleats Chicken & Mashed Potatoes (User Entry)
  3836. Hormel Compleats Chicken & Rice (User Entry)
  3837. Hormel Compleats Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  3838. Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast & Gravy (User Entry)
  3839. Hormel Dinty Moore Chicken & Noodles (User Entry)
  3840. Hormel Shredded Chicken (User Entry)
  3841. Hormel Spam, Lite Luncheon Meat, Pork And Chicken, Minced, Canned, Ascorbic Acid Added (USDA)
  3842. Hormel Teriyaki Rice W/chicken (User Entry)
  3843. Hormel-chicken Breast&dressing (User Entry)
  3844. Hot And Spicy Chicken Tenders (15) (User Entry)
  3845. Hot Chicken Sandwiches (User Entry)
  3846. Hot Chicken Wing - 1 Wing (User Entry)
  3847. Hot Chicken Wings (3 Pieces) (User Entry)
  3848. Hot Chicken Wings - 1 Wing (User Entry)
  3849. Hot Dog, Turkey/chicken, Org., Uncured, Applegate (User Entry)
  3850. Hot Dogs, Chicken All Natural Uncured Trader Joes (1 Hot Dog) (User Entry)
  3851. Hot Italian Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  3852. Hot N Spicy Buffalo Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3853. Hot Pocket - Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  3854. Hot Pockets Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  3855. Hot Pockets, Croissant Pockets Chicken, Broccoli, And Cheddar Stuffed Sandwich, Frozen (USDA)
  3856. Hot Pockets-chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  3857. Hungry Man Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  3858. Hungry Man Fried Chicken And Potatos (User Entry)
  3859. Hungry Man Southern Fried Boneless Chicken (User Entry)
  3860. Hunts Brothers Chicken Bites (User Entry)
  3861. Hytop Cream Of Chicken (User Entry)
  3862. Hyvee Thin Sliced Chicken (User Entry)
  3863. Ian's Buffalo Style Chicken Fingers (User Entry)
  3864. Iceland Sweey Chilli Chicken Pizza Half (User Entry)
  3865. Ideal Protein - Creamy Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3866. Ideal Protein - Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3867. Ihop Balsamic Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  3868. Ihop Chicken And Waffles (User Entry)
  3869. Ihop Chicken Tender Meal W/fries (User Entry)
  3870. Ihop Grilled Chicken W Fruit (User Entry)
  3871. Ilaria Curry Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3872. Imagine Free Range Chicken Low Sod Broth (User Entry)
  3873. Imperial Garden Chicken Egg Roll (User Entry)
  3874. Indian Chicken Curry (User Entry)
  3875. Indian Chicken Jalwezi (User Entry)
  3876. Indian: Chicken Tikki Masala 378g (User Entry)
  3877. Indian: Tandoori Chicken 254g (User Entry)
  3878. Ing: Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3879. Instant Noodles - Myojo Onion Chicken (per 80g Packet Serving) (User Entry)
  3880. Isaac's Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  3881. Island Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3882. Italian Chicken & Mozerella Sausage, Artesian (User Entry)
  3883. Italian Chicken & Potatoes (User Entry)
  3884. Italian Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3885. Italian Chicken Pasta Toss (User Entry)
  3886. Italian Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  3887. Italian Sausage, Chicken (User Entry)
  3888. Italian Seasoned Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3889. Italian Style Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  3890. Italian Style Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  3891. Italian Style Wedding Soup W/ Chicken & Meatballs (User Entry)
  3892. Jack Astor's California Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3893. Jack In The Box - Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  3894. Jack In The Box - Chicken Fajita Pita (User Entry)
  3895. Jack In The Box Chicken Biscuit (User Entry)
  3896. Jack In The Box Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  3897. Jack In The Box Chicken Fajita Pita (User Entry)
  3898. Jack In The Box Chicken Ranch Salad With Almonds (User Entry)
  3899. Jack In The Box Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3900. Jack In The Box Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3901. Jack In The Box Soudough Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  3902. Jack In The Box Sourdough Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3903. Jack In The Box-chicken Fajita Pita. (User Entry)
  3904. Jack Links Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  3905. Jack Links Chicken Fajita Strips (User Entry)
  3906. Jack Links Flamin Buffalo Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  3907. Jack N The Box--southwestern Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3908. Jack's Chicken Caesar Salad Guess (User Entry)
  3909. Jack's Chicken Fajata Pita (User Entry)
  3910. Jack's Place Chicken Sandwich Estimate (User Entry)
  3911. Jack-in-the-box Breaded Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  3912. Jack-in-the-box Chilpotle Chicken Grilled (User Entry)
  3913. Jack-in-the-box Fajita Chicken Strips (1 Strip) (User Entry)
  3914. Jack-in-the-box Sourdough Chicken Club (no Mayo/ketchup) (User Entry)
  3915. Jackin The Box: Sourdough Chicken Club (User Entry)
  3916. Jalapeno Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  3917. Jamacian Chicken Thighs (User Entry)
  3918. Jamaica Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3919. Jamaican Chicken Stew W Rice (User Entry)
  3920. Jamba Juice Asian Style Chicken Wrap (with Dressing) (User Entry)
  3921. Janes Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  3922. Janes Chicken Buger (User Entry)
  3923. Janes Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  3924. Janes Chicken Nugets 4 (User Entry)
  3925. Janes Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  3926. Janes Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich (User Entry)
  3927. Jason's Deli "lighter" Chicken Club Salad - No Dressing (User Entry)
  3928. Jason's Deli Chicken Panini (User Entry)
  3929. Jason's Deli Southwest Chicken Chili (User Entry)
  3930. Jason's Deli, Chicken Club Wrapini (User Entry)
  3931. Jasons Deli Chicken Chilli (User Entry)
  3932. Jb Chicken Fajita Pita (User Entry)
  3933. Jbx Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  3934. Jbx Classic Chicken Ciabatta (User Entry)
  3935. Jbx Spicy Chicken (User Entry)
  3936. Jennie O Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3937. Jerk Chicken (self Recipe) (User Entry)
  3938. Jerry's 8 In Chicken Cheesesteak (User Entry)
  3939. Jerry's Chicken Cheesesteak (User Entry)
  3940. Jerrys Sw Chicken Salad W/ Dip Ranch (User Entry)
  3941. Jimboys Chicken Burrito (User Entry)
  3942. Jimmy Dean Applewood Smoke Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  3943. Jitb Bruschetta Chicken Ciabatta (User Entry)
  3944. Jl's Chicken Jerky (User Entry)
  3945. John Soules Chicken Breast Fajitas (User Entry)
  3946. Johnsonville 3 Cheese Italian Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  3947. Johnsonville Apple Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  3948. Johnsonville Chicken Sausage (w/apples) (User Entry)
  3949. Johnsonville Pork & Chicken Mild Italian Sausage (User Entry)
  3950. Jose Ole Chicken Montery Burrito (User Entry)
  3951. Jr. Chicken (User Entry)
  3952. Jumbo Chicken Franks (User Entry)
  3953. Jumbo Franks, Bars, Made With Chicken, Pork, And Beef (User Entry)
  3954. Just Chicken (User Entry)
  3955. K & W Grilled Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3956. Kahiki General Tso's Chicken (1 Cup (227 G) Per Serving, 4 Per Container) (User Entry)
  3957. Kale, Lentil And Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  3958. Kamut Pasta With 1/4 Cup Sauce And 5 Pieces Chicken (User Entry)
  3959. Kasahi, Lemon Rosemary Chicken (User Entry)
  3960. Kashi Chicken Florentine (User Entry)
  3961. Kashi Chicken Florentine Frozen Entree (User Entry)
  3962. Kashi Chicken Pasta Pomodoro (User Entry)
  3963. Kashi Chicken Tv Dinner (User Entry)
  3964. Kashi Lem Ros. Chicken (1 Entree) (User Entry)
  3965. Kashi Lemon Rosemary Chicken (User Entry)
  3966. Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken (User Entry)
  3967. Kashi Sesame Chicken Steamer Meal (User Entry)
  3968. Kashi Southwest Chicken (User Entry)
  3969. Kashi Southwest Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3970. Kashi Southwest Style Chicken Frozen Entree (User Entry)
  3971. Kashi Sweet & Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3972. Kashi Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3973. Kashi--chicken Pasta Pomodoro (User Entry)
  3974. Kashi--southwest Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3975. Kashi--sweet & Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  3976. Kashi-southwest Style Chicken (User Entry)
  3977. Kaskey's Low Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  3978. Kathi Roll - Chicken (User Entry)
  3979. Kathy's Cobb Salad With Chicken (User Entry)
  3980. Kcal Sweet Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3981. Kent Pizza Chicken Tenders(2 Pieces) (User Entry)
  3982. Kentucky Chicken (User Entry)
  3983. Kentucky Fried Chicken - Coleslaw (User Entry)
  3984. Kentucky Fried Chicken - Corbread (User Entry)
  3985. Kentucky Fried Chicken - Original Leg (User Entry)
  3986. Kentucky Fried Chicken Green Beans (User Entry)
  3987. Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Chicken Bites (User Entry)
  3988. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  3989. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Drum 50gms (User Entry)
  3990. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Drumstick (User Entry)
  3991. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  3992. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Thigh 88gms (User Entry)
  3993. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Wing (User Entry)
  3994. Keys Style Citrus Chicken (User Entry)
  3995. Kfc - Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  3996. Kfc Blt Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  3997. Kfc Chicken (User Entry)
  3998. Kfc Chicken Breat Original (User Entry)
  3999. Kfc Chicken Leg (User Entry)
  4000. Kfc Chicken Strip Sandwich (User Entry)
  4001. Kfc Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  4002. Kfc Chicken Strips (3 Strips) (User Entry)
  4003. Kfc Chicken Strips (3) (User Entry)
  4004. Kfc Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  4005. Kfc Chicken Wing (User Entry)
  4006. Kfc Griilled Chicken Breast Boneless (User Entry)
  4007. Kfc Grilled Chicken (thigh) (User Entry)
  4008. Kfc Grilled Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4009. Kfc Grilled Chicken Drumstick (User Entry)
  4010. Kfc Grilled Chicken Leg (User Entry)
  4011. Kfc Grilled Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  4012. Kfc Grilled Chicken Wing (whole) (User Entry)
  4013. Kfc Or Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4014. Kfc Or Chicken Drumstick (User Entry)
  4015. Kfc Or Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  4016. Kfc Original Recipe Chicken - Drumstick (User Entry)
  4017. Kfc Original Recipe Chicken - Thigh (User Entry)
  4018. Kfc Popcorn Chicken (User Entry)
  4019. Kfc Popcorn Chicken (indiv) (User Entry)
  4020. Kfc Popcorn Chicken (lg Size) (User Entry)
  4021. Kfc Popcorn Chicken, Kid's Size (User Entry)
  4022. Kfc Skinless Chicken (User Entry)
  4023. Kfc-grilled Chicken Breast. (User Entry)
  4024. Kickin Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  4025. Kid Cuisine Cosmic Chicken Nuggets, With Macaroni In Cheese Sauce, Corn In A Seasoned Sauce, And Chocolate Pudding With Rainbow Sprinkles, Frozen Meal (USDA)
  4026. Kids Grilled Chicken Strips- Daphnes (User Entry)
  4027. King Ranch Chicken (User Entry)
  4028. Kirkalnd Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4029. Kirkland - Chunk Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4030. Kirkland Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  4031. Kirkland Canned Chicken (User Entry)
  4032. Kirkland Canned Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4033. Kirkland Canned Chicken Breast In Water (User Entry)
  4034. Kirkland Chicken Bake (User Entry)
  4035. Kirkland Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4036. Kirkland Chicken Breast In Can (User Entry)
  4037. Kirkland Chicken Breast, Canned Packed In Water (User Entry)
  4038. Kirkland Chunk Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4039. Kirkland Premium Canned Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4040. Kirkland Signature/foster Farms Chicken Bakes (User Entry)
  4041. Kirkwood Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  4042. Kirkwood Popcorn Chicken (User Entry)
  4043. Kirkwood Southwestern Grilled Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  4044. Kitchen Basics Chicken Stock No Salt (User Entry)
  4045. Knor - Chicken Noodles Soup (User Entry)
  4046. Knor Pasta Side_chicken/broccoli_wnfdrymilk (User Entry)
  4047. Knorr Buffalo Chicken Rice (User Entry)
  4048. Knorr Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Sides (User Entry)
  4049. Knorr Chicken Bouilon Cubes (1/2 Cube) (User Entry)
  4050. Knorr Chicken Flavor Brocolli (User Entry)
  4051. Knorr Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  4052. Knorr Chickent Rice Prepared (User Entry)
  4053. Knorr Pastasides Chicken (User Entry)
  4054. Knorr Rice Sides Chicken Flavor (User Entry)
  4055. Knorr Rice Sides Creamy Chicken Flavor (0.5 Cup Per Serving, 2.5 Cup Per Container) (User Entry)
  4056. Knorr Soup Thai Curry Chicken (User Entry)
  4057. Knorr Tomato Bouillon With Chicken Flavor (User Entry)
  4058. Knorr's Pasta Sides Chicken Flavor (1 Cup Per Serving) (User Entry)
  4059. Knorr-lipton Pasta Side (chicken) (User Entry)
  4060. Koki Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4061. Kraft Sidekicks Harvest Chicken (User Entry)
  4062. Kraft Southwest Chicken Cooking Sauce 2 Tbs (User Entry)
  4063. Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Chicken & Broccoli - Prepared (User Entry)
  4064. Kraft, Stove Top Stuffing Mix Chicken Flavor (USDA)
  4065. Kroger - Lunchmeat - Chicken (User Entry)
  4066. Kroger Boneless Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4067. Kroger Boneless. Skinless. Chicken Tenderloins (User Entry)
  4068. Kroger Chicken Breast Cutlets (User Entry)
  4069. Kroger Chicken Caesar Salad (User Entry)
  4070. Kroger Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  4071. Kroger Chicken Stir Fry (User Entry)
  4072. Kroger Chicken Tenderloins (User Entry)
  4073. Kroger Deli Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4074. Kroger General Tsos Deli Chicken (User Entry)
  4075. Kroger Grilled Chicken Breast 7 Strips (User Entry)
  4076. Kroger Lemon Herb Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4077. Kroger Premium Chicken Breast, Canned (User Entry)
  4078. Kroger Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4079. Kroger's Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  4080. Krystal's Crispy Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4081. Kung Pao Chicken (User Entry)
  4082. Kung Pao Chicken - Pint (User Entry)
  4083. Kung Pao Chicken Panda Express (User Entry)
  4084. Kung Pau Chicken (User Entry)
  4085. Kung Po Chicken (User Entry)
  4086. L&l Chicken Caesar Wrap (User Entry)
  4087. L.c 3 Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  4088. L.c. Chicken Enchilada Suiza (User Entry)
  4089. L.c. Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  4090. L.c. Chicken Thai In Peanut Sauce (User Entry)
  4091. L.c. Grilled Chicken Caesar (User Entry)
  4092. L.c. Herb Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  4093. L.c. Lemon Chicken Fettuccine (User Entry)
  4094. L.c. Thai-style Chicken (User Entry)
  4095. L/c Chicken Carbonara (User Entry)
  4096. L/c Chicken Chow Mein (User Entry)
  4097. L/c Lemongrass Chicken (User Entry)
  4098. L/c Rosemary Chicken (User Entry)
  4099. La Chicken Drumstick (User Entry)
  4100. La Chicken Thigh (User Entry)
  4101. La Choy Chicken Crap (User Entry)
  4102. La Choy Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  4103. La Madeline Chicken Salad Croissant (User Entry)
  4104. La Zuppa Creamy Chicken & Vegetable (User Entry)
  4105. Land O Frost Oven Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4106. Large Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4107. Laulau Chicken (User Entry)
  4108. Lawrys Chicken Fajitas Seasoning Mix (User Entry)
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  4530. Lean Cuisine, Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  4531. Lean Cuisine,sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  4532. Lean Cuisine- 3 Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  4533. Lean Cuisine- Alfredo With Chicken And Broccoli (User Entry)
  4534. Lean Cuisine- Baja Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  4535. Lean Cuisine- Chicken A' L' Orange (User Entry)
  4536. Lean Cuisine- Chicken Carbanara (User Entry)
  4537. Lean Cuisine- Chicken Chow Mein (User Entry)
  4538. Lean Cuisine- Chicken Club Panini (User Entry)
  4539. Lean Cuisine- Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  4540. Lean Cuisine- Chicken Mediterranean (User Entry)
  4541. Lean Cuisine- Chicken With Almonds (User Entry)
  4542. Lean Cuisine- Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  4543. Lean Cuisine- Teriyaki Chicken (User Entry)
  4544. Lean Cuisine--chicken Carbonara (User Entry)
  4545. Lean Cuisine--chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  4546. Lean Cuisine-barbeque Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  4547. Lean Cuisine-bbq Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  4548. Lean Cuisine-chicken Club Panini (User Entry)
  4549. Lean Cuisine-chicken Mediterranean(wg) (User Entry)
  4550. Lean Cuisine-chicken Spinach Panini (User Entry)
  4551. Lean Cuisine-grilled Chicken(cc) (User Entry)
  4552. Lean Cuisine-honey Dijon Grilled Chicken(cc) (User Entry)
  4553. Lean Cuisine-lemongrass Chicken(wg) (User Entry)
  4554. Lean Cuisine-roasted Chicken W/lemon Pepper Fettuc (User Entry)
  4555. Lean Cuisine-teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry (User Entry)
  4556. Lean Cuisine-three Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  4557. Lean Cuisine/fiesta Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4558. Lean Cuisine: Cheese Lasagna W Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4559. Lean Cuisine: Chicken Alfredo Sillets (User Entry)
  4560. Lean Cuisine: Chicken Carbonara (User Entry)
  4561. Lean Cuisine: Chicken Fettuccini (User Entry)
  4562. Lean Cuisine: Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  4563. Lean Cuisine: Chicken Pecan (User Entry)
  4564. Lean Cuisine: Chicken Teriyaki (User Entry)
  4565. Lean Cuisine: Chicken With Basil Cream Sauce (User Entry)
  4566. Lean Cuisine: Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  4567. Lean Cuisine: Glazed Chicken With Rice Pilaf (User Entry)
  4568. Lean Cuisine: Grilled Chicken Caesar (User Entry)
  4569. Lean Cuisine: Grilled Chicken With Teriyaki Glaze (User Entry)
  4570. Lean Cuisine: Herb Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  4571. Lean Cuisine: Herb Roasted Chicken With Pots And V (User Entry)
  4572. Lean Cuisine: Honey Dijon Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4573. Lean Cuisine: Roasted Chicken W/ Lemonpepper Fettu (User Entry)
  4574. Lean Cuisine: Rosemary Chicken (User Entry)
  4575. Lean Cuisine: Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  4576. Lean Cuisine: Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Chicken (User Entry)
  4577. Lean Cuisine: Sweet & Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  4578. Lean Cuisine: Thai Style Chicken (User Entry)
  4579. Lean Cuisine; Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  4580. Lean Cuisinechicken With Basil Cream (User Entry)
  4581. Lean Cuising - Garlic Chicken & Spinach (User Entry)
  4582. Lean Cuisinne Skillet Sensations 3 Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  4583. Lean Cuisne Baked Chicken Florentine (User Entry)
  4584. Lean Cuisne Chicken Mediterrianean (User Entry)
  4585. Lean Cuisone, Chicken Carbona/pasta (User Entry)
  4586. Lean Cuissine Flatbread Melt- Chicken Rance (User Entry)
  4587. Lean Cusine (glazed Chicken Whole Grain Rice Pilaf & Lemon Terragon Glaze) (User Entry)
  4588. Lean Cusine Baked Chicken (User Entry)
  4589. Lean Cusine Chicken & Vegtables (User Entry)
  4590. Lean Cusine Chicken Alfredo Steam Fresh (User Entry)
  4591. Lean Cusine Chicken Fettuccini (User Entry)
  4592. Lean Cusine Chicken Florentine (User Entry)
  4593. Lean Cusine Chicken Ranch Club (User Entry)
  4594. Lean Cusine Chicken Spinach And Mushroom Panini (User Entry)
  4595. Lean Cusine Chicken Teriyaki Bowl (User Entry)
  4596. Lean Cusine Chicken With Almonds (User Entry)
  4597. Lean Cusine Herb Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  4598. Lean Cusine Pesto Chicken Flatbread (User Entry)
  4599. Lean Cusine Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  4600. Lean Cusine, 3 Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  4601. Lean Cusinine Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4602. Lean Cusisine Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  4603. Lean Gormet Parmsean Chicken (User Entry)
  4604. Lean Gourmet - Broccoli And Chicken (User Entry)
  4605. Lean Gourmet Buffalo Style Chicken Snack (User Entry)
  4606. Lean Gourmet Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  4607. Lean Gourmet Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  4608. Lean Gourmet Chicken Club (User Entry)
  4609. Lean Gourmet Chicken In Wine Sauce (User Entry)
  4610. Lean Gourmet Chicken Pesto (User Entry)
  4611. Lean Gourmet Creamy Parmesan Chicken (User Entry)
  4612. Lean Gourmet Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4613. Lean Gourmet, Creamy Parmesan Chicken (User Entry)
  4614. Lean Gourmet-three Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  4615. Lean Gourmet: Creamy Parmisan Chicken (User Entry)
  4616. Lean Ground Chicken (User Entry)
  4617. Lean Pocket (chicken And Broccoli) (User Entry)
  4618. Lean Pocket (chicken Fajita) (User Entry)
  4619. Lean Pocket - Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  4620. Lean Pocket Chicken And Broccoli (User Entry)
  4621. Lean Pocket Chicken Artichoke (User Entry)
  4622. Lean Pocket Chicken Brocoli Cheddar (User Entry)
  4623. Lean Pocket Chicken Cheddar Broccoli (User Entry)
  4624. Lean Pocket Chicken Fiesta (User Entry)
  4625. Lean Pocket Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  4626. Lean Pocket Chicken, Broccoli, Cheddar (User Entry)
  4627. Lean Pocket Chipotle Chicken (User Entry)
  4628. Lean Pocket Mesquite Barbeque Chicken Pretzel Bread (User Entry)
  4629. Lean Pocket Pretzel Bread Chicken Jalapeno (User Entry)
  4630. Lean Pocket, Chicken Parmesian (User Entry)
  4631. Lean Pocket, Whole Grain, Chicken Broccoli & Chees (User Entry)
  4632. Lean Pocket, Whole Grain, Mexican Style Chicken Fa (User Entry)
  4633. Lean Pocket-chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  4634. Lean Pockets (chicken And Cheese Qusodilla) (User Entry)
  4635. Lean Pockets (chicken Fajita) (User Entry)
  4636. Lean Pockets - Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  4637. Lean Pockets - Chicken, Cheddar & Broccoli (User Entry)
  4638. Lean Pockets - Three Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  4639. Lean Pockets 3 Cheese N Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  4640. Lean Pockets Chicken Artichoke (User Entry)
  4641. Lean Pockets Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  4642. Lean Pockets Chicken Jalapeno Cheddar (User Entry)
  4643. Lean Pockets Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  4644. Lean Pockets Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  4645. Lean Pockets Chipotle Chicken (User Entry)
  4646. Lean Pockets Culinary Creations Chicken Bacon Dijon (User Entry)
  4647. Lean Pockets Garlic Chicken White Pizza (User Entry)
  4648. Lean Pockets Glazed Chicken Supreme Stuffed Sandwiches, Frozen (USDA)
  4649. Lean Pockets Grilled Chicken & Broccoli W/aged Cheddar (User Entry)
  4650. Lean Pockets Grilled Chicken Mediterranean (User Entry)
  4651. Lean Pockets Grilled Chicken Mushroom And Spinach (User Entry)
  4652. Lean Pockets Spinach Artichoke Chicken (User Entry)
  4653. Lean Pockets Stuff Sandwiches Mexican Style Chicken & Low Fat Cheese (User Entry)
  4654. Lean Pockets Stuffed Grilled Chicken Fajita Quesadilla (User Entry)
  4655. Lean Pockets, 3 Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  4656. Lean Pockets, Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  4657. Lean Pockets, Chicken Broccoli & Cheddar (User Entry)
  4658. Lean Pockets, Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  4659. Lean Pockets, Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla (User Entry)
  4660. Lean Pockets-chicken Paraesan (User Entry)
  4661. Lean Q - Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  4662. Lean Q Chicken & Veggies (User Entry)
  4663. Lean's Grilled Chicken Carbonara (User Entry)
  4664. Leancuisine - Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  4665. Leancuisine Alfredo Pasta Chicken&broccoli (User Entry)
  4666. Leancuisine Glazed Chicken & Rice (User Entry)
  4667. Leancuisine Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4668. Leanpocket Chicken Broc Cheddar (User Entry)
  4669. Lee Kum Kee Cantonese Stirfry Chicken Sauce (User Entry)
  4670. Leeann Chin - Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  4671. Leeann Chin Mongolian Chicken (User Entry)
  4672. Lees Oven Roasted Chicken-thigh (User Entry)
  4673. Lees Roasted Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4674. Lemomgrass Chicken (User Entry)
  4675. Lemon And Ginger Chicken (User Entry)
  4676. Lemon Chicken (User Entry)
  4677. Lemon Chicken Lc (User Entry)
  4678. Lemon Chicken Quick Cooking 4/04 (User Entry)
  4679. Lemon Chicken, Aep (User Entry)
  4680. Lemon Garlic Chicken And Shrimp Steamer (User Entry)
  4681. Lemon Grass Chicken (User Entry)
  4682. Lemon Grass Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  4683. Lemon Herb Chicken & Parmesan Green Beans (User Entry)
  4684. Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata Smart Ones (User Entry)
  4685. Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata Weight Watchers Smart O (User Entry)
  4686. Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata, Ww Smart Ones (User Entry)
  4687. Lemon Pepper Chicken (User Entry)
  4688. Lemon-dill Chicken (User Entry)
  4689. Lemonade Chicken (User Entry)
  4690. Lemongrass Chicken (User Entry)
  4691. Lemongrass Chicken Lc (User Entry)
  4692. Lemongrass Chicken Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  4693. Lemongrass Thai Chicken (tj) (User Entry)
  4694. Lemony Chicken Rice Soup (User Entry)
  4695. Len Cuising Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  4696. Let's Dish Bbq Chicken Pizza (User Entry)
  4697. Let's Dish Chicken & White Bean Minestrone (User Entry)
  4698. Let's Dish Chicken Chili & Cornbread (User Entry)
  4699. Let's Dish Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  4700. Let's Dish Orange Chicken With Blueberry Chutney (User Entry)
  4701. Lettuce Chicken Wraps (User Entry)
  4702. Lettuce Wrap With Chicken (User Entry)
  4703. Lg. Chicken Breakfast Burrito - Qdoba (User Entry)
  4704. Libby's Spreadables Ready To Serve Sandwich Salads, Chicken Salad, Shelf Stable (USDA)
  4705. Lien Cuisine Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  4706. Life Choice Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  4707. Lifechoice Chicken Parm (User Entry)
  4708. Lifetouch Homestyle Baked Chicken (User Entry)
  4709. Light Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  4710. Light Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4711. Lighter Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  4712. Lilydale Spiced Rotisserie Chicken (User Entry)
  4713. Lime Cilantro Chicken Thighs In Cheese Rice (User Entry)
  4714. Ling's Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  4715. Lipton Chicken Broccoli Pasta (User Entry)
  4716. Lipton Chicken Broccoli Rice (User Entry)
  4717. Lipton Chicken Flavored Pasta (User Entry)
  4718. Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  4719. Lipton Chicken Noodle Supreme Cup A Soup (User Entry)
  4720. Lipton Cream Of Chicken Cup-a-soup (1 Pouch) (User Entry)
  4721. Lipton Cup Of Soup Cream Of Chicken (User Entry)
  4722. Lipton Cup Of Soup, Hearty Chicken Noodle (User Entry)
  4723. Lipton Extra Noodle Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  4724. Lipton Pasta Sides - Chicken (User Entry)
  4725. Lipton Pasta Sides Creamy Chicken (User Entry)
  4726. Lipton Rice Sides Chicken & Parmesan (User Entry)
  4727. Lipton: Chicken Noodle W Diced Chkn 1pouch (User Entry)
  4728. Little Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  4729. Ljs - Chicken (User Entry)
  4730. Ljs Chicken (User Entry)
  4731. Ljs Chicken Plank (User Entry)
  4732. Lloyd's Bbq Shredded Chicken Original (User Entry)
  4733. Lloyds Bar B Q Chicken (User Entry)
  4734. Lloyds Barbeque Chicken (User Entry)
  4735. Lloyds Bbq Chicken (User Entry)
  4736. Lloyds Bbq Chicken Shred (User Entry)
  4737. Loblaws - Small Chicken Cesar Salad (low Fat Dressing) (User Entry)
  4738. Logan's Fried Chicken Salad W/ranch (User Entry)
  4739. Logans Health Nut Chicken Breast, Salad And Broccolli (User Entry)
  4740. Lonestar Chicken 6 Oz (User Entry)
  4741. Long John Silver Chicken (User Entry)
  4742. Long John Silvers Chicken Plank - 1 Piece (User Entry)
  4743. Long John Silvers Chicken Tender Basket (User Entry)
  4744. Longhorn Chicken Tenders (User Entry)
  4745. Longhorn Grilled Fontina 1/2 Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4746. Louis Rich Chicken (User Entry)
  4747. Louis Rich Chicken Breast Strips Southwestern (User Entry)
  4748. Louis Rich Chicken Breast Strips- Sw Seasoned (User Entry)
  4749. Louis Rich Grilled Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  4750. Louis Rich Italian Chicken Breast Strips (User Entry)
  4751. Louis Rich, Chicken (white, Oven Roasted) (USDA)
  4752. Louis Rich, Chicken Breast (oven Roasted Deluxe) (USDA)
  4753. Louis Rich, Chicken Breast Classic Baked /grill (carving Board) (USDA)
  4754. Louis Rich, Franks (turkey And Chicken Cheese) (USDA)
  4755. Louis Rich, Franks (turkey And Chicken) (USDA)
  4756. Louis Rich-grilled Chicken Strips (User Entry)
  4757. Low Fat Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4758. Low Fat Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  4759. Low-carb Chicken Chili (User Entry)
  4760. Low-fat Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4761. Lowfat Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  4762. Lowfat Coronation Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4763. Loyd's Bbq - Shredded Chicken (User Entry)
  4764. Luck's Chicken & Dumplings (User Entry)
  4765. Lucks Chicken And Dumplings (User Entry)
  4766. Lunch Bucket, Chicken Dumplings (User Entry)
  4767. Lunch Mate Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4768. Lunchables Breaded Chicken + Mozzarella Sub Sandwich 1 Boxs (User Entry)
  4769. Luncheon (nz) Ham&chicken 100grams (User Entry)
  4770. Luncheon Meat, Pork, Ham, And Chicken, Minced, Canned, Reduced Sodium, Added Ascorbic Acid, Includes Spam, 25% Less Sodium (USDA)
  4771. Lunchmeat - Chicken Rotiss 2oz (User Entry)
  4772. Lunchmeat Chicken 6 Slices (User Entry)
  4773. Lunchmeat Om Carving Chicken 2oz (User Entry)
  4774. Lunchmeat Sandwich (chicken & Mustard) (User Entry)
  4775. Lunchmeat,chicken Breast Rotisserie Seasoned Oscar Mayer Selects(6 Slices) (User Entry)
  4776. M & M Chicken Stir Fry (User Entry)
  4777. M & M Deep Dish Chicken Pie (User Entry)
  4778. M And M Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4779. M&m Chicken Primavera (User Entry)
  4780. M&m Chicken Wings Buffalo 4 Wings (User Entry)
  4781. M&m Ginger Chicken Bowl - Update This! (User Entry)
  4782. M&m Meat Shops Teriyaki Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  4783. M&s Chicken & Mushroom Risotto 400g (User Entry)
  4784. M&s Chicken Jalfrezi (1 Pack) (User Entry)
  4785. M* Italian Marinara Chicken (User Entry)
  4786. Mac Grill Amalfi Chicken Soup (User Entry)
  4787. Mac Grill Chicken Scallopine (User Entry)
  4788. Mac Grill Chicken Spiedini (User Entry)
  4789. Mac Grill Pam Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4790. Mac N Cheese Chicken Veggie Bake (User Entry)
  4791. Macaroni And Cheese Loaf, Chicken, Pork And Beef (USDA)
  4792. Macaroni Grill Chicken Alfredo With Linguine (User Entry)
  4793. Macaroni Grill Chicken Marsalla (User Entry)
  4794. Macaroni Grill Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken & Pas (User Entry)
  4795. Macaroni Grill Garlic & Herb Chicken Penne (User Entry)
  4796. Macaroni Grill Grilled Chicken Spiedini (User Entry)
  4797. Macaroni Grill Parmesan-crusted Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4798. Macaroni Grill Pollo Magra Skinny Chicken & Sides (User Entry)
  4799. Macaroni Grill Skinny Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  4800. Macaronni Grill Chicken Caeser (User Entry)
  4801. Macdonald's 6 Piece Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  4802. Mad Greens Ty Cobb W/ Chicken (User Entry)
  4803. Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Chicken (User Entry)
  4804. Maggi Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  4805. Malaysian Chicken Laksa Soup (User Entry)
  4806. Malibu Chicken (User Entry)
  4807. Manchester Arms Bacon Wrapped Chicken (User Entry)
  4808. Mandarin Chicken (User Entry)
  4809. Mandarin Chicken - Panda Express (User Entry)
  4810. Mandarin Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4811. Mandarin Chicken Salad (wendy's) (User Entry)
  4812. Mandarin Chicken Salad Wendy W/ French (User Entry)
  4813. Mandarin Orange Chicken (User Entry)
  4814. Manderin Chicken (User Entry)
  4815. Mandrin Chicken (User Entry)
  4816. Mango Chicken (User Entry)
  4817. Mango Curry Chicken Lean Cuisine (User Entry)
  4818. Maple Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  4819. Maple Leaf Flakes Of Chicken (User Entry)
  4820. Maple Leaf Stuffed Chicken Breast - Ham And Cheese (User Entry)
  4821. Maple Lodge Chicken Bacon (User Entry)
  4822. Margarita Chicken (User Entry)
  4823. Margarita Chicken- Chilis (User Entry)
  4824. Margarita Grilled Chicken Meal (User Entry)
  4825. Margarita Shrimp Chicken Rice (User Entry)
  4826. Marie Calendar Chicken Alfredo W/ Broccoli (User Entry)
  4827. Marie Calender's Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  4828. Marie Calender's Frozen Chicken Dinner (User Entry)
  4829. Marie Callander Cheesy Rice, Chicken, Broc (User Entry)
  4830. Marie Callendar Orecchiete Chicken Pesto (User Entry)
  4831. Marie Callendar's Creamy Chicken Alfredo With Sun Dried Tomatoes (User Entry)
  4832. Marie Callender Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  4833. Marie Callender's - Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  4834. Marie Callender's Cheesy Chicken And Ham Bake (User Entry)
  4835. Marie Callender's Chicken Fajita Bowl (User Entry)
  4836. Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie (User Entry)
  4837. Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie Soup (srv=1/2 Can) (mey) (User Entry)
  4838. Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie, Frozen Entree (USDA)
  4839. Marie Callender's Country Fried Chicken & Gravy (User Entry)
  4840. Marie Callender's Escalloped Noodles & Chicken, Frozen Entree (USDA)
  4841. Marie Callender's Herb Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  4842. Marie Callender's Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  4843. Marie Callender's Sweet & Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  4844. Marie Callender's-roasted Garlic Chicken (User Entry)
  4845. Marie Callenders Cheesy Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  4846. Marie Callenders Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Comfort Bakes (User Entry)
  4847. Marie Callenders Fettucini W/chicken/broccoli (User Entry)
  4848. Marie Callenders Herb Roasted Chicken (User Entry)
  4849. Marie Callenders Honey Rstd Chicken (User Entry)
  4850. Marie Callener's Chicken Pot Pie 10 Oz (User Entry)
  4851. Marie Callinders - Country Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  4852. Marinaded Chicken Breast (1 Fillet) (User Entry)
  4853. Marinated Chicken (User Entry)
  4854. Marinated Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4855. Mario's Canned Chicken (whole Can) (User Entry)
  4856. Market Basket Chicken Drumstick (4 Oz Or 112 G Per Serving, One Drumstick) (User Entry)
  4857. Market Basket Premium Chunk White Chicken In Water (2 Oz Per Serving, 3.5 Per Container) (User Entry)
  4858. Market Day Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  4859. Market Fresh Chicken Salad Sandwich, Arby's (User Entry)
  4860. Maruchan Ramen Chicken Mushroom Flavor Soup (User Entry)
  4861. Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor (1/2 Block Per Serving, 2 Per Container) (User Entry)
  4862. Maruchan Ramen Noodle, Chicken Flavor (User Entry)
  4863. Maruchan Ramen, Chicken Flavor (package) (User Entry)
  4864. Maruchan Yakisoba Chicken Flavor (1/2 Container, 56.7g) (User Entry)
  4865. Maruchan Yakisoba Spicy Chicken Flavor (User Entry)
  4866. Matt's Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4867. Max & Erma's, Hula Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4868. Mc Bistro Southwestern With Crispy Chicken (User Entry)
  4869. Mc Cheesy Chicken & Rice (User Entry)
  4870. Mc Chicken And Rice (User Entry)
  4871. Mc Donald's Grilled Chicken Classic -no Mayo (User Entry)
  4872. Mc Donalds - Grilled Chicken Blt Sand. (User Entry)
  4873. Mc Grilled Chicken Alfredo Bake (User Entry)
  4874. Mc-3cheese-stuffed-rigatoni-chicken (User Entry)
  4875. Mc-country-fried-chicken-n-gravy (User Entry)
  4876. Mc-sweet-sour-chicken (User Entry)
  4877. Mcalister's Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  4878. Mcalister's Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap (whole) (User Entry)
  4879. Mcchicken (User Entry)
  4880. Mcchicken And Fries (User Entry)
  4881. Mcchicken Sandwhich (User Entry)
  4882. Mcchicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4883. Mcchicken Sandwich And Fries (User Entry)
  4884. Mccormick Chicken Taco Seasoning (User Entry)
  4885. Mcd - Chicken Selects (User Entry)
  4886. Mcd Bacon Ranch Salad W/ Chicken (User Entry)
  4887. Mcd Chicken (User Entry)
  4888. Mcd Chicken Bacon Ranch (User Entry)
  4889. Mcd Chicken Nugets (User Entry)
  4890. Mcd Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4891. Mcd Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  4892. Mcd Chix Caesar Salad W/xtra Chicken (User Entry)
  4893. Mcd Extra Chicken For Salad (User Entry)
  4894. Mcd Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (User Entry)
  4895. Mcd Grilled Chicken Classic (User Entry)
  4896. Mcd Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4897. Mcd's 10 Pc Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  4898. Mcd's Asian Chicken Salad, Grilled No Dressing (User Entry)
  4899. Mcd's Asian Crispy Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4900. Mcd's Chicken Select 3 Pc (User Entry)
  4901. Mcd's Chicken Wrap No Sauce (User Entry)
  4902. Mcd's Grilled Chicken Blt (User Entry)
  4903. Mcd's Sw Chicken Salad, Grilled No Dressing (User Entry)
  4904. Mcd's Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  4905. Mcdicks Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  4906. Mcdonald Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  4907. Mcdonald Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad (User Entry)
  4908. Mcdonald Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4909. Mcdonald's 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  4910. Mcdonald's 10 Piece Chicken Nuggetts (User Entry)
  4911. Mcdonald's Asian Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4912. Mcdonald's Asian Chicken Salad - W/dressing (User Entry)
  4913. Mcdonald's Asian Salad W/ Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4914. Mcdonald's Bacon Ranch Salad With Crispy Chicken (User Entry)
  4915. Mcdonald's Bacon Ranch With Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4916. Mcdonald's Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4917. Mcdonald's California Cobb W/ Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4918. Mcdonald's Ceaser Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4919. Mcdonald's Chicken Cesar's Salad W/ Bv Dressing (User Entry)
  4920. Mcdonald's Chicken Mcnuggets (1) (User Entry)
  4921. Mcdonald's Chicken Mcnuggets (10 Piece) (User Entry)
  4922. Mcdonald's Chicken Mcnuggets (20 Piece = 2 Servings) (User Entry)
  4923. Mcdonald's Chicken Mcnuggets (20) (User Entry)
  4924. Mcdonald's Chicken Mcnuggets (6 Per Serving) (User Entry)
  4925. Mcdonald's Chicken Nugget (User Entry)
  4926. Mcdonald's Chicken Nugget-6 Piece (User Entry)
  4927. Mcdonald's Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  4928. Mcdonald's Chicken Nuggets (10 Pc) (User Entry)
  4929. Mcdonald's Chicken Oriental W/ Thai Dressing (User Entry)
  4930. Mcdonald's Chicken Ranch Salad (User Entry)
  4931. Mcdonald's Chicken Select Strips (1 Strip) (User Entry)
  4932. Mcdonald's Chicken Selects, 5 Pieces (User Entry)
  4933. Mcdonald's Chicken Wrap - Chipolte Bbq (User Entry)
  4934. Mcdonald's Chicken Wrap - Grilled (User Entry)
  4935. Mcdonald's Classic Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4936. Mcdonald's Crispy Chicken (User Entry)
  4937. Mcdonald's Crispy Chicken (no Mayo) (User Entry)
  4938. Mcdonald's Crispy Chicken Club (User Entry)
  4939. Mcdonald's Glilled Chicken Classic Sandwich (User Entry)
  4940. Mcdonald's Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch (User Entry)
  4941. Mcdonald's Grilled Chicken Caesar (User Entry)
  4942. Mcdonald's Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (User Entry)
  4943. Mcdonald's Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich (User Entry)
  4944. Mcdonald's Grilled Chicken Club - No Mayo (User Entry)
  4945. Mcdonald's Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap (User Entry)
  4946. Mcdonald's Grilled Chicken With No Mayo (User Entry)
  4947. Mcdonald's Grilled Chicken, Plain W/lettuce (User Entry)
  4948. Mcdonald's Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap (User Entry)
  4949. Mcdonald's Mcchicken (User Entry)
  4950. Mcdonald's Mcchicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4951. Mcdonald's Premium Bacon Ranch Salad W/ Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4952. Mcdonald's Premium Chicken & Ranch Mcwrap (User Entry)
  4953. Mcdonald's Premium Chicken Club - Crispy (User Entry)
  4954. Mcdonald's Premium Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4955. Mcdonald's Premium Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4956. Mcdonald's Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich -minus Mayo (User Entry)
  4957. Mcdonald's Premium Southwest Salad With Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4958. Mcdonald's Premuim Crispy Chicken Ranch Blt Sandwi (User Entry)
  4959. Mcdonald's Ranch Blt Chicken Select (User Entry)
  4960. Mcdonald's Snack Wrap Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4961. Mcdonald's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  4962. Mcdonald's Southwest Chicken Salad W/o Dressing (User Entry)
  4963. Mcdonald's Southwest Chicken Sandwich, Grilled (User Entry)
  4964. Mcdonald's Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad W/ Fat (User Entry)
  4965. Mcdonald's Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad W/dressing (User Entry)
  4966. Mcdonald's Southwest Salad With Crispy Chicken (User Entry)
  4967. Mcdonald's Spicy Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  4968. Mcdonald's, Chicken Mcgrill (USDA)
  4969. Mcdonald's, Crispy Chicken (USDA)
  4970. Mcdonald's--southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4971. Mcdonald's-grilled Chicken 1/2 Bun (User Entry)
  4972. Mcdonald's: 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  4973. Mcdonald's: Mcchicken (w/o Mayo) (User Entry)
  4974. Mcdonald's: Premium Asian Salad W/ Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4975. Mcdonalds Asian (grilled) Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4976. Mcdonalds Asian Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4977. Mcdonalds Asian Chicken Salad W/ Dressing (User Entry)
  4978. Mcdonalds Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  4979. Mcdonalds Bacon Ranch Salad With Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4980. Mcdonalds Barbeque Chicken Snack Wrap (User Entry)
  4981. Mcdonalds Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  4982. Mcdonalds Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad (User Entry)
  4983. Mcdonalds Chicken Biscuit (User Entry)
  4984. Mcdonalds Chicken Bisquit (User Entry)
  4985. Mcdonalds Chicken Chili Wrap Grilled (User Entry)
  4986. Mcdonalds Chicken Club (User Entry)
  4987. Mcdonalds Chicken Deluxe (User Entry)
  4988. Mcdonalds Chicken Fajita (User Entry)
  4989. Mcdonalds Chicken Fajita Rollup (User Entry)
  4990. Mcdonalds Chicken Mcgrill (User Entry)
  4991. Mcdonalds Chicken Mcnuggets 9 Piece (User Entry)
  4992. Mcdonalds Chicken Mcnuggets® (10 Piece) (User Entry)
  4993. Mcdonalds Chicken Nugget 10 Pc (User Entry)
  4994. Mcdonalds Chicken Nugget 6 Pc (User Entry)
  4995. Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets (4 Piece) (User Entry)
  4996. Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets (6) (User Entry)
  4997. Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets 10 (User Entry)
  4998. Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets 10 Piece (User Entry)
  4999. Mcdonalds Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  5000. Mcdonalds Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  5001. Mcdonalds Chicken Selects (3 Pce.) (User Entry)
  5002. Mcdonalds Chicken Strips (3) (User Entry)
  5003. Mcdonalds Chicken Wrap (User Entry)
  5004. Mcdonalds Chickenstrips (User Entry)
  5005. Mcdonalds Crispy Chicken Ceasar Salad (User Entry)
  5006. Mcdonalds Deli Grilled Chicken Salad Sandwich (User Entry)
  5007. Mcdonalds Gr Chicken/no Mayo (User Entry)
  5008. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  5009. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad (User Entry)
  5010. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad W/ 1/2 Dressing (User Entry)
  5011. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Classic (User Entry)
  5012. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Club (User Entry)
  5013. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  5014. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap (User Entry)
  5015. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  5016. Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Wrap-no Cheese With Bbq (User Entry)
  5017. Mcdonalds Grilled Chipotle Chicken Snack Wrap (User Entry)
  5018. Mcdonalds Mcchicken (User Entry)
  5019. Mcdonalds Premium Crispy Chicken Classic (User Entry)
  5020. Mcdonalds Premium Grilled Chicken Club (User Entry)
  5021. Mcdonalds Premium Grilled Chicken Ranch Blt Sandwi (User Entry)
  5022. Mcdonalds Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  5023. Mcdonalds Salad With Chicken (User Entry)
  5024. Mcdonalds Saver Mayo Chicken (User Entry)
  5025. Mcdonalds Seared Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  5026. Mcdonalds Southern Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  5027. Mcdonalds Southern Style Chicken Sandwich (User Entry)
  5028. Mcdonalds Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  5029. Mcdonalds Southwest Salad No Chicken (User Entry)
  5030. Mcdonalds Southwest Salad W/ Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  5031. Mcdonalds Sw Salad Crispy Chicken (User Entry)
  5032. Mcdonalds' Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  5033. Mcdonalds-chicken Mcnuggets-4pc (User Entry)
  5034. Mcdonalds-classic Grilled Chicken 1/4 The Bun (User Entry)
  5035. Mcdonalds: Happymeal - 4 Piece Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  5036. Mcdonalds: Mcchicken 1 Bun (User Entry)
  5037. Mcdonaldscaesar Salad With Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  5038. Mcgrilled Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  5039. Md - 3 Pc Chicken Select (User Entry)
  5040. Mdonalds Mcchicken (User Entry)
  5041. Meal: Leancuisine Sweet/sour Chicken (6) (User Entry)
  5042. Meal: Smartones Home-style Chicken (5) (User Entry)
  5043. Meat (perdue)(chicken)(honey Roast) (User Entry)
  5044. Meat - Bbq Chicken Safeway/coles (User Entry)
  5045. Meat - Chicken Breast - 1/2 (User Entry)
  5046. Meat - Chicken Skewers - Coles Honey Soy (User Entry)
  5047. Meatballs, Chicken Buffalo Rosinas (User Entry)
  5048. Meatballs-pc Chicken(6) (User Entry)
  5049. Meatless Southwestern Chicken (User Entry)
  5050. Medifast Chicken & Wild Rice Soup (User Entry)
  5051. Medifast Chicken Noodle Soup (User Entry)
  5052. Mediteranian Chicken Milestones (User Entry)
  5053. Mediterranean Chicken & Orzo (User Entry)
  5054. Mediterranean Chicken Burger (User Entry)
  5055. Mediterranean Chicken Sandwiches (User Entry)
  5056. Meg's Chicken (User Entry)
  5057. Meijer Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (User Entry)
  5058. Meijer Canned Chicken (User Entry)
  5059. Meijer Canned White Meat Chicken (User Entry)
  5060. Meijer Chicken Tenderloin (User Entry)
  5061. Meijer Frozen Chicken Breast Patties (User Entry)
  5062. Meijer Frozen Chicken Fries (User Entry)
  5063. Meijer Pizza Snack Rolls (buffalo Chicken) (User Entry)
  5064. Meijer Thai Chicken (User Entry)
  5065. Mejier Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  5066. Member's Mark Premium Chunk Chicken Breast In Water (User Entry)
  5067. Members Mark Canned Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  5068. Mesquite Chicken (User Entry)
  5069. Mesquite Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  5070. Mesquite Chicken Breast-schwans (User Entry)
  5071. Mesquite Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  5072. Mesquite Grilled Chicken Fillets (User Entry)
  5073. Mexican Chicken Breast (User Entry)
  5074. Mexican Chicken Fajitas (User Entry)
  5075. Mexican Chicken Posole (User Entry)
  5076. Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla Soup (User Entry)
  5077. Mexican-soft Chicken Taco (User Entry)
  5078. Mezza Chicken Shawarma (User Entry)
  5079. Mich's Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  5080. Michael Angelo's Chicken And Asiago (User Entry)
  5081. Michael Angelo's Chicken Bolognese (User Entry)
  5082. Michael Angelo's Chicken Cacciatore (User Entry)
  5083. Michael Angelo's Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  5084. Michael Angelos Chicken Piccata (User Entry)
  5085. Michalinas 3 Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  5086. Michalinas Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  5087. Michalinas Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  5088. Michele's Breaded Chicken (User Entry)
  5089. Michelin's Fried Chicken (User Entry)
  5090. Michelina Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  5091. Michelina Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  5092. Michelina Chicken Nugget Meal (User Entry)
  5093. Michelina Chicken Parmigiano 255g (9 Oz) (User Entry)
  5094. Michelina Chicken Primavera (User Entry)
  5095. Michelina's Buffalo Chicken Snackers (User Entry)
  5096. Michelina's Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  5097. Michelina's Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  5098. Michelina's Chicken Cheddar Broccoli (User Entry)
  5099. Michelina's Chicken Fried Rice (User Entry)
  5100. Michelina's Chicken Marsala (User Entry)
  5101. Michelina's Chicken Nuggets (User Entry)
  5102. Michelina's Chicken Parmesan (User Entry)
  5103. Michelina's Chicken Pasta Bake (User Entry)
  5104. Michelina's Cilantro Lime Verde W/chicken (User Entry)
  5105. Michelina's Creamy Parmesan Chicken (User Entry)
  5106. Michelina's Fettuccine Alfredo W/ Chicken & Brocco (User Entry)
  5107. Michelina's Fried Chicken W/gravy And Mashed Potat (User Entry)
  5108. Michelina's Harmony Chicken Primavera (User Entry)
  5109. Michelina's Harmony Honey Barbecue Chicken (User Entry)
  5110. Michelina's Honey Bbq Chicken (User Entry)
  5111. Michelina's Lean Buffalo-style Chicken Snacks (User Entry)
  5112. Michelina's Lean Gourment 3 Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  5113. Michelina's Lean Gourmet - Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  5114. Michelina's Lean Gourmet 3 Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  5115. Michelina's Lean Gourmet Chicken & Pasta Bake (User Entry)
  5116. Michelina's Lean Gourmet Chicken Alfredo (User Entry)
  5117. Michelina's Lean Gourmet Chicken Alfredo Florentine (User Entry)
  5118. Michelina's Lean Gourmet Creamy Parmesan Chicken (User Entry)
  5119. Michelina's Lean Gourmet Glazed Chicken (User Entry)
  5120. Michelina's Lean Gourmet Sweet & Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  5121. Michelina's Lean Gourmet Three Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  5122. Michelina's Lean Gourmet-chicken Alfredo Florentin (User Entry)
  5123. Michelina's Lean Gourmet-chicken In Bbq Sauce And (User Entry)
  5124. Michelina's Lean Gourmet-chicken Parmesean (User Entry)
  5125. Michelina's Lean Gourmet-three Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  5126. Michelina's Lean Sweet And Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  5127. Michelina's Noodles And Chicken (User Entry)
  5128. Michelina's Noodles W/chicken, Peas & Carrots (User Entry)
  5129. Michelina's Penne With White Chicken (User Entry)
  5130. Michelina's Pop'n Chicken W Mashed Potatoes (User Entry)
  5131. Michelina's Rigatoni, Broccoli, And Chicken (User Entry)
  5132. Michelina's Sesame Chicken (User Entry)
  5133. Michelina's Sesame Chicken With Rice (User Entry)
  5134. Michelina's Sweet & Sour Chicken (User Entry)
  5135. Michelina's Teriyaki Chicken (User Entry)
  5136. Michelina's Three Cheese Chicken (User Entry)
  5137. Michelina's Three Cheese Chicken W/rice (User Entry)
  5138. Michelinas Buffalo Chicken Snackers (User Entry)
  5139. Michelinas Chicken Club Flatbread (User Entry)
  5140. Michelinas Hot Sub Chicken Ceasar (User Entry)
  5141. Michelinas Lean Gourmet Creamy Rigatoni With Broccoli And Chicken (User Entry)
  5142. Michelinas Lean Gourmet Grilled Chicken (User Entry)
  5143. Michelinas S&s Chicken (User Entry)
  5144. Michelinas Teriyaki Chicken (User Entry)
  5145. Michelinas' Pop N Chicken (User Entry)
  5146. Mickey Chicken Nuggets - Kirkland (5) (User Entry)
  5147. Mickey D's Mcchicken (User Entry)
  5148. Mie Hoen With Chicken 300grams (User Entry)
  5149. Mighty Chicken Buffito (User Entry)
  5150. Mike's Chicken Salad (User Entry)
  5151. Mild Italian Chicken Sausage (User Entry)
  5152. Milton's Chicken With White & Wild Rice (User Entry)
  5153. Mineo & Sapio, Chicken Italian Sausage (User Entry)
  5154. Mini Chicken Egg Rolls (User Entry)
  5155. Mini Chicken Tacos (User Entry)
  5156. Mini Chicken Tacos - 4 (User Entry)
  5157. Mixed Green Salad W/chicken & Apple (vinegar & Mct Oil) (User Entry)
  5158. Mixed Green Salad W/chicken & Oranges (red Vinegar & Mct) (User Entry)
  5159. Mixed Salad W/hoisin Vinaigrette & Crisp Panko Chicken (User Entry)
  5160. Mm Chunk Chicken (User Entry)
  5161. Mo Shu Chicken (User Entry)
  5162. Mock Chicken Deli Meat (User Entry)
  5163. Mock Chicken Legs (User Entry)
  5164. Mock Chicken Legs 4oz (User Entry)
  5165. Moe's Chicken Bowl (just Rice, Chicken And Cheese) (User Entry)
  5166. Moe's Chicken Taco (User Entry)
  5167. Moe's Extra Meat - Chicken (User Entry)
  5168. Moe's Naked Joey - Chicken (User Entry)