Calorie Count for 1/4 Lb. Hamburger (meat Only)

Note: This is a user-entered food item and may not be accurate.

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Nutrition Facts
1/4 lb. Hamburger (Meat Only)
Amount per 1 serving
Calories: 259
Total Fat 16.30 g
†††Saturated 5.70 g
†††Polyunsaturated 0.60 g
†††Monounsaturated 7.50 g
†††Trans Fat n/a g
Cholesterol 89 mg
Sodium 95 mg
Potassium n/a mg
Carbohydrate 0.00 g
Dietary Fiber n/a g
Sugars n/a g
Starch n/a g
Alcohol n/a g
Protein 26.00 g
Water n/a g
Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamin A n/a
Vitamin C n/a
Calcium n/a
Iron n/a
Vitamin E n/a
Thiamin n/a
Riboflavin n/a
Niacin n/a
Vitamin B6 n/a
Folate n/a
Vitamin B12 n/a
Pantothenic acid n/a
Phosphorus n/a
Magnesium n/a
Selenium n/a
Zinc n/a
Copper n/a
NOTE:This is a user-entered food label;it may not be accurate. Check your own food label to see if it matches up. A zero (0) value does not necessarily mean 0g; the actual number may not be available.

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