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Recession Fallout — The Top Four Negative Habits People Adopt That Puts Their Health In Danger

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Is the recession affecting your health? It can be extremely hard to stay balanced with so much news of gloom and doom everywhere. The poor state of the economy has everyone looking at extreme cost-cutting measures. Unfortunately many of these measures can directly impact a person’s health. It’s one thing when you give up little luxuries like expensive dinners or long vacations but many are having to make choices between making their mortgage payments on time, paying their gas & heating bills, meeting food costs and getting adequate health care. Faced with such difficult choices, one of the first things people begin to cut down on is taking care of their health.

Let’s take a look at the top four negative habits that people adopt which can have serious long-term consequences for their health.

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12 Signs Of Being Stressed Out And 2 Things You Can Do To Fight It

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Are your stress levels getting too high? How do you know when it’s time to see a doctor? With so much bad news everywhere, skyrocketing stress levels come as no surprise. Doctors are seeing increasing instances of patients suffering from stress-related complications like irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, mood disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, constipation, depression, diarrhea and even psychotic episodes. High stress levels can lead to major complications which need expensive treatment so the best way you can avoid paying hefty health-care bills is not get sick in the first place.

How do you manage that when all you hear about is friends losing their jobs, homes being foreclosed, massive debt and rising food costs? It’s very difficult to stay calm in the face of a slew of stressful news. Chronic stress is extremely bad for the body and has a negative effect on the immune system. It not only increases the production of hormones in areas of the brain related to fear, it also inhibits the functioning of a protein that act as a break on your body’s stress response, allowing the stressful state to continue. Chronic stress can keep your body in a state of perceived threat, which can eventually push a person over their limit. Studies have shown many major illnesses like anxiety disorders, depressive episodes and signs of psychosis to be preceded by very high stress levels. It’s easy to get sick when your immunity goes down.

How can you tell if you are stressed out? Just answer the following checklist:

1) Are your personal relationships suffering?
2) Do you feel increasingly exhausted most of the time?
3) Do you find it difficult to concentrate or recollect something?
4) Are you lethargic, irritable and moody more than usual?
5) Do you indulge in more alcohol or cigarettes to combat stress?
6) Are you suffering from headaches, constipation or other physical complaints?
7) Do you have great trouble sleeping?
8) Are you obsessively thinking about your problems? Can’t turn it off?
9) Do you feel hopeless and powerless most of the time?
10) Do you check your bank accounts all the time or call your financial advisor repeatedly?
11) Are you constantly negative?
12) Are you suffering from a low sex drive?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, then it may be time to see a doctor. There are two things that you can do straightaway however to reduce your stress levels.

1) Make it a point to eat properly, get lots of exercise and adequate amounts of sleep. Focus on taking care of yourself first. Even though this may sound simplistic it will bring your stress levels down and keep your immune system healthy. Take vitamin C too.

2) Completely avoid predicting how things will be in the future. When things start to look bad one of the ways that people push themselves over the edge into mental illnesses is to obsess about what might happen. If you feel that ‘your life is over’ or that you’ll never be able to ‘turn the corner’ then you need help! It’s easy to make self-fulfilling prophecies out of these types of statements especially when you stop taking care of yourself, don’t act and feel helpless. No one reacts well to uncertainly but some people have lower thresholds when it comes to their ability to deal with uncertainty for long periods of time.

If your worries are beginning to eat away at you then every situation is a potential cause for more worry. Instead of feeling grateful for having a job you may obsess about getting the axe anytime, perform less effectively as a result, which people begin to notice and from then on it can snowball into exactly the result you were terrified about. So avoid negative self-talk, unrealistic expectations, pessimism, and obsessive thinking and making catastrophic predictions. Get pro-active and focus on altering your spending habits, eating right and gaining new skills instead. Talking to close friends, family members and having a strong social support system in place will help you to combat stress effectively.

Strategies to Deal with Weight Loss Saboteurs

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Doesn’t it drive you crazy? You’re trying to lose weight and improve your health, and then someone comes along to sabotage your efforts. Whether it’s jealousy, misunderstanding, or just plain being mean this is something you should expect, even within your own family.

There are several ways you can handle a saboteur in your life:

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4 Healthy Snack Options

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There are many quick and easy snacking options out there which honestly do not have our best interest in mind. It may be easier to pull a bag of chips out of the cupboard than to slice and dice some fresh fruits or vegetables, but the potato chips are going to do nothing for your health. Many people do not really realize how many healthy snack options are available to them, because chips and crackers just seem so much easier. Next time you are at the supermarket, prepare to stock your kitchen with some of these healthy snack choices instead, and your body will surely thank you!

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3 Ways to Eat Healthy, Lose Weight and Save Money

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There are many different ways to help your budget out when it comes to buying groceries from the supermarket, such as clipping and using coupons, or searching weekend advertisements for sale items. But did you know that simply by eating healthily, you can save yourself a lot of money at the supermarket — and help yourself to lose weight in the process?

Here are 3 ways you can lose weight without losing money:

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8 Smart Tips for Healthy Eating On the Run

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One of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating is a lack of time, which is what discourages many people from making the leap to eat much more healthily. Because fast food and junk food appears to be much more readily available than healthy options, many people simply succumb to the temptation and eat poorly during their busy days.

What many people do not realize is that it only takes a little bit of pre-planning to ensure that meals and snacks are healthy during the day. The following are some tips which will help you opt for the healthier eating choices during your busy, stressful day.

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Start Watching Your Cholesterol Now

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We often think we don’t’ have to worry about certain health concerns until later in life. Most of the problems encountered later in life are the results of habits formed during youth. Start now to keep your cholesterol levels in check so that you can reduce the chances of developing heart disease or stroke later in life. Keep reading to find out what cholesterol is and how too much of the wrong type can adversely affect your body.

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Yoga: The Perfect Choice for Senior Fitness

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Yoga may be popular with younger people today, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great workout for seniors. It’s low impact workout that doesn’t put excess stress on vulnerable bodies. It makes you feel better mentally and physically while it improves your health. Plus, there are poses for beginners, experts, and everyone in between; so you’ll never get bored. Here are just a few of the reasons yoga is a great workout for people of all ages, especially seniors.

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Why Exercise is Important for Seniors

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To live an active, healthy lifestyle, as a young child or into your 90’s, you need to get proper exercise. While many seniors stop exercising due to various physical constraints, it is actually more important for older people to get regular workouts. It’s also important that these workouts encompass the 4 different types of exercise seniors need. They include: strength training, endurance exercises, flexibility exercises, and balance exercises.

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Weightlifting Not Just for the Young

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While you probably aren’t looking to get buff and toned, weight lifting can be a great way for seniors to stay healthy. In fact, strength training is recommended for anyone past the age of 50. If you build your strength and stay fit, you could keep up this activity well into your nineties.

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