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  1. Aerobic, high impact, vigorous
  2. Aerobic, low impact, moderate
  3. Aerobic, moderate
  4. Aerobic, step, very vigorous
  5. Aerobic, step, vigorous
  6. Calisthenics, light plus
  7. Calisthenics, vigorous
  8. Circuit training, vigorous

  9. Elliptical cross-trainer, light to moderate
  10. Elliptical cross-trainer, moderate to vigorous
  11. Exercise, general, moderate
  12. Hatha yoga
  13. Jazzercise
  14. Mild stretching
  15. Pilates
  16. Pilates, machine
  17. Rowing, light plus
  18. Rowing, stationary, moderate
  19. Rowing, stationary, moderate plus
  20. Rowing, stationary, very vigorous
  21. Rowing, stationary, vigorous
  22. Ski machine, moderate
  23. Stair-stepper, vigorous
  24. Stationary bike, general
  25. Stationary bike, light
  26. Stationary bike, moderate
  27. Stationary bike, moderate plus
  28. Stationary bike, very vigorous
  29. Stationary bike, vigorous
  30. Weight lifting, light plus
  31. Weight lifting, moderate plus

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